Past Event

Sep 7 2001
Rosemont Theatre
Chicago , Illinois


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Mexican Meltdown Tour

Hello REDHeads!!!!!!!!!!

Man the quote the man "Sammy kicked my ass"

I dont know where to begin all I can say that being onstage was a blast. To see and take everything in from the point of view was excellent. As for the setlist I can tell you that he did do When the Hammer Falls down, Runaround, The Love, opened with space station 5, Messed up Your love is driving me Crazy Because he making his way threw the catina :) But it was cool for him to do Your Love because I had my sis with me and that was the first Sammy song her and I ever sang.

Than he Did Give To Live thats the First Sammy song that spoke to me and it was the first time that I heard him do it live thats my theme song and that touched my heart so much. THANK YOU SAMMY!!!!!!!!

If you are A Hawks fan we defended you and made Sammy laugh we our "Detriot Sucks" chant, It was rocking I dont know how Sammy does it evey night with the same energy, David man you rock, Vic it was nice of you to come up and play near us, Mona what can i say but girl you rock and thanks for saying hi to me, Jesse the constant professional.

So my onstage moment well.......While we were waiting Mike could read his setlist and he said Give to Live and Eagles fly so both Dawn and I were beside oursleves. So Im ok I toss my Snoopy shirt before Give but I forgot to so When Sammy was facing us I tossed and it landed on Davids cymbals and fell so ok, Then he came up and I got my hug I had my droolers shirt on and my name tag, and Snoopy sticker and I stood in front of him and looked him dead in the sunglasses he said "Jan" and I got a big ole sweaty hug. So a Few songs later he notices the Snoopy shirt with "his" sticker on it and his horoscope for the day and he read it silently and spread it out in front of Davids drum kit so when i did the march I almost forgot to look and thats where i saw it. THANKS PAULA AND KENNY.

Nancy, Dawn and Mike, Peggy for making Tonight very special, Next week it will be a year that Sammy read the chart that I did for him and now its come full circle.

As for the pre party it was cool to meet more of the REDheads and share stories etc. it was fun.

Im so out of words right now so Im sure someone else well put it into words better than I can.


I couldn't have said it better myself, and I actually earn a living trying to put the right words together as a sportswriter for a newspaper in Green Bay. Just got back to my brother's place out in the Chicago suburbs before I head back to cover the Packers' game. I'm not as hoarse as I've been at previous Sammy shows ---- BLAME IT ON THAT STUPID POLICY AT ROSEMONT THEATRE (hopefully, Sammy got wind of not being allowed to drink inside the place and won't consider going back there) --- but I will go on record as saying this show was the best of the big lot that I've seen the past three years. Besides the quantity (some 25 songs) of music, I absolutely approved of the revised set. When he blamed it on the Chicago fans for putting him to work by way of rehearsing the new lineup, there was something genuine from THE MAN right there. You did right by putting all the "Love" songs together, then going with the ballads and, finally, ringing the ears of the nice, but older women serving as ushers (they must not have been warned what was in store for them when they volunteered to work) by jacking it up at the end with a triple shot of I Can't Drive 55, Mas Tequila and Heavy Metal. WOW, what a prelude to the traditional encore. I was able to chat with Mona afterward, though she did serve as a diversion out back for Sammy and the guys, who tried to sneak out a different door. We caught up with him before he hopped in the van, and I told him to rock St. Louis on Saturday. He said he would oblige, but, really, we Cubs backers don't want those despised Redbirds to get even half the amount of electricity that was supplied to one and all in Rosemont. Thanks Sammy, Mona, Vic, Jesse and David for yet another unforgettable couple hours of pure ecstasy. Wish I could be there with you in Cabo next month, but Packers duty calls. Will be waiting for you early next year for the next tour.

Thanks to Jan and Todd for the reviews!



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