Rick Springfield And Redheads Galore 8-17-2011

First a story with the Miller Lite girl. Then Redheads galore. I had recieved an Email from website and mistakingly assumed I won stage tickets. For a while I was the happiest sucker in Ohio. Well I did not win stage but as a step towards recovery I decided prior to show to tape close up when Sammy cruised through the Cantina and those very lucky fans. Disappointment was never an option!!! I am glad these folks got to do this. I RAISE A TOAST! Maybe someday. Fitz

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Carolwise's picture

Wow, thanks so much for posting. We are the ones on right side that he came to first with red banner. If anyone has the pic of him coming back for encore when he signed someones license plate, thats me laying back in front of him and we only got pic of him looking at laughing at me. There was one right after that when he kissed my forehead that I didnt get and was hoping too. What a BLAST this was and what a treat to meet so many cool redheads

Carol Wise (find me on FB if yo9u have any more pics)

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Thanks for taking and posting this video for us On Stage Funatics!! Truly an unforgettable experience!! Really enjoyed meeting some True Red Heads in Row One on the Rail!! You know who you are!!

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Had a blast with you Brownie and Tequila Tracy!!! Sammy Rocked!!! Bucket list material for me, that's for sure!