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Jonathan Bassuk
June 11, 2010
Scarsdale, NY
September 21

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May 29, 2021
Cabo Uno Tequila - bottle #3070 SEALED and for sale!
Cabo Uno Tequila - bottle #3070 SEALED and for sale!

Hey there, Redheads!
You all probably know the story behind the majesty of Cabo Uno’s appearance in 2007…and many of you may have even been able to enjoy some! It was a very limited production run, and Sammy sold his interest in the company just a few months after its release. I bought 3 bottles back then, and it was reserved for very special occasions…well worth it!

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Jul 26, 2014
Journey Through The History of Rock Tour Artwork...

Hey RedHeads!

Was just wondering if anyone who has seen one of the JTTHOR shows (or even if you haven't but you know the answer!!) can post/direct me to or email me (cabojonny@gmail.com) an image of the tour's artwork/logo/poster/shirts, etc...
I'm heading to the Foxwoods show next week and would like to try and create something for the guys to sign if possible....
Can't wait to rock out with a few thousand friends next Saturday!! Thanks, everyone!

~Cabojonny \m/

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