Past Event

Oct 9 2012
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash!


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.

The registration for Birthday Bash tickets was fast and furious (and happily free of any technical issues) and the random drawing has now completed!

If you were selected, you will have received an email confirmation. You may also check the status of your registration by visiting: Remember that you pick up your tickets at the club starting at 2pm the day of your show. Come early in the day to avoid long lines!

Thanks to all Redheads for your support and please stay in touch at for news and reports from the Bash. We wish we could fit everyone in the club, but there just isn't room!

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue on the following dates:
Noon on October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
Noon on October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th


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 62 Redhead Comments

bigrigtaz's picture

I'm wondering when Sammy's birthday bash tickets will be avail for 2013 ?? I'm booking my first vacation ever and I've wanted to go to Sammy's birthday bash week for years. When and where can I buy tickets

TonyBeward's picture

I am also eagerly looking forward to it.As soon as my confirmation of ticket will done,We also wanna join there.

England horse riding

murfddy1's picture

Looks like I will have a spare ticket for the 9th show(friend couldnt make the trip) looking to trade it for 11th or 13th show if anyone has an extra one as well. Hit me up if interested!

Shannon_928's picture

Looking for one or two tickets for the 9th or 11th. If you have an extra ticket, please email shannon_928@ Thank you!

two4ruff's picture

I'll be there from the 8th to the 14th but sadly no luck on the ticket draw. If anyone has tickets to sell please contact me.

The Analog Kid's picture

Anyone going to the Oct. 9 show and staying at the Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas?

Anyone make the trip before and have travel tips? Do you carry U.S. cash? How much are drinks at the Cantina? What's the best, safest way to get around? What else do you recommend?

Harleymomma08's picture

Janet - I sent you an email for your extra ticket on the 9th.


waterwoman's picture

OK, I should have put this out sooner because there are too many people to check in with. I have one extra ticket for 10/7 and 10/9 as my friend could not come. Please email me at: by noon tomorrow as I would need to email for refund by later that day. One glitch is that I arrive late afternoon on 10/7, so arrangements would need to be made to meet up for the wristband probably around 6pm.


two4ruff's picture

Will be there the 9th,11th and 13th. Need 2 tickets e-mail me @ Thanks

PUTYSCAT's picture

Has anyone heard if like in the past if any of Sammy's buds are going to be at the BB?

scottyp039's picture

Need 2 tix for 9th or 11th will meet you there and pay $100 a piece.

DEEBENEKE's picture

Get ready we come :) :) :)

DEEBENEKE's picture

I'm so excited! Counting down the days!

ktanton's picture

My friend cancelled on the trip so I am going solo. I was not fortunate enough to get tickest to any show - So anyone that finds themselves with an extra ticket to ANY show please please please let me know - Like I said I am going solo and only need 1 ticket to any show..

First Cabo trip and would love to go to at least 1 show...

Virgin Cabo Redheads from Texas


two4ruff's picture

Would have been better if the drawing got people tickets to one show. I put in for 3 different dates and got nothing while others got multiple shows. Something to consider for next year. If anyone has extras I'll be there for the shows on the 9th, 11th and 13th. Maybe I'll try for a dnner show.

Debbo's picture

Totally agree!!!!!

Debbo's picture

Not to happy with the way tickets were done this year! I'm ok with the random drawing bit, but I don't understand how some people got tickets for 2 nights. I realize you entered for all shows, as I did, but once your name gets drawn for one show you should be elimanated from the next drawing so other people have a chance. Hopefully someone will have some tickets to get rid of while I'm down there! Have a blast for all of you that are going! Went last year and it was a great show!!

myladee62's picture

Sooooo excited!!! signed up for the 7th and 9th Shows, got 2 tix to the show on the 9th! Yahoo!!!!!

Dietch's picture

this sucks, I see a lot of people got two or more nights and I didn't get one. need some for thursday. any body have some extra the need to get rid of

rshofner71's picture

It sux...some people got tix to 2 shows and I couldnt get any...whats wrong with this process??

chris_scott's picture

I got 1 ticket for the 9th. I thought I requested 2. If anyone has an extra e-mail me at Thanks

PUTYSCAT's picture

My wife and I got a pair for Tuesday and Thursday as well!!! Thanks Red Rocker Gods!!!!!! This going to be the best trip EVER!!!!! Thanks again

Toma22's picture

If I didn't receive notification this morning does that mean I am out of luck?

Toma22's picture

So can I assume if I haven't got my confirmation I am out of luck?

Dietch's picture

Signed up for each night didn't get drawn for any. Kinda sucks other people get drawn for multiple nights.

cmorante71's picture

Just got my ticket confirmation for the Tuesday and Thursday shows. I am so pumped now!

goodjf's picture

Unbelievable! Didn't get registered! When did they post the details? Am pretty disappointed that out of all the redrocker emails I get, nothing could be sent out on this??? Sammy, my wife is sure pissed! We'll be down in Cabo, maybe somone will have extra tix!

two4ruff's picture

Signed up for 9, 11 and 13 hope to get at least one.

waterwoman's picture

Kind of crummy to be doing a random drawing. Signed up for all shows, but it is a crap shoot. Last year I did manage to get a ticket to the 10/13 dinner show and already had a ticket for my birthday on 10/9. That will be my other option, but the standing in line is grueling. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

direyes68's picture

Thank you cousin for thinking about me! Yes, it will make an AWESOME bday present. Hopefully we will be drawn for the 9th since that is by BDAY!!! Let's get ready to PAR-TA!!!! Cabo here we come!!!

Wncaligrl's picture

So looking forward to spending Sammy's Birthday Bash with him. Good Luck Redheads!!!!!

lindat018's picture

As a gift to hubby Larry we are going to party with the Steins and all the RH friends. Dominic I owe you big time too, so either way we are going to party at the CWC! Lord willing...We are going to Cabo in the Fall 2012! Vacation purchased... now May the stars be aligned to get my name drawn for any one of the (4) shows! as always, Peace & Love

lecroy's picture

Just registered for the 3 bashes that play while we will be down there! I'm feeling lucky that I'll be picked for one of them. Woo! It's gonna be a blast with you all!!!

ktanton's picture

Ditto too

cutrerp's picture

This will make a great birthday present for my cousin!

dushuttle_rp's picture

I would like 2 tickets

Harleymomma08's picture

Praying I get tickets for a show or two! I will still be going to Cabo even if I don't get tickets for this day!

wccreech's picture

Happy exact situation! We did my wife's 50th last year with Sammy, had a blast so of course we have to do it again!

chirpie104's picture

Waiting to hear about tickets going on sale, can somebody let me know when they do, email Looking for 8 tickets for the 9th.


waterwoman's picture

Any day now maybe for tix?

Lisa kern's picture

It has been my dream to to attend, flight booked and condo. Need tickets!

two4ruff's picture

Just booked a resort. When are the tickets going on sale?????????

jkdickinson's picture

Less than 3 months until the Bash, let's get this party STARTED. see ya all in Cabo

LADYROXY's picture

Heading there for the second time to Cabo. Last time was unable to get tickets to the show, but would love to get them this year(Oct. 9th). Will be four of us celebrating my sisters wedding. She has never been there. Please!!!!!!!!! when will they be on sale. So worried we will miss the tickets, not sure when we will be able to get back again.

Barry1927's picture

Does any Redhead know when Sammy's B-Day tickets go on sale? Flight,Hotel booked now just need tickets to the show...Will there be VIP avalible?

karlson's picture

I need to purchase tickets for either the 7th, 9th, or 11th Cabo shows. I will in Cabo with my wife, and want to attend one of these show dates. I booked this trip, just so I could go to your Cabo Wabo concert.

ktanton's picture

Adrian....sent you an email...send me the deatils please sir....

Katherine in Austin

kiki's picture

My first time going to Cabo, I just need tickets to the shows. Airfare and hotel booked. :)

ARamosTX's picture

I own a timeshare in Cabo for the week of the show, I'm not going to make it and I'll make someone a great deal on my place. I've been going to the B-Bash since the days of standing in line and I've had to miss the show before and hand off my villa. This is exclusive to Red Heads, hit me up if your looking for a 5 Star place to stay at a very inexpensive rate. It's as easy as emailing you a voucher in your name. THX Adrian,

nicnatso's picture

This will be our first time going, my husband and I just got married in march, and he always wanted to go, so for a surprise I have purchased a all inclusive package, now I just gotta get tickets for the show. I'm very excited and very hopeful of getting tickets..... My husbands birthday is also in oct so this will be a long awaited honeymoon and birthday surprise..