Past Event

Sep 8 2001
Riverport Amphitheatre
St. Louis, Missouri


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Mexican Meltdown Tour

The St. Louis Melt-down, as always, riverport was sold out. 20 thousand red-heads ready to rock out with Sammy and his Waboritas. Sammy has played to sold out show in St. Louis in 1979... In 1979 St. Louis was Sammy's first sell out of a major arena anywhere and his first head lining show in St. Louis.

Sammy is a tradition in St. Louis much line Budwiser, Cardinal Baseball, The Arch and Kshe 95... The evening was extra special as St. Louis and Kshe 95 'Real Rock Radio' would be celebrating it's 34th Birthday concert. Kshe is the longest running rock station in the U.S. St. Louis requested Sammy to play this show, and as always he was at the rocking best.

The party started in the parking lot... tail gating is only permitted at Riverport when Sammy plays and thats no bull s!#$.

The party master unloaded the Kshe classic 'Space Station #5' to get the party going. The energy flowed all evening, as did his tequila and the busweiser. Sammy rocked out for more than two hours playing all his rock classics and anthems. The best song...Eagles honor of Don Pruit who died of cancer, and lived near St. Louis.

As Sammy was hammering out 'Mas Tequila' and 'Heavy Metal' to the crowd's delight the St. Louis sky-line errupted with thunder & lightning, strong winds and heavy rain. Sammy's only encore was 'Marching to Mars' and St. Louis braved the rain until the last note was played.


Here's the deal folks....Sammy has once again blessed us w/ his presence @ good ol' St. Louis Riverport Ampitheatre. And I have to say that this show ABSOLUTELY was THE BEST one yet & I've been to every St. Louis show in the past 14 yrs.

Sammy was in top form as usual, rocking us w/ great classics such as When the Hammer Falls Down & Heavy Metal, all the way up to current hits including Deeper Kind of Love & Mas Tequila. 3 hours of pure rock n' roll w/ the great REDROCKER himself.

Sammy & the Waboritas exhibited a newfound energy that I've never felt before. They gave 110% & then some. Not that that's unusual at a Sammy show but there was something extra special about this years performance. IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!

Sammy brings absolute joy & happiness everytime he comes to town; it's like nothing else in the world exists except you & Sammy & 15,000 other 'up front fanatics'! I believe St. Louis fans proved their loyalty to Sammy by staying until the very end regardless of the heavy rain we got during show. And not everyone had the liberty of having shelter. Face it St. Louis loves & adores Sammy!!

Thanks to KSHE95 whose 34th Birthday was celebrated w/ Sammy; I got be in the onstage cantina. Talk about a dream come true. I finally got to see what Sammy sees everytime he hits the stage. Thousands of adoring fans, friends, & fellow REDheads all come together for one reason have the greatest time possible!!

However, I was also fortunate enough to share a moment w/ the big guy Sammy himself. I got to stand next to him for a minute when he came through our cantina & boy let me tell you it was a dream come true! Unfortunately I was so awestruck I couldn't speak a single word to I stood there w/ the worlds biggest smile plastered on my face as I peered up into his eyes through my RED shades.

I can only hope that my goofy grin expressed the same sentiment that I chose to put into words here today.And that fact is.....ST. LOUIS & KSHE95 LOVES YOU SAMMY.....& SO DO I ... ;0)


Thanks to Rich Tracy and Christi for the reviews and JN'R Studios for the set list!



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