Past Event

Sep 6 2001
Pine Knob Music Theatre
Detroit, Michigan


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Mexican Meltdown Tour

All I have to say..........what a show! Sammy's setlist was CRAZY! I couldn't have guessed the songs that he picked in 1000 yrs! He started off with the Mas Tequilla beat, then went into Space Station #5! He played Runaround, Your love is driving me crazy, Who has the right, Yoga gets so high, sympanthy of the human. Wow! He didnt play Shock A Doobie, 3 in the middle, or Serious JuJu, or Red. That was kind of a shock to me. Still no Dreams (wonder why that song was retired). The show was incredible. He started around 745pm and ended at 1025pm. Only 2 songs on the encore, MTM and the "new" version of Cabo Wabo. That is the shortest encore I think I've ever seen from Sammy. Anyone at the show will agree that it rocked. It wasn't sold out, the lawn was bare in some spots, and maybe 95% full in the pavilion. But all and all, what a night! I can't wait for Sammy to come back to Detroit!

thanks Sammy for making it to Detroit and turning Detroit RED!

Thanks to Gizbug for the review!


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