Past Event

Oct 7 2012
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash!


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.

The registration for Birthday Bash tickets was fast and furious (and happily free of any technical issues) and the random drawing has now completed!

If you were selected, you will have received an email confirmation. You may also check the status of your registration by visiting: Remember that you pick up your tickets at the club starting at 2pm the day of your show. Come early in the day to avoid long lines!

Thanks to all Redheads for your support and please stay in touch at for news and reports from the Bash. We wish we could fit everyone in the club, but there just isn't room!

Note: If you are planning on being in Cabo during the shows anyways, the only other tickets that will be available are extremely limited dinner ticket packages that will be sold first come, first served only from the venue on the following dates:
Noon on October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
Noon on October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th


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 82 Redhead Comments

luther8's picture

Anybody know the setlist and special guests from night 1? I was at night 1 and 2 last year and would like a comparison.

Cabo Rob's picture

Okay Redheads,

Who seen us? We were there Thursday night October 4th in the VIP area on the left side of the Wabo (facing the stage) with 12 of us from Carolina and we rocked the house! We brought the RIC FLAIR robe with us and even got on stage with it before the show! Our bar tab was $1,150! WOOOOOOOO! Fair warning....The Carolina Crazies will be in full force all Sammy week long in 2013 and we're bringing the man himself....RIC FLAIR with us and were gonna set a record for the biggest bar tab in all of Cabo Wabo history. Sucks that we wont be there this year unless Sammy sends the plane to Carolina to get me this weekend (HA HA yeah right) but we'll be watching online and having chilled Wabo Shoto's. Wave a hand if ya seen us because when my potna left Friday morning he sat in first class beside.....who....VINCE NEILL who said "I seen yall down there with the robe and dancing with alllll the ladies, you motherfuckers are CRAZY". Thats what I'm talkin bout! Cabo Rob and The Carolina Crazies missin ya but schemming for '13. Peace my brother and sista Redheads and Luv ya much.

highvista's picture

Anyone heard if there will be a live video stream like last year? Here's to hoping. Thanks, JC

blondiepa's picture

I'M SOOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW...I got 2 tix to the October 7th Show with the Second Chance Drawing.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Is there a link or more infor about the Booz Cruise?

lindat018's picture

ADLN (Amigo de los Ninos non-profit) is having the usual B/D Bash events. Oct. 10th is the Redhead's Booze Cruise and on Oct. 12th the Beach Party at Tabasco’s with silent auction. They will also have a raffle for show tickets on the 7th and 9th at 3pm at Baja Peppers in the Mar De Cortez. Good Luck to all! spread the word about the events!

high bid's picture

Grareful for 2tix on the 7th. Staying @ME. Really looking fwd to some cervezas, fishing, Sammy, cervezas! FDIC!

Cabo Rob's picture

Sup my fellow Redheads,

Cabo Rob will be in town but a week too damn early. I'm opening a new restaurant and absolutely must fly outta Cabo on the morning of the 7th. Totally sucks right. We will be going to the Wabo every night with some friends traveling with us and hope....NO ....PRAY that Sammy will make some magic as he has in the past and play a few songs during the night(s) leading up to the Bash dates. Sammy I know you read these posts as you have told me personally when we chatted in Charlotte backstage for the Foots first tour. Make it happen big man! If not....hit me back (yeah right) and we'll travel up the road a bit and bring something fresh to ya. You don't need Emeril, when you got Cabo Rob!

Peace and see ya in Cabo in...Oh Yeah!!!! 11 Days !!!!!!!

Cabo Rob

scottyp039's picture

Hey Redheads need 2 tix for 9th or the 11th. Will meet you there and give you $200 cash.

montana fans's picture

My hubby has had many major surgeries over the last few year and I promised him that when the worst was over we would go see Sammy. I want so badly to do this trip we have been talking about forever. It is a celebration of 25 years together and him coming out the other side from back fusion (major infection) and a complete shoulder revision. I need some help getting tickets for one or two nites. If you have any ideas on how to get this done, please call 406-580-2182 (MST)..please leave a message if I don't answer, I promise to call back asap. Thank you.

Jeri Skipper's picture

this is quite the bummer about the tickets . We all booked our flights and hotel and to not have tickets suckes. If anyone cannot go I need 2 tickets to any show up till the 10th

Rob0978's picture

My wife and I are first timers. We got tickets to the 1st show and to Cabo. We can't wait.

Howie's picture

Wow it's challenging, i've been to the Bash all the way from Australia and stood in the line but this time with the random process i've missed out on all 4 nights ,does anyone have a ticket to sell or any advice on how to get 1 .

wwcrader's picture

Hello my name is Wendy and my email is and i am staying less than 200 yards from the cabo wabo cantina and i am dying for some tickets to sammys birthday bash. I have a great place to stay, good food, good fishing, and i am going to be there for a week and 3 sammy shows. If anyone has any extra tickets please contact me at the above email address and I would be happy to house you, for the price of one or more tickets, and we can have a blast. Please I have been dying to go but due to family illness, a son leaving for our nations military and another son with low white blood cell counts and now better, I am ready and willing to accept any offers. To all my fellow redheads, this redhead has a place to stay that is posh and red rocker certified, please get back to me and if you have any extra tickets for any events including the 7th 9th and 11th, we have a place for you to stay and if you can't go, i will be happy to pay you over face value for your tickets, get in contact with me and i will make it work your while.
W. Crader

ktanton's picture

My friend cancelled on the trip so I am going solo. I was not fortunate enough to get tickest to any show - So anyone that finds themselves with an extra ticket to ANY show please please please let me know - Like I said I am going solo and only need 1 ticket to any show..

First Cabo trip and would love to go to at least 1 show...

Virgin Cabo Redheads from Texas


Blaze's picture

We are so READY to be PARTYINg with all you Redheads on the 7th. Let's get this party started...Face Down In Cabo, Kissin the Ground...

Andrea2917's picture

SusanHolmes: Hey you are are secured, cant wait for girls trip 2012, Soo, Andraya, the Professer and Squirrel...............Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun.........

The Journey Continues's picture

Wow talk about disappointing!!!! My friend and I are coming out specifically for these dates because of the Birthday Bash and we unfortunately, by the looks of things, did not get any :( We were hoping to celebrate our birthdays at the Bash...and her gift to me was the trip so I my fingers were crossed that I could give her the Birthday Bash as a gift back

diamond's picture

Yee Haw!!!!! I will be attending the Oct. 7th show. Can't wait!!!!

Maurena789's picture

I got two tickets for this show, which is great. Haven't seen him perform live since 1977/78. This is my third time to Cabo San Lucas, the first being in the late 70s. It will be great to have a real vacation for the first time in a long time. PS I didn't buy airfare and hotel until after I received confirmation.

Susan Holmes's picture

Woohoo, my 3 friends and I got tickets for the Sunday, October 7th show. 2 of us tried and we both got 2 for the same day. The stars were aligned. See you there!

rshofner71's picture

Well if you havent heard anything by are out of luck. I just called and all tickets are gone. I have 4 people, and ended up with only 2 tickets to 1 show. I guess whoever wins the fight will get those. I guess I will try for dinner tix...Its gonna suck if someone doesnt get in after all the money spent on flights and hotels.

lindat018's picture


tina921's picture

Whoo hoo, I am a winner.....see you at the October 7th show!

tina921's picture

Whoo hoo, got my confirmation for the show on October 7th this morning!!!!!!!!!!

rshofner71's picture

Let me know if you cant find a room. I had a couple back and need to rent theirs.

jkdickinson's picture

Just got notification that I got tickets for the show on the 7th!! Unfortuantely our friends have not been notified that they got any tickets :(

Blaze's picture

Round trip airfare, Check
Hotel for 7 nights, Check
Ticket for the first nights show, Check

See you all at the Bash

Blaze's picture

we got tickets for the 7th. Time to party with the Red Rocker in Cabo...

Lisa Rader's picture

OMG OMG OMG! Just gor my confirmation! it's Official! I will be spending my 50th with Sammy in Cabo!!

Grandma1's picture

I cannot believe I missed the registration for Cabo.
But I am a Grandma…That is what’s most important.
I will be in Cabo all week long. While at the hospital with my
daughter giving birth to my granddaughter and a week of torture do to doctors who don’t attend to their patients . Missed out on registration. :(
Still hoping to score the dinner tickets.

redrocker327's picture

The original registration page said that once the period to enroll was over the drawings would begin. This was 10PM PDT so you will have to convert to your proper time zone. There was a post today on Red Rocker Facebook saying over the weekend. My guess is that they will start with the first show and then work toward the last.

cynthiab037's picture

When will we know if we got the tickets we registered for? I did not see this info. on the website. When will they draw the "winners?"

debrac066's picture

yeehaw,i registered for my bff and i, who's a cabo wabo virgin for all 4 show's.let the sammy lottery god's shine down on all of us for the bday bash !! redlove to all , debbie carlin -erickson <3

alanf039's picture

We will be there if God willing have hotel and ready to rock.

alanf039's picture

We will be there if God willing have hotel and ready to rock.

lindat018's picture

Lord willing...We are going to Cabo in the Fall 2012! Vacation purchased... now May the stars be aligned to get my name drawn for any one of the (4) shows!

ktanton's picture

Ditto Norma....

Haydenski's picture

I have been a Sammy fan since 1980. Since he started partying at Cabo I've wanted to go. My bucket list, sort of. I finally got the hotel reserved. I sure hope I can get the ticket.

ladyroxy1's picture

When Can I get tickets to the Oct. 9th Cabo birthday bash. Couldnt get tickets 2 years ago when we were there so hoping this time will work out.

ginger's picture

Need 2 tickets for the Birthday Bash! It will be our first time to see a show. Really want tickest....please!!!

ginger's picture

we will be there if we can get tickets! Only need 2. Hope we get to see at least one show! This would be our first time to see a show.

Harleymomma08's picture

I will be here if I get tickets, otherwise I will be on the streets partying like a Rock

riverbratster's picture

When do tickets go on sale?

cynthiab037's picture

Any word on Tix yet????

Jeri Skipper's picture

I am going and can't wait. We are booked for air and hotel and would also hate to not get tickets. This will be our first time to the bash but not the first time to Cabo Wabo. Love the CaboWabo band. We love Cabo!!

kodymichael's picture

That was about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it was on facebook. Does anyone know if you have to buy tickets ahead of time to have the ability to also buy dinner tickets?? I saw last year they were like 90 per person and you had to go the day before to get them...... Do you have to buy both??? Thanks.

Allison Gartner's picture

I still haven't seen anything regarding tickets. Where did you see that post that said next week? Because I can't seem to find it. I just don't want to miss out on getting tickets.


MacerStone's picture

Anyword on tickets on sale for Cabo Bash 2012 ?

redrocker327's picture

There was a post made last week that said next week. This would mean hopefully tomorrow we get that info.

Allison Gartner's picture

Booked our flights and rooms, just waiting for tickets. . whoop, whoop!