Past Event

Sep 13 2014
Vernon Street Town Square
311 Vernon St
Roseville, CA


Denny Carmassi, Bill Church, Vic Johnson, More special guests!.


Show 7:00PM.

Celebrate the reopening of Sammy's Island Bar and Grill, Roseville!

“Get ready, we’ve got all the makings for an epic party – and this time I’m bringing my family… and some legendary friends!”

Doors open at 5:30pm show starts 7:00pm

The concert is happening in the Vernon Street Town Square, on the first anniversary of its grand opening. 

Entry for (2) two to the concert will be included in the purchase of a $75 Sammy's Island Bar & Grill restaurant gift card which go on sale Tuesday, August 19 at 10 a.m. 

Each gift card will cost $75.00 and will entitle the holder to two free admissions to the concert. The gift card can also be redeemed for food and beverage at The Island after September 15, 2014.



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  • 2014-09-13 @ Vernon Street Town Square
  • 2014-09-13 @ Vernon Street Town Square


 84 Redhead Comments

renagade4x4's picture

AWESOME show tonight!!
Sammy, Seeing you sing with your Aaron on stage with you was GREAT. One of those never forget moments in life.
Thank You Sammy for that moment!

Vic I love your playing everyone was great!! WOW what a Night!!
After 5 surgery's in 4 years, I need a month like this one.

Sammy's Island Bar,
Great staff at your restaurant,Sammy they made you proud!

Thank you all again,

renagade4x4's picture

Going to HOT!! Not just talking about RedHeadrocker!BBQing and getting ready for the concert tonight! See you all later!! BTW anyone know how many bands are playing tonight I heard 3 so far?


jdibanez31's picture

Man, I totally didn't hear about this until after it sold out. Anyone have tickets they can't use? I may need to wander around near Vernon tomorrow to listen in.

kindbud's picture

tomorrow is the show so its byob

aerored's picture

They are currently open, main opening is Monday, they will be closed tomorrow. You can call them (916-784-7424) and ask if they are serving drinks today.

kindbud's picture

So does anybody know if the bar and grill will be open and serving sammy rum drinks. i saw that they had a soft opening but no drinks Has that changed or do i need to B.Y.O.B.

giants139r's picture

This is basically a free show. Its in a business district that cannot be shut down. The concert is in a little park and you can watch from the sidewalk and be just as close. Come on down. Its going to be a blast. I can walk there from where i live. If you need accomdations, placer county fair rv park is within walking distance.

rjjstephan's picture

There's no substitute for RED...READY FOR CONCERT IN ROSEVILLE, CA this weekend! RED-dy.....c u there Sam! Need Rum! ;-) Rico & Carol Stephan

Bogie12345's picture

I have two tickets. Just found out we couldn't go.

kindbud's picture

scalper looking for tickets

kaplanguy40's picture

True RedHeads do not make fun of anybody new or not! Just saying!!!!

kindbud's picture

you just join today and you want tickets ha ha ha good luck with that

lskrla's picture

Need tickets to the Roseville show; just found out about it. Email please if you have tickets to sell:

kindbud's picture

no smoking good luck with that it`s a sammy show

markl070's picture

I know this is a stretch, but I'm trying to get 2+ tickets/ vouchers. Please e-mail at Thanks!

Schloubins's picture

In the ticket fiasco we ended up with an extra voucher. Wanting to sell for face value. If interested please email

kaplanguy40's picture

looking for 1 card for show

kaplanguy40's picture

looking to buy them if you still have them

kaplanguy40's picture

did you sell the tixs,we are interested in them,Brian

sriley007's picture

Guess what Redheads, Sammy's place in Roseville has softly opened. No booze until grand opening though. Food is delicious.

Galeobrien194's picture

SO BUMMED!!! I have a voucher and cannot go! will sell for face value...never scalp a redhead!! email me at if you want to buy it. I am in San Francisco. We can figure out the payment terms. I will be putting it on craigslist tomorrow so hurry if you want it.

smccleary76's picture

How many tickets were there

dddotti's picture

Placer Valley Tourism is a sponsor...AWESOME!!!!

sriley007's picture

Thanks Sammy for playing outside this year, listening to the Red Rocker thru a couple of speakers on stands is not the same, but last years street party was still epic! See you in Roseville

Cabowabo24's picture

Can't wait for another fun night of partying in Roseville with Sammy!!

kindbud's picture

was there any doubt it was going to sell out

07HUMMERH2's picture


Tony Today's picture

Missed out on Cabo Bash Tickets This will be A good Time

renagade4x4's picture

Got my tickets but 21 WOW I want to bring my son for his 19th BDay.. Can't be true can it??

abdiver's picture

got tix, rock on sammy

lindao077's picture

Rock On Sammy!!
Can't wait

chilly08's picture

Is Sammy playing outside this time? Or are we watching him from a large screen once again???

chilly08's picture

Is Sammy playing outside this time? Or are we watching him from a large screen once again???

JohnT 5150's picture

Thanks Marci. Can't wait. Look for you there.

marci01's picture

Hey John,
Its outside, across the street from the restaurant in the Roseville Plaza

mlahiff's picture

At first I thought it was just me... have tickets - Proceed to Party!

JohnT 5150's picture

Not a bad day so far for the Beach Bar. 682 deals sold for a total of $51,150.00 Way to represent Red Heads! Good start to getting things back on track in Roseville.
Anybody know the capacity of that place?

RedheadT's picture

Does anyone know the actual opening date of the restaurant? I know the gift card can't be used until after 9/ maybe that's the re-opening date?

07HUMMERH2's picture

What a cluster fuck that was !

Brownsound's picture

anyone know if cameras are allowed at this event ????

Brownsound's picture

whats the rule on cameras for this event ? anybody know anyone ever been ?
just got my ticks . see ya all their

Brownsound's picture

got mine to even called them they said site was f up try in two hours yeah right . cant get to perks to print my verification they need a bigger server or something see ya all their

kindbud's picture

So much for the e-mail f**king liers (perks)got my tickets anyway PROBABLY WOULD HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT IF I DID NOT RECHECK RED ROCKER. It`s Going to be a Rock AND Roll Weekend. P.S i BOUGHT TWO JUST IN CASE THERE IS A REDHEAD THAT GETS SHUT OUT. WILL POST LATER ON THAT.

noelt076's picture

Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you all in Roseville!!!

RedheadT's picture

FINALLY got my tickets....WOOOHOOOOOO

JohnT 5150's picture

OK the system says I made a purchase but they are saying no on the phone! WTF! Well the bank shows one charge and success! See all of you in September! Red Head Winning!! WOO HOO!

r-dutton's picture

Wahoooo, I am in...

shawnb084's picture

OH, yeah, I'm goin!

BammBamm87's picture

My order just went through. These ticket sellers need to get a clue and get prepared... this is Sammy Hagar, THE Red Rocker!

Cabo Don's picture

And now it's working!