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Oct 13 2011
Lazaro Cardenas and Vicente Guerrero
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM. This show was a show for the record books! For the first time in 21 years, we got permission to block off the street and set up a stage to move the party outside! Redheads were out in force! Click here to read Joel Selvin's 2011 Cabo Birthday Bash report


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 58 Redhead Comments

sunsetbeachdweller's picture

i thought the show rocked wish they were all outdoor the trick is to get a spot up front and hold on drinking just makes you have to go to the bathroom were you end up loosing your spot

ChetX's picture

LOVE the Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash at the Cabo Wabo.

In 2011, we were only able to make the actual 10/13 show which was outside. The sound was rather poor and the show was not at all intimate.

SAMMY- PLEASE DO ALL INDOOR SHOWS! The venue is too great to play outside on the street.

Hope to make it next year. Did I hear Sammy may do New Years Eve 2013 at the Cabo?

Keep Rockin' Sammy!

Would love to have an OU812 and 5150 night next year. Hope we can find out what the focus of each show will be so we can make sure we get tickets to the right shows!

Joyce Minchella's picture

Sammy you make my blood just pump!!! All I have to do is just hear the first lick of a song and were off and running. I've recently become good friends with a co-worker of mine, who at the age of 28 had never been to a concert.(I know can u believe it??). Well until now-- I have made it my goal as a rocker to see that she get's educated. I mean it's my duty!!! We are from the "D". We have since gone to Bob Seger and in Aug drove every-one crazy @ wk about seeing u w/ Kid Rock @ Comerica Park in Detroit. I had her so pumped about seeing you that we couldn't see straight!!(litterally!!). Unfortunately our tickets were the second night which got horribly rained out w/a massive storm after only like 3 songs. That SUCKS!!!! I hope to have the chance again to turn her into a new redhead. When are you coming back to Detroit???? We need some hot rockin SAMMY!!Miss U

edwards097's picture

What a great time at the concert. I tried to get tickets to the three shows before the bday bash but no luck. Thanks to my wonderful fiance she made some friends with some redheads and three hours before the last show we scored dinner tickets. Cost 300.00 but was well worth it. We were right in front of the stage and I even threw my detroit tigers hat on stage and sammy put it on micheal anthony. awsome show.. can't wait till next year.. mas tequila redheads

garyshev's picture

Had a Great time in Cabo. Best Vacation we ever have taken. Can't wait for next October to come around. Met alot of awesome people at the Cantina.


Sapphire's picture

We went to Cabo for a weekend getaway and found Mango Deck - awesome place!

sgatlin's picture

Last week was my first time to the Bash but not my last as you still Rock! First saw you in 1976 and all through the 80's at The Texas Jams and everytime you come to Houston. Loved the Chickenfoot set and seeing you outside topped off a great week in Cabo. Loved the book, it really took me back, stay cool and healthy and see you next year my friend!

samiam4ever's picture

This was our first time at a BB and it was awesome! We would have preferred to see Sammy indoors because of the heat, but the show rocked anyways. Met lots of nice, crazy Redheads from all over (we're from Calif) and had a blast at the party after the show. Would definitely go again...maybe next year if we can score tickets. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY - YOU'RE AMAZING (AND SEXY, TOO)!!!

kathyb067's picture

SOOOOOOO BUMMED!!!!! Have been down for the Bash several years and never liked sleeping on the sidewalk, but to go through the hassle and expense of buying tickets and to MISS THE that really sucked!!! :(
Things really should have been handled differently with the oversell screw-up and time change!

johnv071's picture

The show was outside for the first time and my wife and I were looking forward to that. But in reality it was not a great place to have it becasue we could not see. We ended up leaving early. if they decide to do another show outsdie then they need to work on the location and improvements so people can see better. other than that it was a great week again and all the other shows inside were awesome.

janete067's picture

I hate to say it but the birthday bash really sucked this year. Paid $110.00 and bragged to our friends about the Cantina birthday bash and they paid $110 and went with us and it sucked. It was outside....could not even see Sammy and he only played for 1 hour and 20 minutes! Everyone was SO DISAPPOINTED! I cannot believe how unhappy we all were. Everyone in the crowd was unhappy! People were cussing and leaving and he actually started at 7 so people getting there for the 9:30 planned starting were really pissed.

ron's picture

2011 Birthday Bash show #4
Cabo San Lucas, MX
October 13, 2011
~75 mins

Cabo Wabo
I Can't Drive 55
One Way To Rock
Why Can't This Be Love?
Three Lock Box
Right Now
I'll Fall In Love Again
When I'm Sixty-Four
Make It Last
Shaka Doobie
(sammy talks)
(crowd) Happy Birthday
Top Of The World
Best Of Both Worlds
Mas Tequila
Eagles Fly
(Guy Fieri cake and silly string time)

Performed by Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson, David Lauser

mannym032's picture

happy 10-13 Sammy!!!

gregoryb078's picture

wristbands are given out at 12noon on the 13th. Stand around with a sign needing extra ticket. We stood for 3 2 tickets on the 9th

anonymous's picture

See you on the 13th. We have 3 other couples coming also we all bought online. 3 couples from Jacksonville Fla, one from New York. None of us has ever been to a Sammy show. I appreciate with you..

Linden Method

mdayyo's picture

I'm going on the 13th cuz its my bday too. My single girlfriend needs a tix. Can anyone help?

Woods88's picture

When I read about birthday tickets...what if say, concert is 13th and your birthday is 14th? Close enough? Guarenteed we will still be there at midnight ~ that is if we get in!

Thanks! Michele

Shane's picture

My plane leaves in 4hrs, Cabo Wabo here I come!!!

joelt024's picture

Neen shot down when ticket went on sale...

bob087's picture

I have an extra ticket to the 13th show, need one for the 9th.
I am not selling the 13th, but would be happy to take someone that will take me to the show on the 9th.

titonpue's picture

quiero un boletoooooooo! I want a ticket

SurfPI's picture

I am looking for 4 tickets. I will be in Cabo from 10/8-14th. Let me know....Thanks SurfPI :)

samiam4ever's picture

Anybody going to the BB on the 13th from the Westin? We'd love to meet you for a drink!

Shane's picture

11 More sleeps!!!

weavie9999's picture

My wife backed out on trip. I have an extra ticket for the Friday Oct. 7th show and would be willing to trade it for a ticket to the show on the 11th or 13th.

Please contact me

JJWRedRocker's picture

Heading to Cabo tickets or not, that said would love to find 2 tickets if not I too will be standing in the line -looking forward to a great time.

GAZH13's picture

Waiting on Chickenfoot 3, then ready to party with Sammy on his birthday. Its going to be a great couple of weeks.

FFGRUBAUGH's picture


millers's picture

We got our confirmation as well and we are excited. Sharing my birthday with Sammy at the cantina on 10/13 is going to be the best birthday party I have ever had! Who says turning 40 is terrible?

Munas2323's picture

Just got my confirmation also . See you on the 13th. We have 3 other couples coming also we all bought online. 3 couples from Jacksonville Fla, one from New York. None of us has ever been to a Sammy show.

Shane's picture

Got my conformation today YE HA!See you folks in line on the 13th.Can't wait!!!

garyshev's picture

Tickets went extremely fast. I did Not get tickets for the 13th. If anyone has extras (need 2) please let me know otherwise I will be hanging out in front of the Cantina all day looking for them. Thanks

cabo2323's picture

We are still waiting too. We do have confirmation from paypal but not from Sammy,

Shane's picture

anybody got conformation on their tix yet? I am still waiting and getting anxious. see you at the cabo wabo on the 13th

turtlerock's picture

Ticket holders or not we'll see ya'll in Cabo 8-15 2011. Just look for the tats and lets jam. From the world's smallest bar to the cantina.

Ken Ware's picture

Long time Sammy fan, been to Cabo, but this is the first B-Day Bash cannot wait to do the Cabo Wabo!!! with all the Redheads!

pd's picture

Can'T wait t get there and party!!!!!

sctdenver's picture

Can't wait.. Big group of us crazies coming from a special resort.

cabo2323's picture

you will have a blast and will go back . We have been going for 6 years now . definitely go to the Mango Deck at the beach lots of fun. Its an outside bar and restaurant on the beach. Maybe we see you there.

bkajzer's picture

"You go there once, you'll be there twice!"
Truer words have never been spoken.
I'm in for the Big Bday Concert on the 13th.
Returning for the second time to Cabo, my last visit was 2006.
I can't wait........

Houztx's picture

I got my Tickets wow this is going to be a kick in the A*& 10-13 here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyesguy's picture

10-13!!!! Can't wait!!!

redhondarocker's picture

Got our tickets for 10-13 show!! First time to Cabo, can't wait to PARTY with all the Redheads!

janete067's picture

We got ours for the 13th and so did my neighbor which is going to Cabo with us! I could not believe how fast they went! I was getting bummed but almost had a heart attack when I found out we both got the 13th which is Sammy's actual birthday!

Red RockEER's picture

More like 5 seconds but who's counting! I got mine as well. My first trip to Cabo..can't wait!

cabo2323's picture

we got our tickets to the Birthday Bash on the 13th. tickets sold out in about 45seconds

Shane's picture

how did you get tickets already? tickets not on sale til Aug 16

feyenoord1's picture

I got tix!!! Cheers, I'm in.

pd's picture

will be there if I get tickets

evam043's picture

We are going because I have the BEST Boyfriend ever! Going to celebrate my birthday with Sammy and my Redhead friends! SAMMY!!!