Nationwide Arena: Columbus, OH 9/17/11

September 18, 2011 by lovesummers
Nationwide Arena:  Columbus, OH 9/17/11
The "Van Halen walk"
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Awesome show, Sammy! I was one of the lucky on-stage winners. What a fantastic show! Great party! The whole night was like a dream, and it ended with a kiss from Sammy! I go to get a drink, come back, and get pulled back from walking up to the risers. I look up, and there is Sammy IN THE RISERS! I thought... oh, man, I would HAVE to pick now to go get some water. (I was parched.) So there I stood watching Sammy have a good time right in my spot on the risers. Then all of a sudden... here he comes! Right at me! He stopped right in front of me! I smile, and thought.. I am going for it :) I put my arm up on his shoulder. He put his arm around my waste, and he kissed me! The whole night was just fantastic.. the party before was SUCH a GOOD TIME! Phil Vassar was great. 3 Doors Down was great! And Sammy ROCKED! ON STAGE SAMMY HAGAR! I mean ... how can anything be better than that?!!! Well, Sammy put the icing on the cake. Thank you, Sammy! (Oh.. I have to add.. a friend of mine flew in from Alabama to be on stage with me. I drove from Michigan. We were running late to line up for on stage and were separated. She goes up to a lady and says, "I lost my friend. I am supposed to be back stage, and I don't want to miss it!" The lady said, "Come with me." And sure enough... she wound up back stage, meeting Sammy, and drinking his tequila! WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!

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Nationwide Arena:  Columbus, OH 9/17/11
My friend's back stage picture!