Past Event

Aug 14 2014
Tulalip, WA


A Journey Through The History Of Rock (w/ Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:00PM.

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Presents "A Journey Through The History of Rock"

As part of Sammy's ongoing support of local food banks and his desire to make a direct impact locally in each community he visits, Sammy has chosen to donate money towards Tulalip Food Bank.
If you're in a position to help (volunteering, spreading the word, donations, etc) you can visit:
1330 Marine Ave
NE Marysville, WA 98271



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 17 Redhead Comments

lindamstephens's picture

Whoops! I'm talking about Sept. 3rd show 2015 not Aug 14th 2014. That show was awesome!

lindamstephens's picture

Dear Sammy,
This was a very disappointing night for me. I purchased my tickets back in April the moment they went on pre sale for redheads. I had to do it in bathroom at work because I'm not allowed to do stuff like that at work. I got ok seats (7th row far left stage) not as good as I would have hoped for at the exact moment they went on sale. We drove from Kirkland to Marysville on Thurs eve in rush hour traffic. It took over an hour. We had $50 burgers at a near by restaurant. We were ramped up and excited to see you. I have no idea who your opening act was. I thought they were terrible and couldn't wait for them to end. When they finally did, it started to rain. We waited 1&1/2hrs for you to decide you weren't going to go on stage. We were completely soaked to the bone by then. Miserable and freezing. You didn't even personally tell us you weren't coming out. I love you and I will definitely buy tickets to your shows again. Please explain how I might get awesome seats next time. Thanks

Caboraybo's picture

An Amazing Show Start To Finish
Thank You For Coming Up To See Us For The Last Two Years Sammy
Can You Go For The Hat Trick & Please Make It 3 In A Row :)

rrockercabogirl's picture

Cannot wait for the fun to begin! Bring it Sammy!!!

Vienghailin's picture

3 more days. Can't wait. I was there last year and got to meet Vic Johnson in the hotel lobby. Maybe Michael Anthony or even the Red Rocker himself this thursday? Ready to rock!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurel's picture

Can't wait for this show!!!!!

Caboraybo's picture

Thank You For Letting Us REDheads
Get First Crack At Tickets
Can't Wait To Party With All my RED Amigos Again
Not To Mention Rocking Out With Sammy & Mikey

indygal's picture

Was going to skip this one but couldn't resist! Going to Cabo in October also, whoop whoop

mollycow's picture

Yahoo....Going!!!!! Also going to be in Cabo at the time of your birthday. How can we get tickets???

dangerussone's picture
I am trying to buy tickets with the code; REDHEAD and it won't let me do anything after I type that code. Can anybody help me?
jaybird_64's picture

Glad your coming back!! **Got my ticket Red!** But I fell asleep waiting for 10am to come along...I was an hour late logging onto Ticket Bastard and the best ticket available was row 14... but you'll still be able to hear me from way back there!! ROCK ON!!! Jay

tommy 1's picture


Sunshine rocker's picture

Okay, not sure what happened but I logged out and logged back in and WHOO HOO section front and center was available!! YES!!!

lbluvspooh71's picture

Sammy Summer Repeat! Can't wait! Got my tix!

Blaze's picture

seeing how we are not doing Cabo this year( bummer for me )you can bet we will be seeing this show...

Mas Tequila

Later Jeff

roach0629's picture

Can not wait!!!

Caboraybo's picture

Wha FUCKING Hoo !! Thank You Sammy