Ready for Birthday Bash!!

October 02, 2012 by mj8ball1
Ready for Birthday Bash!!
10/13/2011 Outdoors!!
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I get to sleep 4 more nights in my bed!!! Then its 8 nights at the RIU Palace!! I was lucky enough to get a pair of tix for 10/11 and then my lovely wife got a pair today in the 2nd chance for 10/13!!! I guess she must have made a withdrawal from her Karma bank!!! Look forward to seeing all you Redheads!!!

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Lol I was front and center and remember seeing that green bag with some dudes picture. I threw my detroit tigers baseball hat on stage and sammy gave it to Michael Anthony to wear. Then I never got it back.. Classic. until next october

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Ha, i just looked at your profile picture from last years Birthday bash.

that's my green bag on stage in front of the drums with a gift for Sam and my picture i brought down to have signed. That is my face sticking out of the bag....too funny!

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Here here!

BUY a lottery ticket dude!

Congrats on scoring a second set.

We too are at the Palace from the 5th to 19th. My girlfriend scored tickets to the first show on the random lottery round. That was a huge cluster F&@$!

Hoping to meet some fellow Redheads there that might have extras. We should start a Redhead group at the hotel. Maybe meet once a day for a shot of Tequila at noon or


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No shit - buy a lotto ticket today....cause you'll are lucky!!! Come have a coktail with us across the street - No Tickets No Worries....congrats...she must have had super fast typing skills...good job!!!

See ya in 4 days with no tickets but oh well!!!