Past Event

Aug 2 2014
350 Trolley Line Boulevard
Mashantucket, CT


A Journey Through The History Of Rock (w/ Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 8:00PM.

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Presents "A Journey Through The History of Rock"


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 9  Redhead Comments

frankd1962's picture

What Happened to the Borgata Show?

jonathanb034's picture

What's up, Harleymomma!
Thanks for your autograph item insight...I have been reading similar comments on FB and other places, so I have decided to go with the general concensus and NOT bring Aaron's art to try and have Sam sign. Instead, I'll bring my 8x10 from my Chickenfoot Meet and Greet from 2012...or perhaps even better, a drumhead so EVERYONE could sign it if I'm lucky enough!
I was trying to think of something ALL the guys could sign, instead of just Sam and perhaps Mike if I'm positioned properly enough...but it'd be killer to get Vic and Jason on something as am actually leaning towards the drumhead now (since I'm also a drummer, and to get Jason's signature, let alone on a skin would be epic!)
At any rate, your devotion as a RedHead is awesome...coming from TX! Nice!
I'm looking forward to a great night with a few thousand friends! If you see me, be sure to get my attention! I'm either waving a drumhead or an 8x10 on a board at the guys from (hopefully!) right up front!

Rock on, and get here safe!

~ Cabojonny \m/

Harleymomma08's picture

@Cabojonny - I have heard that Sammy has turned away from signing some of Aaron's artwork. I have 2 of Aaron's pieces but never tried to get Sammy to sign them. Just from reading several posts in FB - don't get upset if he doesn't sign them. I think he feels that they belong to Aaron and he doesn't want to take away from that. I will be traveling from Texas to see this show! Heard nothing but great things about it. Jason kicks butt on the drums!

TX- Harleymomma

PS: I hope they are right about moving up front we have 5th row tickets.

jonathanb034's picture

What's up, RedHeads! Can't wait to be rocking' Foxwoods with you all in August! Sorry to hear that Sam and the guys won't be doing any VIP stuff this go around, but I read another comment here that the venue seems to be cool with the first few rows kinda becoming "Up Front Fanatics" and inching a bit closer....and being in the 3rd row, I'm hoping I'll have success cuz I've got something ultra cool to try and get him to sign....some amazing artwork from his son, Aaron! Here's to hoping it'll catch his eye with Aaron's latest tribute to his rocking' dad called "I Can't Drive 55"! Check it out on his FB page! See y'all in a few!! ~ Cabojonny ;-)

Williamv5150's picture
Can't wait to see sammy again glad he has been coming to the New England area of late kick ass red heads
sandrad1961's picture

I went in to buy tickets and it is showing that its almost sold out. I really want to go but I wanted to get good seats. I don't know why its showing a lot of seats already full. Can someone help me or should I wait until tomorrow?
thank you sandy

celts17's picture

No VIP? Then I'm glad I got my tickets this morning on the pre-sale ... 5th row. And typically, for a rock concert, this venue allows the people in the first five rows to leave their seats and catch the show in the open space in front of the stage. So, should be a GREAT time!
At the Chickenfoot VIP thing two years ago, I had my Led Zeppelin 3 album cover club shirt on ... Sammy said "I want that shirt"! Maybe if I bought & brought him one, he'd sign the photo of me with Chickenfoot!

admin's picture

Hi, unfortunately Sammy won't be doing VIPs on this tour.

mgsmiley's picture

Should be awesome show cant wait....

celts17's picture

Out of curiosity, any VIP options on this tour? And if so, will the band sign anything? Probably kind of late to ask with the pre-sale tomorrow ... I went the Facebook message route, and got no reply. I did the VIP thing two years ago on the Chickenfoot Tour, and have a photo of myself with the band ... was really hoping to have Sammy and Michael sign it if there was a VIP option that including a signing.