Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tickets October 8, 9, 11, and 13 2010

July 28, 2010
Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tickets October 8, 9, 11, and 13 2010

This is how the system will work:
Tickets will be sold through for $55 per ticket.
There will be a two ticket limit per person per show.
Tickets will be non refundable, non transferable and there are NO service charge fees. All sales are FINAL
We will accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Purchased tickets will be available for pick up at the Cantina (2 pm to 10 pm) October 8, 9, 11 and 13th.
Tickets for each show will be available for pick up day of show only.
Ticket purchases will be made through a “PayPal” account similar to the current “On Stage” ticketing system.
You do not need a pay pal account to purchase a ticket, you can continue your purchase as a guest. Once you make a purchase you will receive a transaction ID number. You will want to keep this number for your records incase you have any issues. Your name MUST match the name on the purchasing credit card or pay pal account and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (Drivers License or Passport). NO EXCEPTIONS

If it’s your Birthday:
If your birthday on either October 8,9,11, or 13th. Simply show up to the Cantina after 2pm that day with your government issued ID (Drivers License or passport) and you will receive an entry bracelet for that day’s show.

Dinner Shows
Dinner shows will be $90 per person
Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
October 7th for the Shows on the 8th and 9th
October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line so we will not allow anyone to hold places in line for friends.

Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!

The rest will remain the same and the party will be better that ever!
Doors for all shows will be at 7:00pm and show time will be approximately 9:30pm
All ticketing questions should be directed to

Tickets will go on sale Monday August 2, 2010. The schedule will be as follows, all times are PST (Pacific Standard Time):
Tickets can be purchased at
October 8 show will be on sale at 10am
October 9 show will be on sale at 11am
October 11 show will be on sale at 12pm
October 13 show will be at 1pm

See ya in Cabo!


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Howie's picture

Hi , I am based in australia and can log onto from my work PC & internet cafe PC's but for some reason cannot log into it from home on my laptop or PC .I have called my Internet service provider , Microsoft technical support but still it wont work Do need help making this work due to the 17 hour time difference. regards, Howie

Redhead Z's picture

Well, didn't get into the Cantina to see Sammy but was able to hang outside and watch the Big screen outside and listen to him on Tuesady night Oct 12th. They actually started letting people in Free about 10:30 as others inside were leaving already. We could have gotten in free but the others I was with were too tired to hang! :(

Went back on Fri Night, Oct 15th and they had a band playing. It was a great time watching the band and hanging out with some folks we met doing some Tequila shots!!!!

Maybe next time we'll actually get into one of the shows! :)

paigek's picture

I am sure your one ticket is probably gone. But, if not let me know, will be in Cabo on Monday, and just need one ticket.

CaboWaboGuy's picture

They had stopped the broadcast but it's up & running again this year!!
Doug aka "CWG"

hartsncabo's picture

Looking for tix like everyone else. Won't get there til late afternoon on the 10th so wont be able to get any. if there is anyone only needing two and you can get four, we would love to buy them from you!

slymer67's picture

In 2008 they had the screen but no speakers. Last year there was no screen at all. I am not sure if it was due to hurricane Patricia or if they just don't do it anymore.

Redhead Z's picture

Is there anyone on here that went last year that can varify the big screen outside the Cantina?

RIRedrocker's picture

Really Doug? Last time we were there in '07 they did it...haven't heard anything differently since. That would be a bummer if they stopped.

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Sorry but I believe they stopped projecting the shows a few years back!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

RIRedrocker's picture

Yes Redhead Z, they project the show live outside the Cantina on the wall so EVERYONE can see and enjoy it :~)

Redhead Z's picture

Only 3 more days after today and I'll be in Cabo enjoying the Sun, Beach, Food, Drinks and hopefully some Sammy Hagar.

I thought I saw somewhere in this string about the Cantina having a big screen outside so people that couldn't get tix can watch the shows outside.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

RedMatt's picture

ANY Chance someone has 2 tickets for the show of the 9th?? Dinner tix, show tix, any way to get in and hear some great music... Let me know and what it will run me... Thanks!!!

joellenm050's picture

I need tickets will be there on the 9th and returning the 16th two tickets please help help. Email me at

Redhead Z's picture

Unfortunately there are tons of people looking for tix including me. Most of us looking didn't know about the change to on line ticket sales this year until after they had sold them all on line.

Don't think we're going to luck out as I think you have to have a wristband to get through and I believe they put the band on your wrist as soon as you pick them up. You can't take them off and seel them that way.

At the very least us unfortunate ones can at least go to the Cantina one night when there isn't a show and and least have some drinks and some fun there!

Friar Tuck's picture

Thank you for responding harleymomma.

Anyone got extra ticks? We need 3.

Need help please oh please!!!

Harleymomma08's picture

To Friar - they are not my tickets - they belong to someone I know...we are hoping to get 1 of them for my husband. I'm not sure if she has plans for the 2nd armband. If I hear of any extra's I will let you know, but as of right now - I have no extra arm bands...sorry!

Friar Tuck's picture

hello jim037 and Harleymomma, i am very much interrested on your ticks for the 13th. we fly in on the 12th. i would greatly apreciate your help. thank you so much.

Friar Tuck's picture

i'm very much interested. please reply asap so we can get something rolling. thank you.

Friar Tuck's picture

i'm very much interested. please reply asap so we can get something rolling. thank you.

Friar Tuck's picture

thanks wooky. i need all the luck!!!

Harleymomma08's picture

I have a friend who has 2 tickets for the 13th and she has to fly home on the 12th. She was supposed to sell one to my husband...we are trying to figure out how she can get her armbands early without causing a ruckus...Still not sure what she is going to do and I would hate to see the show without him.

I wonder how many more armbands are not going to be used??

jimb037's picture

I hate to see a ticket go to waste. My buddy has one ticket for himself on the 13th, but something came up and he may not be traveling to Cabo. The ticket is for the 13th. Any Ideas?

freeeagle50's picture

Looking forward to meeting new fellow Red Head friends.. This will be our first trip to Cabo for my wife and I..Don't know what to expect which makes it kind of exciting.We only got tickets for the 11th show in which we are totally greatful. Wish all my Red Head friends from Illinois and St.Lou could be goin. Wish you all a safe trip south of the border....

Wooky's picture

Not to sound like a jerk but I think your fucked. Unless you can find 3 individuals who don't have guests and you and your friends can go with them to get the wristbands your S.O.L. Best of luck!!!

Friar Tuck's picture

i need help here. i need three ticks for the 13th. how else can i get it? we fly in from cincinnati on the 12th and staying for a week. we've never been to cabo and we're big fans of the red rocker. need help, please oh please!!!

Iowa-Doug's picture

Two weeks from tonight, we'll be poppin' in at the Cabo Wabo Cantina... Can't wait...

Street Rat on the loose!!!

Redhead Z's picture

I think it was The Zack Brown band that said it best;

Got my toes in the water, ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand, life is good today!!! Just as it will be in Cabo!!!

I'll be on the Beaches of South Caralina tghis weekend and then on the Beaches of Cabo in another 18 days!!!

All I can say is WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! :D

5150Mike's picture

Doug, we are flying in on the 6th too. I'm sure we will be at the Cantina for dinner and a couple shots that night. I will keep my eye out for you. Can't wait to meet the "Street Rat"
Nachos and Cabo, Can it get any better?

Harleymomma08's picture

Three weeks and 1 day for us.....can't wait

Iowa-Doug's picture

Three weeks from tonite, we will be hittin' Cabo... Ready to see some friends and hit the cantina for a wabo on the rocks and to snack on some nachos...Oh Yeah...

jimb037's picture

Four more weeks and I will my ass in the sand and a beer in one hand....oh and a fish taco in the other! I so cant wait to meet some fellow redheads!!! See you all down there.

Redhead Z's picture

Thanks Aaron, I hope so too!!!

AaronKatz2000's picture

Kent, thanks and I hope that somehow, someway you and your wife are able to get into a show!!

Redhead Z's picture

Hey Aaron, let me start out by saying I apologize to you for making it personal. I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm wrong. I guess I took your post personal when you mentioned the Pity Party. It struck a nerve with me.
As I had mentioned in my post looking for tickets, my wife has suffered with Chronic pain from several things for the last 10 years. The last year was particularly hard on her with 3 different sugeries she went through. I wasn't looking for pity, just someone that was willing to sell a set of tickets to 1 show.
Like many others here I was devasted to find out about the tickets sales this year after they had already all been sold. Seeing so many others here that got tickets to multiple shows made several of us think, hey about about selling some to those of us that bombed out.
Sorry if I insulted you or anyone else here. Really isn't my style but like I said, kind of struck a nerve. I know ya'll are just trying to go and enjoy the shows. It just made it hard for those of us who didn't get tickets to see so many others get tickets to multiple shows.
I have come to terms with the fact that my wife and I won't be able to get into any of the shows for the Bash but are glad we are going and maybe get to here some music on the outside. We're not above sitting outside and having a few drinks if we can listen to Sammy play!
Anyway, we're looking forward to the whole Cabo experience and will just be happy to be able to go to the Cabo Wabo Cantina so we can say we were there and get some Souveneirs at the very least.
Hope ya'll enjoy the shows and please toast a Cabo Wabo Tequilla shot for those of us that will be in Cabo but don't have tix for a show.
Party on!!! :)

Harleymomma08's picture

Sorry to hear that Doug - but I like the nickname!!

Hope to meet you and your groups. Hell we hope to meet a lot of new Redheads!!

My husband and I feel the same's our vacation and we will live it up!!

We are counting down!!

Can't wait to be Face Down in Cabo again!!! And everyone who was with us the last time we were there no what a true statment this is??? hahaha

Wishing everyone safe travels!

God Bless America today 9/11 and every day!


Iowa-Doug's picture

It's easy to attack people here... Last year I was told how I had ruined some dudes vacation ( in Cabo during the bash) because I slept on the street (very willingly)... Not sure how, since I never met him and he damn sure was'nt payin' for my trip or a part of my group. But he also gave me a name that I wear PROUDLY "STREET RAT"...

Lookin' forward to seein' my fellow STREET RATS and my other friends, also hope to met a few new friends along the way...

And NO I won't address how many shows we will be seeing, cuz it's my vacation and I'll do things my way...

Mas Tequila...


Harleymomma08's picture

OMG - let's start counting down to Cabo!!

Aaron - you did set yourself up (sorry but been there). Hell you even blamed me for a post that I did that confused 'you' on the ticket sales?? Again sorry about that, but you did post your confusion so thank you!!

I am not a 'every' yr Cabo Redhead but I do see him in Tahoe, New Orleans, Corpus Christi and Houston and yes I have seen him in Cabo.

I have been to Cabo and have slept on the sidewalk so I can say I am glad that tickets were sold this yr. Not happy with the ticket price but glad I am not sleeping on the sidewalk!! I did not brag about what tickets I got (kind-of afraid too)? I did not get tickets for all 4 shows. I tried like HELL though! It's my vacation and if I want to see Sammy all 4 shows your damn right I want too!! So good for everyone who scored tixs for all 4 shows. And we will be at all 4 shows because of our Redhead friends...Love you all!!

Aaron - I have respect for you to state your opinion and whats on your mind!! I became a Redhead in 2000 and stopped posting on the old website because you can be attacked very easily if people (Redheads) do not like what you post??

I have made so many great friends and I am looking forward to seeing them in 4 weeks. As I am looking forward to meeting and making new friends.

Now that I have cleared my's time for another shot.

Looking foward to meeting you all soon and I can't wait to see all of my old dear friends.


Iowa-Doug's picture

Party On... C U N CABO...

AaronKatz2000's picture

Guess I did set myself up to be attacked. Anyway- just got tired of it being intimated that if those that got tix to multiple shows didn't share with those who didn't get tix to the shows (for whatever reason), it meant they are not a good or true Redhead, and that's B.S. Over and done with this issue. Now let's party!

CaboWaboGuy's picture

FYI: I posted the original info about the sale of Birthday Bash Tickets over the internet on June 27th, 2010! That was the day I hung out with Sammy & the Wabos at his studio for several hours! I posted that the info came directly from Sammy...still people refused to believe it or me! From the time of my post (by the way in several RedHead sites & locations) to the day they went "On Sale" just as I said they would, 36 days past! Let me say it again...36 DAYS!! Aaron you've opened yourself up to be attacked, but you make a very valid point! You had the balls to come out & say it! I respect you for that & I want to hang with you in Cabo Baby!! The first shots on me!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

Iowa-Doug's picture

Aaron, congrats on your planning and perfection... I got tickets to multiple shows also, but see no reason to rub that in the faces of those who were not as fortunate as I was...I for one have not noticed as much complaining now that the sale has been over for the better part of a month, so lets all just let the issue die till next year and see if changes are made.
My own opinion ( and I STRESS =, MY OWN OPINION) is I'd prefer the party on the streets of Cabo doing the line time to get my wristbands. Again it's my opinion and I don't expect everyone to agree ( also don't give a rats ass if anybody agrees )...\

So lets all just let the issues drop, do a shot or three of Cabo and enjoy the ride while we still can...

AaronKatz2000's picture

What I mean to say is-I'm tired of being made to feel guilty by people that didn't plan and prepare as I and others did to get tickets to multiple shows because they didn't do the same and don't have tickets to the shows. Your comment about what kind of guy I am is exactly what I'm talking about. Why would you make it personal? I didn't. The only kind of guy I am is one that planned and prepared and purchased tickets to multiple shows. The shows are different every night (different setlist- sometimes even different band-Wabos/Chickenfoot and different guests), so why would I share my tickets with someone that didn't put in the time to plan and prepare as I, and others that got tickets to multiple shows, did? Again though I wish all that want to go see a show could but it's just not possible. Still hope all enjoy Cabo!

AaronKatz2000's picture

Great, enjoy! And no one is "bogard"ing tickets. These are 4 separate concerts. They were ticketed, priced and put on-sale that way. Just as if any artist we're doing a multi-night stand in your hometown. I personally am too good to sleep on the street and I believe any person should feel that way about themselves. I'm sorry you won't be seeing any of the shows. I do wish all Sammy fans in Cabo that week could go but unfortunately, the club's small and there are a limited number of seats for sale. Nowhere in my post did I imply that I was better or more professional than any one else, just obviouly (as the results speak for themselves) a better planner.

Redhead Z's picture

Guess we're not as seasoned or perfect as u are "Mr. Professional"! Just because a lot of us didn't find out about the ticket sales until it was too late doesn't mean we didn't plan. Some of us have been wanting to go for yrs and went off the past history of the Free shows and waiting in line so get down off your high horse!
I'm a professional too but I'm not to good to wait in lines all night as you seem to be.

I've got your pity party pal!

You go ahead and bogard all the tickets you have to all 4 shows. Just shows what kind of guy you are. I'll just be happy to get to go to the Cantina whether I see Sammy or not. It's all about the experience of Cabo and Sammy's Cantina for me!

pjew's picture

Question on dinner tickets?!
My friend will be there before me on the 7th. Can i get her to stand in line to get dinner tickets for my husband and i or do i have to be there to purchase them. (that's if she gets lucky)

redrockerstalker's picture


AaronKatz2000's picture

7th B-day Bash over 9 years (saw almost every show my 6 previous years), so hardly a "new" person and I totally disagree with comments that we need to go back to the old "sleep in the street" system. On-line ticket sales were what I prayed for every nite in line over those long nites (I'm a successful professional that just happens to be a lifelong hardcore rock n' roll/Sammy fan, so why am I sleeping on the street like a dog? I always thought, "Sammy take my money please, I'll pay $100 a ticket! Just get me off this dirty street!"). Granted, the system wasn't set up particularly well this year (shouldn't have overloaded and crashed as it did) but with some streamlining could work perfectly. People that loved the street experience were only in Cabo for Sammy I guess. I'm also in Cabo for CABO and being wiped out 4-6 days of my vacation from waiting out all nite the nite before was NEVER any fun and prevented me from enjoying the beauty of Cabo during the days many days as I was trying to catch up on lost rest from the nite before, in addition to trying not to drag at the actual show because I was wiped out physically). I will meet everyone and get to know them INSIDE the Cabo Wabo, forget the line outside. Also, yes the system didn't work perfectly this year, but if someone was smart enough to set up a "PayPal" account before the ticket sales (even recommended by Sammy to make things easier the day of the sale) and had a moderate amount of familiarity with computers and how on-line ticket sales often work, there was not really a problem getting tickets. I got tix for all 4 shows and if you didn't, you probably fit into the category of what I listed above (I was also was kicked out by the system several times (improvements are in order for next year to streamline the system and make sure it's not overloaded again) but got right back in quickly and took care of it with relative ease). Tired of the griping on here from those who didn't get tickets or the pity party with those seeking tickets. It's called preparation folks. I, and all those going with me, did prepare (whether by being up to date on information and taking the time to stay current or by setting up a pre-existing PayPal account to make the purchasing flow smoother) and got tix and deserve to go to AS many shows as we chose to buy tickets for. And if you didn't prepare, oh well. It was posted on-line months before that the process would be different this year so anyone saying they're a "huge fan" that didn't know about the change in procedure and thought they were going to just go down and wait in line per usual, couldn't have been that huge of a fan as they must not have checked the site in months. And for those that say they planned a trip around the B-Day Bash and now don't have tickets because they didn't know about the sale? How could one plan that big of a trip and not make sure they were up on ALL the details??? Got that off my chest. Ok, let's party, see everyone in Cabo!!!

exsell2112's picture

To rockstar4966..... I do hope that he does "Eagles Fly" again. That would be incredible. Good luck with your wedding. I can't imagine a better place than cabo to have a wedding and honeymoon. I hope to see you down there at the bash.

joellenm050's picture

Annyone that has extra tickets. Have already booked that week and a huge FAN. Sixth time there and still no luck seeing Sammy. Please e-mail me at


pjew's picture

anyone with extra tickets for any of the Cabo shows....please try to hook a first time cabo trip texan gal up!!