Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tickets October 8, 9, 11, and 13 2010

July 28, 2010
Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tickets October 8, 9, 11, and 13 2010

This is how the system will work:
Tickets will be sold through for $55 per ticket.
There will be a two ticket limit per person per show.
Tickets will be non refundable, non transferable and there are NO service charge fees. All sales are FINAL
We will accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Purchased tickets will be available for pick up at the Cantina (2 pm to 10 pm) October 8, 9, 11 and 13th.
Tickets for each show will be available for pick up day of show only.
Ticket purchases will be made through a “PayPal” account similar to the current “On Stage” ticketing system.
You do not need a pay pal account to purchase a ticket, you can continue your purchase as a guest. Once you make a purchase you will receive a transaction ID number. You will want to keep this number for your records incase you have any issues. Your name MUST match the name on the purchasing credit card or pay pal account and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (Drivers License or Passport). NO EXCEPTIONS

If it’s your Birthday:
If your birthday on either October 8,9,11, or 13th. Simply show up to the Cantina after 2pm that day with your government issued ID (Drivers License or passport) and you will receive an entry bracelet for that day’s show.

Dinner Shows
Dinner shows will be $90 per person
Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
October 7th for the Shows on the 8th and 9th
October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line so we will not allow anyone to hold places in line for friends.

Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!

The rest will remain the same and the party will be better that ever!
Doors for all shows will be at 7:00pm and show time will be approximately 9:30pm
All ticketing questions should be directed to

Tickets will go on sale Monday August 2, 2010. The schedule will be as follows, all times are PST (Pacific Standard Time):
Tickets can be purchased at
October 8 show will be on sale at 10am
October 9 show will be on sale at 11am
October 11 show will be on sale at 12pm
October 13 show will be at 1pm

See ya in Cabo!


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Harleymomma08's picture

Thank you Bob. I spoke with Nancy (Siesta Suites) today and we wanted to stay there, but they were booked for the last night we are in Cabo and my hubby didn't want to pack everything up for 1 night and move hotels. We went ahead and booked something at the Cortez but they too are having us move rooms, but at least we will be at the same hotel. We are thinking the Siesta for the first part of the week and the Cortez for the remainder of the week. This will be better than moving for just one night.

Again, thank you for the review on the Hotel...we will definately look into it!

C U N Cabo

Redhead Z's picture

Yeah, it would be awesome if some of the Redheads that got tix to more than 1 show would be cool enough to offer a couple of tix to us 1st timers that have never been to 1 of Sammy's B-Day Bashes.

How about it Redheads?

Not to sound like a whiner or sob story but my lovely wife of 26 yrs had a really tough year! She a triple level fusion on her lower spine in Oct 09 followed by knee surgery on Thanksgiving weekend and just 2 weeks ago had surgery to put a plate and 7 screws in her arm to repair a break that wouldn't heal.

All I wanted to do this year is take her on this trip to Cabo to go to 1 of the shows for Sammy's B-day bash.

If someone can find it in their heart to part with 2 tix to 1 of their xtra shows so I can take my beautiful wife while she is able, I would be forever greatful! I would be more than happy to pay double the price if that's what it takes.

You can e-mail me at if you are willing to help us out.



rockstar4966's picture

To exsell2112, sorry to hear about your dad, and although you said Eagles Fly is not a party song, Sammy sang it last year at his birthday bash in Cabo. Was absolutely an amazing moment. I'm pretty sure the entire cantina was singing with him. Hopefully he does it again for all of us who have lost our dad or a loved one. Can't wait to see him again this year. Planned our entire wedding around Sammy's birthday bash. 10-10-10!!! What an awesome week!!!

bob087's picture

I know that someone from the Siesta Suites posted something here, but I can add from experience, it is a really nice little hotel just about a block from the Cantina. Of course there is always the Mar De Cortez. Rooms are not as nice as Siesta, but still clean, and it's a little more of a party scene. The Siesta gives you a little break from all that.

Harleymomma08's picture

Airline tickets purchased....check
B-day tickets for a couple of shows....check
Now looking for reasonable clean places to stay - near the please!


Found a great place to stay.....check (thanks Redheads for your help and suggestions)

Now we are ready for Cabo...

pjew's picture

Redhead Z is sooo right! i am in the same position as you, going down to Cabo for the first time and specifically picked my travel dates (oct.7-14) for Sammy's big Birthday Bash thinking for over a year that i can just go to the cantina, stand in line and get tickets for at least one of the four shows. SOL now with the new ticket system....cause i don't have any tickets for any of the shows!!!

oh well, like you said we will still have some cabo fun and enjoy the week in the sun!!!

Harleymomma08's picture

Thanks Aaron for re-reading my 8/4 post. Yes it was a copy and paste email I received for the Redrocker website. As we all know, the day the tickets went on sale it was a madhouse. Several people accidently purchased more than 2 tickets because when they had the tickets in their sale box the computers kept locking up / crashing so they immediately tried again to buy tickets for the same show. Thus selling them 4 tickets for one show. I know this because my system locked up when I was trying to pay for my tickets. I immediatley signed back on and tried to purchase the tickets again! I was able to purchase tickets for a couple of shows, but unfortunately I was not able to seal the deal on the 10/13 tickets due to system problems. I did not buy 4 tickets for any one show but I wondered what happened to the first set of tickets I tried to buy. I can see how people could have without deliberately trying to do so!
Counting down.....

Harleymomma08's picture

Sorry Aaron for the confusion. I just posted the email I received from the Redrocker email. I should have made that clear.

Redhead Z's picture

Very touching post, I hope Sammy see this and plays the song for your Dad that night!

Sorry for your loss but keep your memories of your Dad alive in your heart!


exsell2112's picture

My father-in-law passed away on August 1st 2010 after an 8 year battle with M.S. He was a great man who loved Cabo. Without him, I never would have been introduced to the magic of cabo, nor found the CaboWabo Cantina. I called him "The Rev" because he was a Pastor. Although, one could always converse with him as a normal guy. He never judged people and was always a source of strength, comfort and encouragement. When I hear the song "Eagles Fly," I think of him breaking free from his shackles here on earth and soaring "Where Eagles Fly".....As one of his favorite scriptures Isiah 40:31. I can only hope that Sammy will play this song at the Cantina when I am there on his birthday 10/13 this year. I understand if Sammy can't because it's not a "party" song. Nevertheless, my wife, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law and myself will all say a toast to "The Rev."

siesta suites hotel's picture

Looking for a laid-back place to stay just a block away from Cabo Wabo? Siesta Suites Hotel


rockjock2012's picture

I live in Flordia. Please call me at 478-335-3909.

Redhead Z's picture

Ok, I understand why they decided to sell Tickets on line this year but the thing I don't think is fair, especially to those of us who have never been to a Sammy B-Day bash, is that you could purchase 2 tickets for every show. Some people got tickets for 2-4 shows which leaves a lot of people not being able to get tickets for any show.

I'd hope they will take that into consideration for next year so more people have any opportunity to get tickets on line.

A lot of us 1st timers that planned this trip were assuming that we could just wait in line and get tickets when we get there as in the past. Just kind of disappointing after finally being able to do this trip and won't be able to go to any of the B-day bash shows. I won't even be able to wait in line for Dinner show tickets as I won't be coming in until Mon afternoon Oct 11th.

I guess the only thing to look forward to is going to the Cantina on a regular night after the 13th. Would have loved to see Sammy perform but guess it ain't happening. We'll have a good time in Cabo regardless though!!! :)

AaronKatz2000's picture

In re-reading HarleyMomma's post from 8/4 I see now that these weren't her words but something she appears to have copied and pasted that came directly from Sammy or his organization. Also, a little additional clarification: those that purchased more than 2 tickets per show (apparantly there wasn't something in place in the system to prevent this from happening so some tried to take advantage of this by buying more than 2 tickets per person per show) will have only their "extra orders" cancelled and refunded but retain their original 2 tickets per show. Hopefully this clears everything up. I think it was well explained by Sammy and the organization fairly well on 7/28 and the 8/4 post but somewhere on here, through mis-reading and then stating it as fact, the rumor got started that one could only purchase 2 tickets TOTAL and again this is not the case. One could purchase up to 2 tickets PER show PER person (potentially up to 8 tickets total if they bought all 4 shows). Everyone up to speed now? Hope this clears the confusion up.- Aaron

AaronKatz2000's picture

Just read the entire thread and there's some misinformation on here: the post that went on the site on 7/28 announcing the B-day Bash dates and ticket sale procedure clearly states 2 tickets PER person PER show. There seems to be some misunderstanding on here now that one could only purchase 2 tickets for ONE show period. This is NOT the case. I believe this confusion stems from HarleyMomma's post explaining the will call procedure on, I believe, 8/4 that she posted in which she says "those that purchased more than 2 tickets will have their orders cancelled and refunded". She also says that many people did. She never states 2 total though so taking into account the clarity of the official announcement from Sammy on 7/28 (clearly states 2 tickets PER person PER show) and the ambiguity of the 2nd post on 8/4, it simply means though that purchased more than 2 tickets (PER SHOW) will have those orders (for the show in which they purchased more than 2 tickets) cancelled and refunded. There is NOT a one show limit. Any one person could order two ticketsw Per person PER show (for example 8 total if one purchased 8 tickets for all 4 shows; that is OK) Hope this clears some confusion up...

Wooky's picture

Deal, shots are in order!

pjew's picture

What's gonna happen with the tickets (if any)that are canceled for the one's who bought more than 2 pairs....will we be able to purchase those later?

First time to cabo and bash so i hope some luck comes my way...

pjew's picture

SHIT OUT OF LUCK is what i am!!! Didn't know any of this tickets sale stuff till last night - ARGH!! so you know about how i feel right now - very Sadden, hurt, upset - i thought i had it all planned out and dam i feel like i just got it in the face!! Planned this Cabo trip around the birthday bash but it didnt' worked out like that now. upset at myself for coming back online to see what was going on. I thought once i knew the dates is what all i needed!!! hopefully, we can at least get in with the dinner tickets but can you imagine how many other people is wishing on that too!? Either way cabo will still be a blast but and we will go into cabo wabo but as for the bash itself maybe just maybe we will get in.

bob087's picture

It's not my concern as much as the Cantina's. I doubt there will be a line beyond this show of any kind, and I think they feel it won't be near the size as before. Perhaps not past the corner because of the limited amount available. Wouldn't surprise me if they open the line early when the spots seem full anyway, just like in Vegas. I'm just saying, these are new times for us all, maybe it can be better than this last ticket sales system. Either way, we are all in it for the right reason and I hope to have a couple shots of Cabo with ya!

Wooky's picture

I thought your concern was about a drunk driver. How would extra security stop a drunk driver? As I stated before, if anybody is concerned for their safety just don't get in line. There's an inherenet risk in everything we do, if you let that stop you you're going to have a really boring life. I go to Cabo to live it up not think of what if's!

bob087's picture

I am not complaining about the way things went for me, I got the tickets I wanted. I am just thinking of my fellow Redheads out there.

It's just that from what I am hearing from the people I know, is that there has been a growing concern about safety. It's much easier for them to add security for a smaller line.

I wish things would go back to the way it was in the 90's when we could just about walk right in, but I don't think any of us are going to get our wish. This is the new reality and I just think it could be more efficient.

Ed Violick's picture

People that have never been to the bash complained about the line. People who didn't want to wait also complained even though thats the reason why they were in Cabo. Those people wanted ticket sales and said thats the only fair way. We now have ticket sales and these same people are complaining about how tickets were sold. I don't get it. This is the Birthday Bash!! I agree with Doug and Wooky. Bring back the line so I can go to every show like years past.

Wooky's picture

First of all I don't think the line will magically stop at 75 people, that's unrealistic. However your concern seems to be for the safety of the people in line due to the fact that if something happens then the bash will end. If that's the case why are you OK with even 75 people being in line for 24, 30, even 36 hours? Whether the lines are long or just last a long time the fact remains that people will be out there exposed. The only thing that really changed is that the powers that be are making a lot more money this year. I'm with Doug, I don't like being told I can only go to one gig. BRING BACK THE OLD WAY!

Iowa-Doug's picture

I don't like the idea of being told I can only purchase tickets to one show. To me that would be like telling me I could only have gone to one show on the 4th of July weekend instead of the three we attended.
My choice would be to go back to the old traditional way of doing your time on the streets...
Just my opinion.

bob087's picture

I hear ya there on the people from around the world, and it would be nice for them to know they might at least get into a show before coming this far. With the system, they would know.

As for being afraid to sleep on the street, I don't think most of us are, that's not the point. The point is that once something does happen, you can count on this whole thing going away all together.

As for the Dinner ticket line. 2 tickets per person, 150 tickets total, once that line has 75 people in it, it will be a waste of time for anyone standing past that. I don't think you are going to see a long line, just one that lasts a long time.

Maybe I am way off base, but having tons of people with tickets to all 4 shows and many people that got shut out, this could really work.

Wooky's picture

What about the people that fly in from all over the world that want to go to a gig with friends that they only get to see in Cabo. They'd be shit outa luck with your lottery system. I supported the change if it was going to be affordable and benefit a local charity like ADLN but we all watched that go right out the window. As far as I'm concerned I'd love to see it go back to the way it was. If anyone is afraid to sleep on the sidewalk just don't go, problem solved. Having sales isn't going to stop the lines of people from sleeping on the sidewalk anyways since they're doing dinner tix the old way and with so many people getting shut out those lines will be longer than ever. The only thing this years system solved was how to get more money into already rich peoples bank accounts.

bob087's picture

Ticketing Idea for next year:

Sammy has been so wonderful through the years to reward his most loyal fans with free shows on his Birthday! It really shows what a great guy he is and it’s a testament to all of us Readheads that we would spend the nights in the street to party with him on his birthday.

I think the decision to sell tickets was good and necessary. With the change in traffic along the cantina, the recent weather, and lets face it, all the extra drinking going on, it was just a matter of time before there was some kind of accident on that sidewalk and that would just devastate Sammy. One out of control drunk driver is not that far from a reality down there. If that happened, the party would be over for all of us. Not to mention the liability for the cantina, etc. They do have personal injury lawyers down there too.

I have been giving the ticket situation a ton of thought. It is sad that some people that have been going for years did not get Tix, but I also think it is great for all the first timers. However, I think that the system failed miserably. After reading about how many people got “kicked out” at the last second, etc, I think that it had a lot to do with internet connection, speed of computer and luck. I have talked to people who got tickets to all 4 shows without much difficulty. In fact, one couple were in the same room both trying at the same time to give them 2 chances, and they could have easily gotten 2 more in the wife’s name, but they let them go at the last second once they got the 1st confirmation.

But I think I have a solution for next year that would be an extremely fair way to go for all and I hope Sammy & staff agree. First of all, I think it is fair to say that all the TRUE Redheads are at least registered by now on this site and should be the only ones eligible for this new system. By my count only a small percentage of the 8,160 or so listed members have selected the “I’m going” button on the B-day shows (only about 300 per night). I realize that there are plenty of people planning on going that did not click the button, but it is still a small percentage.

It seems to me that most Redheads would be very happy to get just one show if they go to Cabo, just so long as everybody else gets just one show as well.

It also seems to me that this can be accomplished very simply.

First, upon announcement of the show dates, all Redheads that are planning on being there need to “register” that they are going. In order to register, you must have a valid credit card on file with Included in your registration must be the last 5 digits of your Passport or Drivers License numbers.

Once all members register the dates they are in Cabo, the system randomly picks members for one show at a time (beginning with the B-day bash and working backwards). I would even say that in order to get 2 tickets, you must provide your guests name and ID digits at the time of registration. We all know who we are going with.

The system will not select the same registered member twice for two shows until all registered members have either gotten tix, or they are sold out for all shows. If everyone registered gets a set of tix after 3 shows or whatever, the system starts all over again. If you ONLY want to be charged for 1 show (yeah right) you could even “Opt out” of a second round.

Also, the system would recognize anyone with a duplicate Name and ID # and not allow that registration.

Once the selection process is done, members that are selected get an email with a link to confirm their order. That way if there are 2 members that are going together that were selected, they can release 2 tickets that they would not be able to pick up anyway. It could even easily be set up that the registered members that did not get Tix could be the first selected the following year. Any orders not confirmed would go back into the pool.

It may sound complicated, but the program would not be that difficult to write. I know my IT director could do it easily. I am sure that ALL of the fans would at the very least feel that they had a fair shot and I know I would show up to party in the driveway, even if I didn’t get tickets.

Once you arrive in Cabo, all ticket purchasers and guests, must show up like now to pick up the wrist bands. They must show the proper ID to get them.

I would love to hear feedback on this. Maybe I am missing something, but if enough people agree, just maybe it would work.

Allison Gartner's picture

We have booked our vacation exclusively for Sammy's Birthday Bash. . flights, villa - everything is booked, now we find out all the shows are sold out???? Help. .We need TICKETS. . any suggestions anyone???

Karin Quintieri's picture

We plan our vacations around your birthday bash.We very dissapointed when we found out the tickets were only going to sold online and already had missed the ticket sales.I can only say wtf.I always thought standing in line for the tickets was part of the charm in going to the concert and well worth the the wait.I have had all kinds of surgeries that make it difficult to stand for long periods of time,but it never has stopped me from getting up and getting in line.I thought that doing free concerts were very cool,but if you want to charge,thats cool too you are well worth it.But give people a chance to come see you that didn't get tickets.

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Hey Mike! Please come down!! You know we will help you out for a few hours on the sidewalk!! We will have you covered!!
DUGGER aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

michaelb061's picture

Hey Doug if we do make it down ...
we will be our time in line for
dinner shows !!!

CaboWaboGuy | August 12, 2010

I would expect the lines for Dinner
Shows to break a record for sidewalk
time! I have one of the longest times
with over 36 hours out!


It seems to me I have done some
30 plus hours on CABO's Stones
or the stairs in TAHOE !!!

If one is there you do what you
have to do to get in

MichiganMike n Carla

pmain13's picture help me out...if my birthday is on 10/13 (just like Sammy), I don't have to have a ticket? I just have to show up with my ID? It's my big 4-0 this year, so it sure would be nice to go rock with Sammy!

nfithian's picture

We've been going to Cabo for the past five years and have never seen Sammy. This year we scheduled the trip around Sammy, unlike previous years. This was the first year the tickets were on-line. We got our two tickets, not for the 11th like we wanted, but for the 13th!!! We are so excited and can't wait to finally see Sammy! We love you Sammy!!!

Redhead Z's picture

I booked a trip to Cabo for Sammy's B-day bash not knowing that they were selling tickets in advance this year. Pretty bummed when I found out that the tickets went on sale on August 2nd. I didn't find this out until several days later.

Will be there with my wife and another couple from August 11th through the 15th. If anyone knows how I can get some tickets to any of the shows that week let me know. I know, I'm not then only asking about this...LOL!!!

Have been wanting to do this for many years and finally booked the trip and find out we may not be able to party with everyone else at one of the B-day bash shows!

If someone can help anther avid Sammy fan out let me know. May not be able to do it again as my wife has a lot of physical health issues.

Hope to get lucky enough to at least get into the Cantina one night!

Hope ya'll have a great time there!!!


jimb037's picture

Man I am sooooo excited. Going to the 13th show. Been wanting to do this for 20 years!!!!!

valeriet037's picture

I had the same problem with tkts for the 8th but got them for the 9th

CaboWaboGuy's picture

I would expect the lines for Dinner Shows to break a record for sidewalk time! I have one of the longest times with over 36 hours out! But I'm figuring the lines to start two days before they go on sale which would mean Oct. 5th for the 7th (show dates 8th & 9th) & Oct. 8th for the 10th (show dates 11th & 13th)!! I was going to go for Dinner Shows for the 8th & 9th but once they said there would be no other sale of tickets, I decided to try to get two for every show! I knew the Dinner Show lines would be pure hell for 48 plus hours!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

Wooky's picture

Here's a quote from an e-mail I received.

"The Cantina does not hold 1000, but actually less than 750. There will be no free tickets available.....Dinner tickets will be $90."

luv2cabowabo's picture

Can someone clarify if the Cantina is still planning on giving out a few tickets to those who wait in line. In the original plan, it said they would be giving out a limited amount but now I'm hearing otherwise.

redrockerstalker's picture

you are correct,but what happened was some ppl bought 2 tix then got on again and bought 2 more & so on & so on, you were allowed 2 tix per person per show...hope that helps

RRVICGO55's picture

In the original email for ticket sales it stated that you were aloud to purchase 2 tickets to each show not 2 tickets period. Am I wrong in this understanding?

dobieb072's picture

That's funny John, Guys like me..

I have tickets to the 8th and 9th and going down solo..


darleneh092's picture

Congrats to all that got tickets!
Unfortunately I was not one of them.
My question is this: for those who bought more than 2 tickets
it states that the others will be cancelled and refunded.
Does that leave us the tickets to purchase??
just wondering...
I'll try for the dinner tickets - Best of luck to all who are
also trying for tickets :)

redrockerstalker's picture


toddg056's picture

In the past you needed to be in line early the night before they go on sale, however this past April for the Anniversary shows the line started 2 nights before they went on sale. We joined in the night before and were in line just around the first corner half way between the corner and the payphone. The dinner tickets sold out with 3 people in fron of us. I would suggest looking at what is going on the night of the 8th to be safe. Good Luck !

cabo61girl's picture

So my question is;
If in the initial processing of ticket sales, those that purchased more than two tickets will be refunded and so what happens to the tickets that will now become available?
What will happen for those that are no-shows, will they do a head count that night and sell on a first come first serve basis?
I obviously don't have tickets for any of the shows and lookin for a bone!
Congrats to those that got em!

cabo61girl's picture

So with all the tickets that were run through the system initially that are now going to be refunded because of the two ticket limit, are there a bunch of tickets now left to be purchased?
Will they be available on a first come first serve basis?
How about tickets purchased that will be no-shows. Do you think they will do a head count the night of the show and do a last minute sale?
I obviously don't have tickets!!

craigt085's picture

I Agree Doug, We're Going too Cabo!!!! In The Fall!!!!!!! Mas Tequila!!!!! Paint It Red!!!! Tabascos!!!!!!! Waboritas!!!!! Oct. 7th!!!!!!!!! Peace!!!!!!!!!

n2gr8tunes's picture

I saw Sammy's show in Orange County last night and it was amazing!! Non-stop rockin' from the second he ran on stage. Was pleasantly surprise by Michael Anthony stopping by to crank out a couple of tunes as well. I don't know how Sammy continues to do what he does, but man am I glad that he does.

However, seeing him last night made me even more bummed that I didn't get through to buy tix for the birthday bash as there are four of us crazy Sammy fans heading down there on Oct 9th. Not having been there for the week of his bash before, I don't know what to expect for the dinner ticket lines. Does anyone have a feel for when they will allow you to line up on the 9th to try to buy dinner show tix for the 11th and 13th? Thanks in advance for any advice you all might have and hope to see some of you there!!

RACER-X's picture

"We had 119,000 hits on the site during the three hours of ticketing, tickets were sold out in less than five minutes per show."
Uh... I smell a Cabo Rock festival in the future: Sammy Hagar/Chickenfoot, Santana, Los Lonely boys... Who else?
Maybe Willie,and some other Cabo flavor type bands..
119,000.. that kind of support could do alot for the youth of Cabo and the local economy every year... Ahhh the wheels are turning...
Also ,I nominate Sammy Hagar for the half time show at the super bowl this year!!It has been suggested on ESPN in the past. Seems like the perfect fit to me.