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Rob Cox
June 11, 2010
Kannapolis, NC
July 16

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Jul 21, 2013
CARLA........WHERES CARLA! Booze Cruisers Wanna Know !!!

Hey Redheads,

Cabo Rob here. Putting out feelers for Carla Stead! I can find her and we need information on that Booze Cruise. I'm 74 1/2 Days away. I'm bringing a total of 7 and we want to be first on the Cruise! Hit me back Carla if you see this. We're 10 weeks away from the biggest party on the planet...lets get it started! Wooooo! Carolina Redheads will be in the house (if we make it out of Vegas)! Get back at me Carla at thatzumbaguy@yahoo.com.
See yall in Cabo!

Rob Woooooooo!

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Aug 29, 2011
Booze Cruise Information Please

Hey Redheads,

Can't you almost smell the Tequila in the air...thats right, Its Cabo Time again. I know some of my fellow Redheads reading this blog know Carla. Lets get the information posted on here about the Booze Cruise. The Booze Cruise is absolutely one of the highlights of any Redheads trip to Cabo and this year will be no different so lets get this party started. Its been a long year and most of us are ready to BUST because its almost October and its time to get buzzin cuzzin.

Where you at Carla? We're all a little thirsty.


Cabo Rob

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