Past Event

Oct 9 2011
Lazaro Cardenas and Vicente Guerrero
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico




Show 9:30PM.
To view and upload photos and videos from this show, please also visit the Chickenfoot community at

This show was a special surprise CHICKENFOOT show and the band played through most of the new album, "III". Like the other Birthday Bash shows from 2011, this show was webcast.

Click here to read Joel Selvin's 2011 Cabo Birthday Bash report


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 20 Redhead Comments

ezequief's picture

I thought it was the job of this blog to experience everything Vegas (or at least Caesars Entertainment) has to offer and share that with those of us unfortunate enough not to have 24/7 access to that magical city. Get your butt over to Cabo Wabo and tell us how it tastes

ron's picture

2011 Birthday Bash show #2
Cabo San Lucas, MX
October 9, 2011

Chickenfoot Night

Big Foot
Last Temptation
Alright Alright
Sexy Little Thing
Different Devil
Jack & Diane (Mellencamp song)
Up Next
Soap On A Rope
Come Closer
Three And A Half Letters
Down The Drain
Something Going Wrong
Dubai Blues
Lighten Up
Oh Yeah

Note: Sammy forgot the 2nd verse to Down The Drain, and had to skip it and revert to the chorus to move on.

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

what was the setlist for the Chickenfoot show of that night?

sunsetbeachdweller's picture

have two tickets to 10/09/11 will be in front at6pm

bob087's picture

I have an extra ticket to the 13th show, need one for the 9th.
I am not selling the 13th, but would be happy to take someone that will take me to the show on the 9th.

Danielle08's picture

Looking for tix???

sgaines784's picture

Looking for 7 tickets for the show for either the 9th or the 11th, let me know if you have any to sell.

Dean's picture

I have 1 ticket for both days would like to rade the 9th for the 11th

SandraG's picture

Are any tickets going back on sale before concerts? Actually, posted that looking for tickets for 9th. But, the 11th would work also.

SandraG's picture

Looking for 2 tickets for Oct 9th. Please contact me see that david060 is selling 2ea. e-mail

Harleymomma08's picture

To David - Many fans have purchased tickets and have realized that the tickets will not be transferable and they are not refundable. We would like to extend the opportunity to receive a full refund on any tickets purchased. Please contact prior to September 15, 2011 if you wish for a refund.

This was on our email confirmation. If you got your confirmation email them today for a full refund.


patrickv005's picture

Tickets are non transferable. The person who purchases them has to pick them up in person with ID. I bought tix last year then couldn't go. It's just wasted money.

sparkssg's picture


If these 2 tickets are still available I would like to buy them.
My email is

Thanks Mike

By the way my birthday is also October 16th.

skinskipper's picture

I will buy the tix. email me at thx

davidg060's picture

Looking for any answer as to what I can do with 2 tickets for October 9th show. I cannot make it.

davidg060's picture

I have two tickets to the October 9th show and now I cannot go. Does anyone know how I can either get money back or put up the tickets for sale to someone who is actually going to be there? I am not looking to make a dime off of this but to just recoup ticket costs.

Dean's picture

I have 1 ticket for the show on the 9th. I would like to trade it for the show on the 11th.

mikentoni's picture

We were lucky enough to get tickets for this show !!!!!

Staying at Temptation Resort but plan on spending the whole afternoon in Cabo before the show.

Hit us up and we can have a drink or two or...

Ready to Party never been to the Cabo before.


thecandyman's picture

We got lucky and got tickets for the concert on the 7th, but missed out on tickets for the 9th. Please respond if you are going to have any extra when you are down there. Thanks :-)

dmerrell2000's picture

I need tickets for this show 10/9 Send me a message if anyone has an extra pair. I got shut out of the web site, didn't work for me. Thanks,