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October 01, 2010 by Harleymomma08 
1 week to go!!!

It's 10:17am in Houston, Texas and 1 week from right now...we are taking off heading to Cabo.....fasten your seatbelts...IT'S GONNA BE A PARTY DOWN SOUTH....

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October 01, 2010 by johnjulie05 
One week and counting

Greetings Redheads!

Can't wait! A week from today we leave to join everyone in Cabo. Friday 10/8 - Friday 10/15 AWOOHOO! None of us have ever been, so we are all really looking forward to it! See you all there!

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October 01, 2010 by diggyd 
7 days to Cabo!!!

The time to rock is almost upon us. Can I get a "Hell Yeah" from the crowd?

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September 30, 2010 by Ozzie 
Wounded Warrior Program

Hey hey Sammie,
I am in the Wounded Warrior Program at Ft Gordon, GA. and have been a big fan for many years. I was wondering if you would consider performing for the guys here. We are mostly here because of injuries incurred in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are alot of us here that are fans.
I know that you are very busy and this is alot to ask, it is just something I thought would be cool for the guys here.

Your fan,
SFC Joe Oswalt
AKA Ozzie (Recon)

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September 30, 2010 by littlebean 

Hey Rockers!
Got 5 of us going to Sammy's birthday bash on the 13th, but only have 4 tickets. Anyone going happen to have ordered an extra?

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