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April 05, 2011 by themay_or 
Go There Once, Be There Twice

Sammy, congratulations on #1 best seller list. I hope you would please update us on when the new movie Go There Once, Be There Twice is scheduled for release. I am anxious to see that. If anyone knows when please let me know.

Thanks Sammy and Redheads


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April 04, 2011 by RDRKR 
Cinco De Tahoe

Hey RedHeads,
I really want to make the trip to Tahoe this year but I didn't get tickets when they went on sale. If anyone has a couple for sale please let me know.
Thanks! Rock on!

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April 03, 2011 by cre8ive4s 
"Red" is a Great Read!

I just finished Sammy's "Red" book. Besides giving us a look into his humble beginnings, Sammy lets us see how he paid his dues in rock and in life. He tells it like it is, leaving no stone unturned, delivering a fascinating behind-the-mic look at his life and times.

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April 02, 2011 by peggy48 
Huntington Beach CA Book Signing

I was at the HB book signing..First thanks goes to my boyfriend who take care of my daughter so that I could go to the signing...Barnes & Noble did a great job...I got a high five, eye contact and my book signed. It was an honor and privilege, thank you Sammy, you are the reason I named my daughter Samantha, your book was amazing...your childhood and all the struggles you and your family went through was by far the most eye opening for me as a fan and I respect you and love you even more after. Thank you from the bottom of my RED heart!

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April 02, 2011 by Robert89 
TIFF Lightbox

I sat behind Sammy at the screening of his movie/documentary. He related well with the fans and appears to be unaffected by his rock star status. The movie was excellent.

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