Cabo Wabo Cantina Birthday Bash UPDATE

August 28, 2010
Cabo Wabo Cantina Birthday Bash UPDATE

Will Call in Cabo.....
This is how the system will work, on each show day, we will have a will call table set up in the Cantina at 2pm. You will need to bring your Redrocker receipt with order number as well as a photo ID matching the reservation name along with your guest (NO EXCEPTIONS). We will have a computer available to verify any questionable purchases, so realize that any issues will need to be verified by our Paypal account....Once verified, the person whose name the reservation is under and their guest will receive their wristband for that day’s show. All wristbands will be placed on you and your guest, no loose wristbands will be given away. Remember tickets are non transferable. If you are not sure of your Order number, please email us at

If it's your Birthday, you can now bring a guest:

Sammy really wants to celebrate Libra’s this year, so now you and a guest get in on your birthday….An extra birthday gift to you from Sammy. If your birthday on either October 8,9,11, or 13th. Simply show up to the Cantina will call table after 2pm that day with your government issued ID (Drivers License or passport) and your guest and you and your guest will receive an entry bracelet for that day's show. Happy Birthday!!!

Dinner Shows
Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person
Dinner show tickets will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
October 7th for the Shows on the 8th and 9th
October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
2 tickets per person, Security will be added to those in line so we will not allow anyone to hold places in line for others, there are 150 dinner tickets available per show. Dinner Tickets are non transferable.

Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!


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Happy Birthday Sammy - thanks helping make all the good times better

nannettee078's picture

Hello from cabo I lost my camera at the cantina on saturday night and wondered if anyone found it I may have left it on the stage right in front of mikey I also lost 3 pictures that were printed out one of me and mikey my camera is a new sony that is dark grey.

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Hi! I'm still in need of a ticket for tonights show. Do you still have an extra? Would love to purchase from you if possible.

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We are not arriving in Cabo till after 4:00 on Oct 10th. Will not be able to get tickets to any of the shows since they go on sale at 2:00. We planned our anniversary trip just to see Sammy but got messed up on dates. If anyone does not need their full 2 tickets per person we would love to buy them from you. We are staying at the Riu Santa Fe. We could go to either the Oct 11th show or Oct 13th. Thanks

jhughe90's picture

Leaving for Cabo tomorrow morning. 1013er, but I went ahead and bought 2 tickets anyways for 10/11 & 10/13 before they announced the free guest policy for birthdays. So I guess I have an extra ticket. Haven't decided yet what to do with it.

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Here we go...This is it!! Let the fun begin...See you all in a few days!! Keep my drink ready!

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There have been lots of questions around the Birthday Bash. Please check out the following FAQ for answers to your questions:

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I am removing this content.

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Admin: What are you going to do with the arm bands that don't get picked up????

jameyc094's picture

No video for sure. I had my camera confiscated last year and begged to have it back. It SUCKED!!

aerored's picture

I finally found my Redrocker confirmation number by logging in and go to "my account", there I found a three digit confirmation number. To be safe I'm bringing a copy of all of them. The order says "processing" but I know it's gone through PayPal already so I think I'm good.

skyhighdaz's picture

Another one here that got to the checkout for tix and got booted off. or more accuratley site said "your cart is empty"
anyway. going by myself so if someone has an extra ticket I'm buyin.
Long shot but worth a try eh?

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to any red rocker out there!!! I am one of the many that got booted from the checkout process while trying to purchase tickets for the Oct 13 show. I will be in Cabo the week of the 11th, in there is anyone out there that has an extra ticket for the 13th show, please let me know, I would really appriceate anyone that could help!!

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Hi, They will take all the tables & chairs out of the club for the shows. It is SRO in the club with some VIP sections. The outside bar area will have tables & chairs. As to the time to line up, that's up to you! Forget being the first in the club & being up front, because that will happen for the first sitting of the Dinner Show people! If you are thinking of being right up front, on the stage, it won't happen! Now that's how it's been forever, all that could change this year! We have no idea!
See you in CABO!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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how early should we be in line to get a decent seat/spot? is it going to be standing room only?

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Hi, Yes you will beable to get lunch up stairs in the restaurant or down stairs in the cantina the day of shows! They will close the restaurant in the late afternoon to prep for the dinner shows, & food will be availiable from the cantina during the shows!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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will the cantina be open for meal services on these days?? coming down with several people but only a few will be going to the bash but others want to go to the cantina for lunch?

tabcab's picture

I'm going!!!! We'll be at the birthday bash on Oct 11th in Cabo!!

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Well, technically video is not allowed. That being said, the last time I shot a video at the Cantina it won me a Chickenfoot guitar! ;-) Actually, the policy against video has become a bit more strict in recent years. I would advise against it. But as far as cameras, take as many photos as you'd like!

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Pics are okay but no video!
Doug aka "CWG"

marci's picture

can you take pictures in the shows?

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OK - here I go again..... My birthday is 10/6 and I already have tickets to Cabo. I was one of the many who got booted out of the sysstem while in the process of buying birthday bash tickets Ö I understand that now you can bring a friend if it is your birthday SO.... IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO IS GOING BECAUSE IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY AND YOU EITHER HAVE AN EXTRA TICKET OR DON'T HAVE A DATE = Please let me know. It is my understanding that I.D. is only required for one of the people attending. Ultimately I need two tickets, but beggars can't be choosers Ü

kae3581's picture

Dam a group of us are coming but not everyone will be there by the 10th. We pick that week to come down just to see the Bday bash.

Wooky's picture

They accepted travelers checks in '08. Don't know if they will this year or not though.

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There are 150 spots each night for the Dinner Shows! 50 people at three sittings! The first sitting will get in the club first, but that might change this year, who knows! The second set won't make it in until well after the doors open out front! For those of you thinking Dinner Shows, get in line well before the Noon Sale Date! I would recommend at least two days before!! Last year it was a day & a half, & there was no pre-sale of tickets like this year!! If the line goes beyond the first corner don't waste your time...the Dinner Shows will be sold out!! One person can get two tickets & cash only! This is how it's been done for many years!
Doug aka "CWG"

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Pjew, Each person in line can only buy two tickets. If there are four of you going, which I think is what you are asking, two people will have to stand in line and they MUST be two of the people going. The other two tickets could go to any guest you want to go with you. I hope this explains it.

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Dinner ticket questions for Cabo....
trying to get tickets for the dinner bash does both of us, husband and i, need to be in line or can he stand in line solo to buy 2 tickets? Can a friend stand in line for us and get two for hubby & i or do we need to be inline with him?

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Just looking for One Ticket for the 13th...A shot in the dark i know, but...I have to try anyway.

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I have tickets for all 4 shows, including the 13th, and received and have receipts from both Paypal and Redrocker. If I were you, GirlnamedGoo, I would make sure to have these in hand before heading down. Sometimes things there at the Cabo Wabo can get crazy and the more ducks you have in a row (i.e. ALL your paperwork in hand), the less chance of anyting screwy happening!

exsell2112's picture

you can go to then enter your userid and password and get a receipt to print out.

alans044's picture

I have tickets for the 8th. I received confirmation from both Redrocker & paypal. I'm sure if you have one of the two it proves you purchased your tickets. Good Luck.

cheryl s's picture

I have gotten tickets for the 11th and did not recieve anything. I just have my PayPal reciept. I sent a email to to try to get my Redrocker confirmation. I hope that works. It is nice to see that I am not the only one.

9erjeff's picture

Wife birthday on the 7th and mine on the 14th. Have tickets for the 13th so all is good!

GirlnamedGoo23's picture

Has anyone else purchased tix for the show on the 13th and only gotten a confirmation from Paypal and not a Redrocker confirmation?

G Daddy's picture

Have tickets already, coming down on the 8th for the party on the 9th.. My birthday is on the 10th so I guess this means I'm SOL ?? Doesn't matter anyway... I'll be there !!!!! Can't wait..

AaronKatz2000's picture

I'm assuming based on the previous info on will call that the will call table will be open from 2 P.M. till 10 P.M. (just after the show's start) on the day of each show. This news item only says will call will open at 2 P.M. but doesn't state how long it will remain open??? Still till 10 P.M. the day of each show??? Please clarify, thanks.

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See Ya at the RIU, and at the Cantina!

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Head down on Oct 9 to Los Cabo for a week from Toronto and stay at the Riu Santa Fe, the cabo wabo is only 5 minutes down the road. Don't miss the best birthday bash party ever, for more details visit.