Past Event

Oct 11 2012
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash!


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.

For information on registering for tickets plus an overview of how ticketing is being handled this year, please visit


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 58 Redhead Comments

SAA5150's picture

This was an awesome show!!!! I can't wait for next year!!!!

Mingus's picture

Kick ass show Thursday night Sammy! Happy Birthday!

onemorshow's picture


Sammy-Mona-Vic-Denny Carmassi
1.Make It Last
2.Space Station #5
3.Rock The Nation
4.Bad Motor Scooter
5.Rock Candy with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains

7.1 Way 2 Rock
9.3-Lock Box
10.Right Now
11.I'll Fall in Love
12.Heavy Metal

13.Finish What You Started
14.Why Can't This Be Love
15.Good Enough
16.Top of the World

Sammy-Mikey-Jerry Cantrell-Billy Duffy-Matt Sorum
17.Man in the Box
18.Rock & Roll-started and then stopped after they messed up.

Sammy-Mikey-Billy Duffy-Matt Sorum-Vic

SAA5150's picture

We'll be in Cabo tomorrow afternoon!! Sad to say, I didn't get tickets, but if there are any extras for the 11th or 13th, I would VERY much appreciate it. Please email if you can help :) Can't wait for some fun in the sun with all of the Sammy fans! Last time we made the DJs on the beach play all of his songs haha - Shareen

Shannon_928's picture

Looking for one or two tickets for the 9th or the 11th. If you ave any extra, please email me at Thank you!

JBoDEAN's picture

Look forward to meeting a lot of new faces! First time at the Birthday Bash!
Head over to and say HI if you are going to the show. Maybe we all can meet up during the week for drinks!

patc's picture

Anyone still looking for Thursday 10/11 tickets? I have two extra. I'm staying at the Casa Dorado. Contact me at See you in Cabo. Face down!

lecroy's picture

Anyone able to get tickets on the 2nd chance? What chicken sh$t! Tickets were gone right at 9am!!! Why were ones that have tickets to a bash able to get tickets on the second chance for a different bash night? Those that already have tickets should have been excluded from getting more!!! Oh well, guess I can give that $110 to a charity in Cabo

ktanton's picture

Any word on the re-draw for tickets??? 5 days and counting till my first Trip to Cabo - sooo excited - still looking for 1 ticket to either the 11th and or the 13th shows...Please email me if you happen to be lucky enough to have 1 extra ticket to either show..

Cabo here we come!!

Katherine in Austin

two4ruff's picture

I'll be there from the 8th to the 14th but sadly no luck on the ticket draw. If anyone has tickets to sell please contact me.

two4ruff's picture

I'll be there from the 8th to the 14th but sadly no luck on the ticket draw. If anyone has tickets to sell please contact me.

two4ruff's picture

Will be there the 9th,11th and 13th. Need 2 tickets e-mail me @ Thanks

tcypher57's picture

If anyone has more 2 tickets than they need PLEASE let me know...I already have our trip booked and would love to go to the bash!!!

scottyp039's picture

Need 2 tix for 9th or 11th will meet you there and pay $100 a piece.

dorothyp059's picture

Hi fellow REDHEADS! Our trip is set and our name didn't get pulled. Anyone that can sell 2 tickets for any night please e= mail at CASH is good RIGHT??? Hope you can help.

redrocker327's picture

I am looking for anybody with a ticket to spare two would be nice so my wife can attend the show as well. I am willing to pay $75 for a regular ticket and $110 for a dinner one. I understand the dinner ones haven't been sold yet but just getting this out there. If anyone can help out please e-mail at

PJ2DOPE's picture

Got 2 tix for the 11th, hoping to get 2 more when i get down there. Anyone know of any deals on a place to stay down in Cabo?

redrocker327's picture

Is there anyone who will be staying at the RIU Santa Fe during the last two shows who might have an extra ticket. I am going to be there from the 10th to the 15th. Please e-mail me at

ktanton's picture

My friend cancelled on the trip so I am going solo. I was not fortunate enough to get tickest to any show - So anyone that finds themselves with an extra ticket to ANY show please please please let me know - Like I said I am going solo and only need 1 ticket to any show..

First Cabo trip and would love to go to at least 1 show...

Virgin Cabo Redheads from Texas


purselmer's picture

got tickets for the thursday show hope some of my other cajun freinds are able to make it so we can toast to sammy live woohoo

purselmer's picture

i've been going to cabo for the last 8 years and this is the first time i'm gonna join sammy for his bd bash. i hope that there are some other fellow cajuns joining me to salute sammy

Dietch's picture

Friends got tickets for this night and we didn't get any. If anyone needs to get rid of tickets please contactme

rosiechapa's picture

get to go to the 3rd show and now his birthday show yea!!!!!!!!!

debrac066's picture

i am glad to have gotten at least one show for the 11th as i'm bringing my bff to cabo for her virgin trip and want to show her the redhead style of partying.if anyone has two for any other shows besides the 11th give me a shout out.thanks redlove to all !! debbie carlin-erickson

Dietch's picture

Put in for Three shows got none, sucks. Anyone got tickets for thursday they want to cash out on?

Dean's picture
Got tickets to 2 shows RIGHT ON!!!!!
kevinm053's picture

Okay, we can stop my confirmation this morning. See you in Cabo!! Any other KC area Redheads making the trip?

caribbeanqueen's picture

No pic fo me :( it was there a 4 months ago now it's not :(

PUTYSCAT's picture

My wife and I are in the hands of the RED ROCKER GODS!!! Got registered the begining of the week!! Hope it shakes out! Our first time to Cabo and thinking wont be the last!!!!!

debrac066's picture

hi norma, if your photo is on the redrocker site of list of who's going do you think that's a hint that you've been chosen for that bday show of the date?my pic is on the 7th and 9th ,but not the 11,13th.hmmmmm very curious! your's is on some too. hugs and redlove debbie carlin-erickson

lindat018's picture

As a gift to hubby Larry we are going to party with the Steins and all the RH friends. Dominic I owe you big time too, so either way we are going to party at the CWC! Lord willing...We are going to Cabo in the Fall 2012! Vacation purchased... now May the stars be aligned to get my name drawn for any one of the (4) shows! as always, Peace & Love

ktanton's picture

Just registered - its a pair of tickets

PUTYSCAT's picture

Hey guys, havn't heard anything about quantity on the tickets.
Is it a pair, 2 pair? Just wondering, and keeping fingers crossed up here in Ohio. Thanks

Harleymomma08's picture

My hubby may be joining me on the 10th so we will both pray we get tickets for this show!

PUTYSCAT's picture

Is there any news about the announcement for tix sales yet? We are all booked to head to Cabo on the 9th-13th. Just like the rest of the REDHEADS, "WE NEED TICKETS SAMMY!!!!!!!" Hope to hear something soon. Very anxious.'s picture

I will be in Cabo from October 6th-15th. My 50th birthday is October 9th. How can I get tickets to Sammy's Birthday Party???

kerr1212's picture

Anyone know how many tickets we can purchase in a transaction? I'm looking for a total of 6????? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

dianeg097's picture

dkapla...depends on what you want, all inclusive or condo or villa? How many people? Anyway, try this link for everything Cabo
you can look at the places via live webcam...we stay at Terrasol on the Pacific side, you can rent condos privately, see this link for private rentals
So hope to see you in Cabo!

redrocker327's picture

I would have thought by now someone would have responded but here goes. I have only been to the bash once but stayed at the Hotel Finisterra which was in 2010. I will say that I was definitely not alone there. I also have read where the RIU resorts are a favorite place to stay amongst us bash goers. There are two of them the Santa Fe and the Palace. This year I went for the Santa Fe. They are what is called All Inclusive which means your meals and drinks are included for what you pay.

ltrochford's picture

when are tickets for the Cabo Wabo Party week going on sale???
Need 5!

jorge30s's picture

Hola Red Heads... last year the tickets went on sale during the 2nd week in August. My guess is that they may do the same. Keep you eyes open for email coming from

dkapla's picture

what are some of the best places to stay in Cabo? We havent been there before. We plan to make the october 11th bday bash!

msdemeanor604's picture

109 sleeps until "ass in the sand, drinks in hand." My gf and I are more than a wee bit interested in getting tickets to the Oct 13th show, so was wondering if anyone knew a when or where tickets would be released?

msdemeanor604's picture

109 sleeps till Cabo and its "ass in the sand, drinks in hand"

glenn1205's picture

We will be celebrating our first year together! Cannot wait till the party begins when we get there!!!!!! Whish tickets would go on sale asap!!!

diggyd's picture

110 days to Cabo!!! WooHoo!

cdferris's picture


IVHorsemen's picture

Stay tuned to the News section here for ticket on sale info... So far, it hasn't been announced yet.

Also, I haven't heard of an all-inclusive package with BDay Bash tix and hotel, etc. If they offer it, it will be the first time they've done it.

ltrochford's picture

Dallas first timers -looking forward to the bash!!!

crystalclear's picture

Dennis I have an all inclusive offer available. Give me a call 916-761-9591. Sammy tickets are not included. Tickets you will have purchase on your own. But we can help you with an all-inclusive package.