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November 03, 2010 by me 
new music
new music

I am so ready to hear some new Sammy and the Wabos AND new Chickenfoot...I know..I am running Sammy on a rampage...but I need some new music from Sammy...NOW>...I need a fix...I need a supporting tour...I need it I say...i need it......only Redheads can understand the need......

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November 02, 2010 by spyder08 
Cabo 2010
Cabo 2010

It Was my Fist time Out Of the US and at Cabo , the Show on 10-12-10
was good one for me , It was My Birthday Yes i turned 55 I Got in for Free and My Friend Thanks to the Red Rocker Yes i can,t Drive 55

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November 01, 2010 by doug.davis@dwl-... 
The old stuff


I was listening to some of the old stuff last Sat night, and have seen you in concert allot and wondered why you don't play "Plain Jane" , "I've gone everything for you" and "Whiter Shade of Pale" ever. I know you cant play all of the song every night, but would love to hear some of that era just sometimes.



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November 01, 2010 by Krakensole 
Help me win Red Army!
Help me win Red Army!

I entered a picture contest this month with a picture I took last time I was in Cabo. I was hoping I could get some of the Red Army voting for me. You can vote every day(don't expect that though.)

Help me win! If you do vote be sure to leave a comment so I know who to thank!

Cheers and here is the link

Release the Kraken!

PS - I am in 2nd place right now with 10 votes

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October 30, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick 
Simply Di-vinyl!!
Simply Di-vinyl!!

Hell yes, I not only picked up 13 mini Blue Bottles today (some of the last to be had in this whole state!!), I also went to a super awesome place called Jerry's Records. Jerry's deals in NOTHING but vinyl, he doesn't even take credit cards!! I scored the 10 discs you see above plus one for a friend, and they are in SUCH good shape!! I didn't originally buy them to listen to, I want to display the covers here in my Sammy room, but I have not yet heard some of the live records. Guess it's time to blow the dust off of the ol' turntable and see if it still works!!

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