Past Event

Sep 17 2011
Columbus, OH


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:00PM.

Click here for details on how to win!


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172 Redhead Comments

cabowaborita5150's picture

I just got an email for my "ON STAGE" instructions, god saturday can't get here any faster. See you all there.

brownieou812's picture

LAST CALL REDHEADS!! The original allotment of FREE TIX for this Saturday is spoken for.....HOWEVER.....Tequila Tracy has some more to give away!! Bring some friends Redheads!!! Let us know by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday so we can get the tickets out in the mail to ya in time for Saturday!! Let us know how many you need and we can probably cover ya!!

lope15's picture

is there a list anywhere?

me's picture

I am onstage!!!

lope15's picture

Yo Redheads! I got an email that I won onstage....but I haven't seen the list of others. ANyone know where that may be or how many of us will be on stage? Can't Wait!

brendaSTL's picture

IS IT FRIDAY YET?????!!!!!!!!!


oscar1's picture

Gonna Be a Good Time!!!!

rbenson4's picture

Does anybody know how the seating is going to work for the concert? Is it really just "general admission", first come first serve? Thanks!!

lovesummers's picture

My video won! I am on stage, baby! Driving in from Michigan. My friend is flying in from Alabama to sit on stage with me. We are staying near by, walking to the concert & bars, and gonna have one helluva time! Thanks, Sammy!

Carolwise's picture

yea, right click. Thats how I finally sent al the requests thanks to a tip from Brownie

Carolwise's picture

Cameras have always been fine. He will usually come thru all of us and sign things then, just have your sharpie ready and do it FAST, there are alot of people up there trying to do the same. Yes, for sure need a pre buzz. We will all have to exchange real names, some of us have pics posted and soem dont so will be hard to meet everyone that we have spoken to through this awesome mission!!

Carolwise's picture

The box office is by the practice rink at southwest end of arena. The places by that are Boston Pizza, Mongolian BBQ and Ted Turners. The others that are near main entrance are O'Shaunacys (not correct spelling)and Gordan Biercsh. Depending on weather, pretty good walk back to that entrance. The other bar is now something like 311, its not Frog-Bear and a little further. I am anxiuos too see what time and where for sure we will be picking up tix

brownieou812's picture

Your welcome Patrick!! Sounds like you are a hard worker and deserve to enjoy yourself a bit!! May I suggest Bar Louie, Brothers, and/or there is also a Mexican Cantina close to the Arena!! Very nice area with some micro breweries as well!! The Arena district in Columbus is very nice!!

Tequilatracy's picture

right click on your mouse and then click on open for friend request. i believe that's what I had to do

p.mcdonald38's picture

the Redhead community has come together and I'm in,I'm soooo blessed Thank you to everyone involved...Brownie5150 and Carol


Red Ricker's picture

I am a virgin "On-Stager" and am wondering if anyone who has seen Sammy on stage knows what the policy is on cameras, items to sign, etc. Someone had mentioned you can't get any thing to drink up there - that's good to know! Making our pre-party meeting pretty daggone important if you ask me! Who's bringing the Cabo???

Red Ricker's picture

I am guessing you are right on the ticket pickup. What are the bars right across the street from the box office? I can't remember.. Plus, Frog-Bear may have a cover charge - not sure we want to pay a cover for a pre-party drink or three. Carol, trying to "friend" you on the webpage but the "processing hour glass" just spins round-and-round. Have tried twice.. will keep trying.

me's picture

Thank you Sammy for the onstage tickets...can't wait to see you next weekend...gonna be a Rock n Roll weekend...if you get time on the stage...would you please...please...please...sign my tattoo of YOU!!!! I am not asking you to sign my leg too...(which has the R and Chickenfoot) just your saw it in March and thought it was awesome but you said you couldn't sign would mean to world to this Redhead!

See you Saturday....

Love ya

brownieou812's picture

I managed to dig up a few more pairs of tix Redheads!! If anyone is interested in a pair of FREE tix, please contact me at!! Get'em before they are gone!! PATRICK.....I have a pair saved back for you!! Just get me your mailing address!!!

Carolwise's picture

Dear Brownie;,
Did you find a home for your tix? I won stage ones but there is a person I friended on here and FB that has been writing me that says he won via twitter but names not on list and hasnet gotten confirmation from redrocker. He is taking off work and is panicked about driving all the way here and not get tics. His name is Patrick McDonald and he is in these posts as PMMcdonald so if you have any left, he sounds worthy.

me's picture

please help a girl out....did you get my confirmations?
I sure would hate to drive 8 hours, have hotel reservations and plans to find out that you didn't......

p.mcdonald38's picture

ok, no news yet please send a list out , People at 2 jobs have switch shifts for me.4 people are coming to celebrate from another state.Please let me know that I do or dont' have tix.PLEASE THANK YOU,Patrick


me's picture

are they doing meet and greets too????? that would be a total bonus on this contest....always been a dream of mine to meet Sammy and get my 10 seconds and my hug...without a table between us or 50 other Redheads trying to get the same thing.....

me's picture

I sure hope you got my email and my message here on ..I have all plans figured out...bringing a Sammy virgin with me and we are going to rock it RED style on stage....bring it on....

See you next Saturday...

thank you..thank you...thank you.....
love my RED family

Red Ricker's picture

Rick Armstrong is coming!!! I have sent my 4th email confirmation and am freakin' out that you haven't received it yet. I have responded to "" but now will post to this site. The will call name is: Rick Armstrong.

sharr619's picture

Just got my 4 tickets in the mail from Miller Lite. Way to awesome, wasn't expecting to win. It's gonna be Awesome Haven't seen Sammy since 09 in Vegas at the Hard Rock ;-}

kt1968's picture

Woooo Hoooo going to see Sammy next weekend! Just got my tickets on ebay for 10 dollars!

colleenhall's picture

Thanks Sammy! See you next Sat. Love ya!

me's picture

ADMIN did you get my email and response???

p.mcdonald38's picture

can not find my name ,or others who have where told we have won keep trying,though no respoce,I need a Sammy shuw plus I was told I won THANK YOU PatrickMcDonald Lodi,Ohio

me's picture

Yes, I am good to go...I will be there...I sent you an email..if you do not receive it.....yeah...thank you so much!!!!

me's picture

I am

me's picture

is Sammy the headliner? do you know?

brownieou812's picture


Hey Redheads!! Who wants to come to Columbus, OH and party with Sammy and the Wabos?? Now that the contest is over, I am excited to announce that I am offering 5 pair of FREE...yes FREE tickets to one of the biggest party's Columbus has ever seen!! Sammy will be playing the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio this September 17, 2011 with 3 Doors Down and Phil Vassar. I am giving away 5 pairs of general admission tix that I won courtesy of Miller Lite!!

All you have to do is GUARANTEE your attendance by being one of the first 5 Redheads to provide me with your name and address via a friend request and the pair of tix will be sent to you!! Please...only provide your info if you are able and willing to attend!! Let's Paint Columbus Red!!

PS....If you are having trouble getting the "Add as Friend" link to work after you have logged in to the site, right click it and hit OPEN. It should work then! Good Luck!!

me's picture

I just checked my profile...had the wrong email is updated now...give me a couple of hours to try to figure out the logistics and money....and I will get back to you...gotta make it work!!!

admin's picture

I've sent you two! You good to go?

me's picture

I never received my first email.....

Kevin B's picture

I also just sent a second email.

MikeSam5150's picture

Samantha just came in from school ...... I told her we won tickets......OMG....this kid is calling everyone, thank god for unlimited talk on my cell. She's jacked!!!!

hollyv057's picture

Hi! I just sent another confirmation on my email. I also replied the minute I got the exciting news! I hope it gets there this time! I can't wait to be on stage on the 17th!

Cabobound55's picture


lisab068's picture

Oh man! I'm having anxiety that my emails have not been received.

lisab068's picture

I just sent in a second email. I hope you get this one back. If not, Hell yes I'll be there.

Lisa Breece

jillby unboxed's picture

OMG!!!!! I TOTALLY replied back in minutes of the 1st e-mail & jus sent another reply!!!!!
PLEASE CHECK & see if u got this one!!!!
JILL A. SCHULTZ plus my guest!!!
We are flying in from Dallas Texas & WOULD NOT MISS THIS!!!!!
Thank U RedRocker Admin!!!!!!!

admin's picture

We are waiting for confirmation from the following Redheads. Please send an email with the name for will call to to confirm your attendance. Thanks!

You have all received a few emails so please check your junk if you haven't gotten it yet.

Kevin Brennan
Rick Armstrong
John Moore
Rick Armstrong
calah mcpeek
Dave McPeek
jill schultz
Braddley Addams
julie bisland
Tim Fletcher
Lisa Breece
Shari Beahringer
Tanya Burdick

Carolwise's picture

Thats a good bar as are most right there withing walking distance. I can be there as early as anyone wants, I am just curious as to what door they will have us pick up passes. I am assuming it will be side entrance where box office is which is on Nationwide Blvd on side not the main, front entrance.

Red Ricker's picture

Love the idea a of red-colored preparty with some redheads. Frog, Bear, Wild Boar is immediately south of Nationwide and would be a great spot to get our buzz on. Is the show at 7pm? What time can people meet?

tanyaredrockerfan's picture

I am so excited two weeks to go ! Can't wait to see all you RedHeads .

jillby unboxed's picture

@ The Mal
I bought some off e-bay just in case I didn't win onstage Tix, but I won! So try e-bay or jus come to the venue that day & I'm sure there will b Tix available. Don't pay more than $10-$20 each tho, there'll b some that inexpensive.

Kevin B's picture

Good info Gina! I haven't been on stage since the Sam & Dave tour. But no doubt that most of the radio winners will be TRUE redheads by the end of the night. See ya there!