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March 12, 2011 by jjcabo 
Great book Thanks Sammy

I just wanted to say thank-you for writing such a great book, I recieved it yesterday the 11th and stayed up until I was done. I knew some of the stories already, of course, But I learned some things about my Favorite singer of all time, I have been to see you approx 30 times and wished you played Canada more often, But every time you are in the country I find you and spend all my money to listen to you, and I'm good with it See you in Cabo Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you

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March 11, 2011 by ilenenice 
Not getting any email updates

Admin- I have not been receiving any email updates regarding And it's been for quite some time. I also hear from a friend of mine she hasn't been receiving any either. Please check into. Thanks-Ilene

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March 10, 2011 by 302_Boss_Chick 
Wanted to put this bug in someone's ear!!
Wanted to put this bug in someone's ear!!

I was listening to "Hope & Fear" at work today, one of the many awesome HSAS tracks which, if you know the right can get a hold of. It's one of a few songs that HSAS performed while recording "Through the Fire", but that never actually made it to the final album cut. I was thinking, how awesome would it be if they remastered this album and INCLUDED all the tracks that HSAS played during these shows? They're out there now, but hard to find and not of the best quality. Come on, I know someone around here who has some pull can pass this idea along to the right folks!!

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March 09, 2011 by me 
redrocker store

ok...I can't find me please

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March 09, 2011 by CABOMIGHK 
JOE TWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
JOE TWEETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was on twitter last night:

New Chickenfoot album comin' together big 'n' heavy. Sammy's new book is a must read. I may just understand him now!

Very cool indeed!!

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