The Aussies travel to Mexico to see Sammy Hagars B-day Bash Shows

April 12, 2014 by mel

All the way from Sydney Australia we came and we saw....WOW!! just AWESOME! Sammy Hagars B-day Bash 2012...we attended the first 2 shows after my husband Julio queued up in the street for 2 nights to get the tickets! What a good time and we were on our honeymoon and we had an absolute blast! We will see Sammy again performing in Hampton Beach Casino July 2014 ...we are really looking forward to it and visiting the East side of USA which we have never been to. ROCK ON RED ROCKER!! ;-p

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I forgot to add there that my husband is actually Mexican hahaha !! We met in Australia in 2010 and he had never been to Cabo before, I had been once before but this was first time for both of us attending Sammy's shows in Cabo we really want to come back again sometime for sure! :-D