Past Event

Oct 11 2019


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos w/ Many special guests.


Show 9:30PM.

The final round of advanced tickets for this show will go on sale 10 AM PT on July 29th. This is the last chance to get advance tickets - the only option will be dinner ticket packages in person in Cabo

Find all ticketing details in this news post.


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  • 2019-10-11 @ Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 2


 61 Redhead Comments

Mark.flores953's picture

Scored my tickets for Sunday night.'s picture

did you sell the tix?

fireeater1969's picture

Hey Redheads looking for a plus one for Friday nights show. Willing to pay up to 250.00 if anyone is interested shoot me an email at Thanks and C U in Cabo!

cindi drafahl's picture

Every year since 1995.

terri robbins's picture

It is with a heavy heart that I have to pass on tickets to the birthday bash, I just cannot work out the details. I thought about buying the tickets anyway but if I still could not work things out there is no refund and I would deprive 2 other Redheads from the opportunity to go to the bash. So, to whoever is able to buy my tickets once they are in Cabo for the first come first serve, please enjoy and have a drink for me. You;re welcome, redhead since birth and a REDHEAD for 38 years! Rock on!

redrocker327's picture

The deadline for the winners to claim their tickets is Tuesday. They will make an announcement after that date regards to a 2nd chance. It will be an internet sale like a regular show.

JenParmer's picture

Will there be a chance for more tickets to be released like the past few years? We were at your party 5 years ago and would love to come this year!

judyb1965's picture

Hoping for tickets-- Ive been trying for over 10 years and nothing-- I just LOVE Sammy -- the first time I saw him was at Chicagofest in 1983, in the front of the stage, sta there from 9am until that evening-- Since that day I have been a huge fan and see him everytime he is in and around town-- Seeing him in Cabo would be a dream come true!

Dprior's picture

Hoping to get tickets to see Sammy!! It’s my 40th! It would be amazing to celebrate at this concert!

thebackbeat's picture

My Navy buddy and I have been planning this trip for 20 years! we just need 2 tickets to paradise!!! :)

Tferency's picture

Want to make my bff dream come true. Cant wait to see you the week of the bash

poplev's picture

This is what my husband wants for his 50th. It would be AWESOME!

Spanky320081's picture

I will be there that weekend! Would love to see sammy!

RAMRedRocker75's picture


RAMRedRocker75's picture


bobbie68's picture

How do we buy tickets for 10/11? Coming for our friends 50th birthday. We are surprising her with the trip and would love to Sammy's Birthday Bash while we are there.

bobbie68's picture

How do we buy tickets for 10/11? Coming for our friends 50th birthday. We are surprising her with the trip and would love to Sammy's Birthday Bash while we are there.

WayneEtnyre's picture

We're hoping so much to get tickets. Sammy's and my wife's birthdays are on the same day. What a way to celebrate.

Evcapriola's picture

Sammy it’s my Birthday too! 45 on 10/11! The Fam (4 total) would love to come and rock out on your Birthday!

jaimie44's picture

How do we enter ourselves in the drawing for your birthday bash? My birthday is Oct. 12! I'd LOVE to get tix to join!

RockerChic66's picture

How do I get tickets?

Mitchellat's picture

We just recently saw you in Indianapolis and by far the best concert we have seen in many years! Always good to see great musicians have one hell of a jam session! Love the vibe and can’t wait to see you in Cabo!

macf71's picture

let's rock..

Qhud's picture

So, I'm new to this but have loved Sammy my whole life!
Got tix to Cabo, check.
How do we get in the drawing?
6 Lovely ladies from STL!!
Let's Go Blues!
Hope we get to see you in Cabo

bobbie68's picture

Excited to come for our friends 50th Birthday to Cabo this October. We are hoping to surprise her and bring her to your show! Can someone educate me on the usual fashion of how the ticket sales go pretty please?

boobio's picture

Where is the best place to stay in Cabo for this event? I like to part so no need to be quite :)

TXKiller's picture

How do you register for the ticket raffle, is it just being a member here that does it, or as it gets closer do they put out a link or something?
Thanks man. TXKiller

daveminsd's picture

Sammy, you really are the absolute best! Out of all the rockers that there have been. It sounds like a suck up …… but I actually named a cat after you in the 80's. So there ya go. LOL. Love ya, Sammy. We are coming no matter what.

daveminsd's picture

Can't wait!! I've been saying for nearly 20 years (ever since I heard this existed) that "I've simply GOT to go to Sammy's birthday bash!". This year my girlfriend is completely onboard and we're coming. It's been a long time in the making. See you all in October!!

T.Schultes's picture

My husband and I just saw you in St. Louis on May 19th and we both agreed, best concert EVER!
Having grown up in the 80s when rock was rock, we know a good concert when we see one. At the concert you said if there is something you want to do, don’t wait. Life is too short. We thought about what you said and after hearing news about my uncle who was told by the cancer doctors that he has less than a year to live, we said FUCK IT, let’s go see Slammin Sammy Hagar in Cabo! Nobody knows when their time is up.
We would love two tickets to your Cabo show on October 11th, 2019.

suitesongs777's picture

Would love to see you and party in CABO this year.

Alina Higgins's picture

This would be a dream!!! first time to Cabo!!!

Cobber777's picture

Sammy, what an amazing trip it would be to take my daughter to your concert! We have to pass down the Red Rocker tradition to the next generation. Love 2 tickets!!!!! Thank you!!!!

dalem4517's picture

Turning the corner on 62 right after you brother...just had to say I saw you with the Kings of Kaos at the Filmore just a little back. The Dolphin Project... when those Drum beats and cords hit "Rock Candy" the hair on my arms stood up! What a thill to see you do that song. Our Anthem back in the day, cranked up on my trucks Pioneer Super Tuner. Bucket list to see you on your B-day celebration. If I don't get drawn have a Great Party..."Make it Last"


Alexgross37's picture

Might be the youngest one on here, turning 25 this year and would love to be in Cabo for Sammy! I've only seen him once in Cleveland Ohio. Need 5 tickets :)

Nani17's picture

Hello From Houston Texas!
Had the best time at the show in SugarLand.
Thank you and the band for that!!
My husband asked me where I wanted to go after
I’m done with my Chemo.
Hoping for two tickets to your Birthday Bash!
It would be the best way to celebrate!

JOHNNYV's picture

I want 2 tickets.....turning 46 on the 5th and I need to see this motherfucker do his thing in his home environment.

Howell86's picture

All my husband talks about is going to Sammy’s Birthday Bash! We have been to the Cabo Waco once 5 years ago in Cabo. It was awesome! The only thing that would have made it better is if Sammy would have been there. So please Sammy help me surprise my husband with a gift of a to your birthday bash!!!

ABA69's picture

Who the fuck wouldn’t want to go to this awesome party!!!! Turned 50 this year would be a great experience!!!

Darlene's picture

Been going to Cabo for Many Plus years would love to celebrate my birthday and my boyfiend in cabo for this event. Please pick me!!

JenniferJaco's picture

Yes how do I know if I’m registered for tickets ?

JenniferJaco's picture

I have a timeshare at Grand Solmar for my birthday .. October .. we always get teased because we can’t get tickets .. but we see hoards of people going down your show.. we have named our Cat after you Hagar!!!! Everyone loves our cat

TSFoisy's picture

My hubby and I would love tickets to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!!!

Flatley40's picture

My 20th anniversary , need to get to that show!

BigHoss66's picture

I plan on celebrating my birthday Roctober the 11th with my fiancee rocking out with everyone else. We will need 4 tickets for our party.

Firstalina's picture

Would love to take my fiancé out to celebrate both your birthdays!

TheLee's picture

Are we having fun yet? Sign me up!

1coolmommy's picture

Sammy....conceived our only son 21 years ago after your concert in vegas. Trying for another in Cabo woukd be amazing!3 tickets woukd be great!

Firstalina's picture

My fiancé’s bday would be amazing - how exactly do we sign up for tix?'s picture

Ready to rock for my husbands 50th birthday (10/14) in Cabo. Seeing Sammy is all he wants.