Past Event

Oct 11 2011
Lazaro Cardenas and Vicente Guerrero
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM. Tuesday night at the Cantina was another Cabo Wabo Jam for the history books!

Starting out with Los Tres Gusanos in high gear moving in to a Wabos set joined by Vinnie Paul for some Van Hagar followed by Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine helping out on the Beastie Boys "Fight for the Right" along with Guy Fieri on vocals and ending with "The Assassin" Kenny Aronoff and a Zeppelin double shot!!! Oh yeah, and managed to get another webcast out so Redheads were following along from around the world!

Photos to come

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 14 Redhead Comments

ron's picture

2011 Birthday Bash show #3
Cabo San Lucas, MX
October 11, 2011

Los Tres Gusanos
Love Or Money
Baby's On Fire
Bad Motor Scooter

Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson
I Can't Drive 55
Rock Candy
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (tease)

Sammy, Mike, Vic and Vinny Paul (drums)

Mike (lead vocals), Vic and Vinny Paul (drums)
Runnin' With The Devil

Sammy, Mike, Vic and Vinny Paul (drums)
Heavy Metal

Los Tres Gusanos + Vic Johnson
Shaka Doobie
Finish What Ya Started

Sammy, Mike, Vic, Brad Wilk (drums) and guest Guy Fieri
Fight For Your Right (to party)

Sammy, Mike, Vic, Kenny Aronoff (drums)
Whole Lotta Love
Rock 'n Roll

joelt024's picture

Need shut down when tickets were sold...

davidp047's picture

Got shots??

FLETCH's picture

Looking for two tickets for the Bash on the 11th. If anyone has a pair I'm interested. email me Thanks.

markm058's picture

Coming in on the 8th. I was there in April when he did a special anniversary show.

weavie9999's picture

My wife backed out on trip. I have an extra ticket for the Friday Oct. 7th show and would be willing to trade it for a ticket to the show on the 11th or 13th.

Please contact me

sgaines784's picture

Looking for 7 tickets for either the 9th or the 11th show. Let me know if you have any that you want to sell.

STLC3's picture


sparkssg's picture


I'm looking for a pair of ticket for the show on the 11th.

If someone can help me out that would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to hear from someone my email is

Thanks Mike

caribbeanqueen's picture

Got a sweet deal on accommodations for arrival on the 10TH. If anyone has not gotten airfare and hotel, I landed the RIU Santa Fe Ocean View with airfare and Insurance for 6 nights for 2 guests for $2152.00 Went through and used promocode BKTA25.

We will be arriving at about 2:30 pm if anyone wants to share cab fare to the RIU.

See Ya at The Party :) MAS TEQUILA

Cabo Rob's picture

Cabo Rob will most definitely be in the house (til I die baby)! We'll be sporting the Ric Flair robe again this year and if we can get Rics schedule cleared up, we'll bring the Nature Boy himself! WOOOOOOOOO! I've been coming to the Bash since '06 and that was when he did 3 shows on the 13th! One and only time I believe. Haven't been to the 13th Bash since then but did my time on the sidewalks of Cabo everytime and I feel for the "TRUE" Redheads that didn't get a ticket online. We were all sweatin bullets that morning in front of a computer but it just seems like their could be another way. I have the solution and I've sent it in before. Have VH1 televise the damn Bash ON THE BEACH with Lands End in the background on the 13th. That way everyone can go. No wristbands, No computers, No bullshit! Just one hell of a party that no one will ever forget. If its about the money for anyone in management, you'll get your money through VH1 paid advertisements. Put the damn thing on DVD afterwards and make another 2 or 3 million on that. What a party! Sammy said it himself..he knows his Redheads wanna "Get Down On The Beach". You would still have the regular shows at the Cantina but its gotten so big man, this way everybody wins right? By the way management, for more solutions from a fans perspective and ways to profit more and keep the fans first....hit me back. See ya in Cabo! Rob

pdlacey's picture

This will be my 5th Cabo Wabo B-Day Bash. I have been there for the 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 shows. I lived in Cabo for 2 years so if anyone needs info on the town email me1.. I got the place down! -

davidp006's picture

We will be there on the 11th gettin our buzz on. Plan to get face down.

shardesty's picture

Whew... Tickets sold out for each show in under 3 minutes. Thank goodness mom made me take those typing classes. Scored tickets for the 11th and 13th. Can't wait... Cabo Wabo here I come (back).