Past Event

Aug 16 2014
Highway 50 and Stateline Ave,
Stateline, Nevada


A Journey Through The History Of Rock (w/ Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 6:30PM.

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Presents: "A Journey Through The History of Rock"


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 19 Redhead Comments

ScOOter0723's picture

This was a family affair for the Noble clan. Took all my daughters to their first concert what a great show to see. Not only did Sammy smoke it, my kids absolutely loved the show. They can't wait for the next one.

frogsie57's picture

GREAT CONCERT! 5 Led Zeppelin tunes and the rest was all Sammy/Montrose/Van Halen. Sweet!!! But note to self, and everybody else, that 6:30 show time was a joke! Sammy didn't go on until after 8:30 and my feet were killing me from standing so long. I lasted 3 songs and had to go sit in the bleachers in the back. Next time they say the show starts before 8:00, I won't believe a word!

redheadjones's picture

The tahoe show was freeeeeekn amazing! We met some of the coolest redheads in the mosh pit! Had to leave during bonhams drum solo due to a nearly exploding bladder. Couldn't get back into the mosh pit to find friends. We sure would like to stay in touch with mark, daila, troy and plain jane? Sorry plain jane I nver caught your name?? If any red heads know these folks give them my email for contact info? I believe they were from Portland area? One more thing! Jason bonham can sure beat those drums! Soundd awesome even from the port o potty about a mile away???

zillakilla's picture

Fantastic show. The VIP ticket process failed miserably. I'll never do that again and I do it for every show. No one at the box office knew what was going on. Our free drink consisted of a half a shot of rum. The VIP portion was the only thing that sucked that night. Met some really great Sammy fans at the show. Good time for all.

johnj005's picture

Great Show!

renagade4x4's picture

What can I say that has NOT BEEN SAID!! Sammy you hit it out of the park with this concert series. My best friend that saw you in Washington and said the same.(Sammy, RedRocker) You, Michael, Vic, Jason (FBOMB) you guys are UNSTOPPABLE!! Loved your music in the 70's at Day on the Green also in 80's the 90's WOW and now 2014!! Your music is timeless,Thank you!!

**The security guard (Female) I met, WOW!!(HELP) Wish I asked you for your number or offered mine!! if you read this email me. Like to see you again.** Hint water bottle sharing VIP area gate.

Anyone know her?? PLEASE maybe help me find her. She works for Harrah's.

Thank you again Sammy Hagar one of the best bands of all time! I hope to see you soon!'s picture

What A Great show, definitely a History of The Red Rocker and Tribute to Led Zeppelin Jason in his Dads shoes.
. Thank you for a Great show and bringing me tight through my own memory lane...You are Amazing for all the good you do

zillakilla's picture

Saw on Facebook that the VIP for Tahoe is back on. Didn't know it was off. That could explain why no one got an email. Still no info on what we are suppose to do for early access.

aprilraleigh's picture

Does anyone know what time the gates open?

hagarox's picture

It's almost 8:05!!!!!

hairfarmer's picture

Pre party anyone?

kelliwayne's picture

I contacted Ticketmaster and they've had many call. They said they have sent multiple emails to the promoter with no reply. So I guess we wait and see...

zillakilla's picture

I did not receive a reply either. I'm wondering what I'm suppose to do.

kelliwayne's picture

On the Ticketmaster website it says VIP ticketholders for Tahoe will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance on where to redeem tickets......I STILL haven't heard anything.

bernik006's picture

Looking for 1 tix, cheap and easy availability please...'s picture

I am soooo excited to go see the show.....Get Ready!

jamesf073's picture

Heading South From The North Coast Of Alaska Once Again To Get My Sammy On Before The Artic Ocean Freezes Up Again...
Will Get Thawed Again On October 13th In CABO The Night Of His Birthday....
Gotta Keep Rockin!

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stringtownfire's picture

Got my early entry VIP at Ticketmaster. If Fan club presale is not until the 16th or so why are to general public tickets now available? Check it out they went on sale 3/28/14