still getting chills

April 14, 2015 by raoaks

Is it just me? Or is anyone else still getting chills from what a fucking amazing show this was. I was blown away when the show started with Rock Candy. It had been far too long since I saw Sammy, during I can't drive 55 another rocker asked me if I had been @ the show the previous year @ Tulalip, when I responded that my last show was when Sammy had on his yellow outfit from the video, his reply was that he hadn't even been a glimmer in his dad's eye yet, that long ago show was in Ellensburg Washington, @ Central Washington University, anyone out ther in attendance with me that night, I was front and center rockin out all nite long.Zebra was a pretty wicked opener too.
I still think the most amazing performance last summer was when Jason performed Moby Dick, with images of John projected behind,fucking righteous indeed, thunderfoot lives through the pedals of his sons kit.

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