Columbus, OH...

September 18, 2011 by me
Columbus, OH...
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OK..I was last in line on stage...I turned around...handed Sammy a Sharpie and said.....'you owe me.'..
He took the Sharpie...jumped back in a Sammy sort of way..signed my tattoo...he gave me a hug...I turned around and he looked at my ches...t tattoo..and said ' nice work..real' and gave me another hug and a kiss on the cheek....and I told him thank you...I love you...and he was off...dreams.....dreams...been waiting a few years for this moment..and finally..on a redhead winning..redhead road trip..redhead stage...finally...I had to sit down for a gather my you do when your dream cones true?
You have a standing appointment with your tattoo artist to ink in that signature to make it last..a lifetime...thank you Sammy...

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I was last in line right with you! It WAS a dream night! He rocked last night! I go to get a drink, go to get back on the risers, and somebody pulls me back. I look up as to why I can't go back up there, and there's Sammy ON THE RISERS! Just my luck, huh? Right where I was standing. So there I stand watching Sammy on the risers, and the next thing I know... here he comes! He comes down off the risers right at me! He stopped right in front of me... I got a kiss from Sammy Hagar! A night of a lifetime! Dreams DO come true! :)