Past Event

Sep 1 2001
Sunset Station
Las Vegas, Nevada


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Mexican Meltdown Tour

Here's what went down last night here in Vegas. I know this will be long, but just think how long it would be if I remembered everything!!!!

The pre-party was GREAT!! A small bar right inside Sunset Station, the Waboritas were flowing and the REDHEADS took over. It was great seeing people who I hadn't seen or talked to in a while and it's always fun making new REDHEAD friends. Especially when some are from my hometown of Pittsburgh. Lisa, Lisa Anne, Kelly, Brenda, Eric and Cindy, Eddie and Alicia and so many more I can't remember. Everyone was in a fun-loving mood and ready for the show. Except for the newlyweds.....

Lisa got a call during the party and Eddie and Alicia had gotten into a car accident. Everyone was fine (thats the important part) and thats all the cops cared about too. I felt sorry for them but I was happy to become their chauffeur for the evening. We still had some laughs about it and then they got the best wedding present of all time. Not only were they onstage for the show but, Sammy was talking about Eddie and his.....(nevermind) and how he had just gotten married and dedicated "The Love" to Eddie and Alicia!!!! That was so cool I almost wanted to be married......ALMOST!!!

The show was great. It seemed like he played for a long time but I was having too much fun to check my watch. Songs that stood out, I thought, were "Give to Live," "Eagles Fly," "The Yogi's So High," "High and Dry," and of course, all of the classics. He didn't play "Rock Candy," or "Bad Motor Scooter," but it was still a great show. Especially, for me personally, during the intermission......

My license plate on my car says....DRUNKY. It took about three calls a couple of years ago to the Nevada DMV but, they gave me the plate and I wear it proudly. For those of you who are wondering, I've only been pulled over once since I've had it, and the cops never noticed it!!!! Anyway....

I got my buddy Jonny to make his way to the front to give my plate to Brenda and he did. When Sammy took his normal break to teach all of us how to make Waboritas (as if we didn't know) Brenda started waving the plate around Sammy noticed it. He stopped making his drink, which is amazing in itself, and said, "That license plate will get you arrested!!!" He came over and got the plate from Brenda and told everyone, "Hey check this out!" And he held MY license plate over his head for all of Sunset Station to see!!!!!!! Yes, he did sign it for me, yes I got pictures of it and yes, Brenda I will love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and yes, he told me AGAIN that I had a job at Cabo Wabo Vegas!!!!!! Hopefully in May, my sign..."Sammy, I want a job at Cabo Wabo Vegas" will pay off.

Something's I will remember about the show....A guys jumping on stage and just as the cops were going to drag him away, Sammy made them stop. He gave the guy the Waborita he made and then had him get in the rafters instead of going to jail....that's CLASS!!!!!! A kid who must've been 12, tops, rocking out during the whole show in the rafters.......Finally getting to meet Thomas and Gayle from CaboZone....No one being able to figure out if there is an opening band or not....Lisa and Kelly will know this one..."PIZZA...PIZZA!!!!" Inside joke.....The NO PIERCING policy after this Vegas show....Seeing my new Pittsburgh friends on stage and being happy for them cuz they traveled so far for the show.....Just seeing and getting caught up with old friends and making new ones at the pre-party.

It was a great night at a Sammy show, as always. Thanks to Sammy and the Waboritas for a memorable if we REDHEADS would expect anything less.


We arrived Thursday morning and stayed at the MGM Grand. Hooked up with fellow Redhead friends from Detroit/Ohio and spent Friday sightseeing, including Hoover Dam. Saturday spent by the pool then went to the pre-party and saw a few people I knew, met a few I didn't. Went into the concert, saw Kenny, got to get on stage...KENNY YOU ROCK! Tossed my banner down to the stage and Sammy and Mona held it up. It was the one that said THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK SAMMY & THE WABORITAS. Anyway, the concert kicked ass.....I believe it was one of the best shows I've ever seen...Sammy played for about 3 hours. Others have posted the set list and other events during the show, no need to repeat. Sammy did ask us why we weren't all at the Madonna concert (at the MGM). LOL! Sammy came through the 'cantina' while singing Your Love is Driving Me Crazy and we all got to sing with him. The show was standing room only, it was really cool to see the turn out. We just got back home, and I'm pretty tired. I'll see y'all the next time Sammy plays Vegas. It was quite an experience.

Thanks to JT and Deb Moore for the review and Arland for the set list!



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