Birthday Bash 2019 Ticket Registrations Open June 24th + Announcing The Wabos Will Be There All 3 Nights!

June 14, 2019
Birthday Bash 2019 Ticket Registrations Open June 24th + Announcing The Wabos Will Be There All 3 Nights!

Update Jul 23, 2019: We've processed all orders placed by this year's random drawing winners and there are a number that were returned. These remaining tickets are now prepared for our final first-come, first-serve onsale at 10 AM PT on Monday July 29th. Find info and dates here. This is the last chance to get advance tickets - the only option will be dinner ticket packages in person in Cabo (go to the bottom of this post for additional information on the dinners)


It's what you have all been waiting for! The 2019 Birthday Bash ticket registration for the random drawing opens for 5 days only starting MONDAY, JUNE 24th at 10am PDT. Access to purchase tickets is decided by a random selection from those who register. The ticket limit is 2 per night, per household (billing address) and each show's drawing will be performed independently. This means a registration that requests tickets for all three nights has equal chance of being selected in each drawing. You will have until Friday, Jun 28th at 7pm PT to enter. All registrations will be treated equally... as long as you enter before it closes!

Register here

Since this year's Birthday Bash is a special Wabos reunion, you know it’s going to be one heck of a party! "Prepare yourself for a throwback birthday bash!! Three nights of the Wabos and friends! Hey you only turn 72 once!" says Sammy. 

Winner's will be selected randomly and informed via email on: Tuesday, July 1st 

Those selected will be emailed ticket links to complete the purchase. NO TICKET TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED. All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all registrations cancelled. Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue. Payment will need to be completed by Monday July 16th, otherwise tickets will be forfeited.

Any tickets not purchased by July 16th will be returned into a final pool of tickets that will be available in a traditional first-come, first served, public on-sale date to be announced.

Here are direct links to each show's event page:

Night 1 (Oct 9), Night 2 (Oct 11), & Night 3 (Oct 13)

Ticket cost: $72/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!)


As in years past, there will be a limited number of Dinner Show Tickets available directly in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis in Cabo.

Night 1 (Oct. 9th) Tickets will be made available at the cantina club area at 12pm noon on Tuesday, October 8th.

Night 2 & 3 (Oct. 11th & 13th) Tickets will be made available at the cantina club area at 12pm noon on Thursday, October 10th.

Dinner Show Tickets will cost $120 per person and include a welcome drink, dinner, tax, tip & admission into the show. It does not include any additional drinks.  Dinner Reservations DO NOT GUARANTEE a table for the show.  The show will be standing room only.  There are no tables or chairs.  Maximum of 2 seats per person present for the purchase.  Please have valid photo ID ready.

Questions? Contact us at:

Can't wait to see you in Cabo!


211 Redhead Comments's picture

Hi— in Cabo for our 20yr wedding anniversary, looking to buy 2 tickets. Por Favor. Staying at SOLAZ Resort.

Klotz2000's picture

Anybody got a ticket for a guest that can’t come? Lemme know. Let’s finish what we started.

frank.clark's picture

My wife and I got Night 2. We're excited as it's our first time to Cabo. Visited Vegas multiple times but it won't be like being at the original. Read up on early to show up to get in line so do we get our tix at will call earlier that day then get in line for a wristband? If you want to get close to the stage, how early should we get in line? Also heard taxis are challenging to get after the show. We're staying at RIU Palace. Thoughts, concerns, advice?

Todd Simmons's picture

Question: Currency in Cabo Wabo.... I only use Peso's when I travel Mexico.. does Cabo Wabo take Pesos or prefer USD

rachelc097's picture

What is Promo code for today's final sale??? Thank you.

redrocker327's picture

They have not made the announcement for unclaimed sale

Wanda519's picture

Is there a date set for unclaimed ticket sales?

Kimjo47's picture

Any word yet on ticket sales for birthday bash?

Todd Simmons's picture

Thank you so much , we are staying only a few blocks away..

Todd Simmons's picture

Thank you so much!

Nosajjj's picture

Todd, Redrocker327 hit it on the head. Wristband line is quite a wait. Yes, don't mess with the WB especially since they have seals. If you want to be close to the stage you pretty much need to get there early. In 2016 my wife and I went. We pretty much laid back. We had dinner in town, and got to CW around 8:30. Pretty much didn't wait hardly at all to get in. Sat outside on the patio area and had a few beers before making our way in. Granted, we were not in the front. You really don't need to be unless your trying to interact with the band as it's a small venue. Besides all the bars are in the back. Grabbing a taxi after it's over can be a bit of a challenge if you don't stay within walking distance. Have fun i'll be there for night two!

redrocker327's picture

Expect a LONG DAY. There will be three waiting periods. The first is getting your wristbands. If you have a guest they must be with you at that time. They verify you as a winner to a manifest and put them on. DO NOT tamper with them as entry could be denied if security feels they were not legitimately gotten. There is a table set up to the left of the front entrance where this occurs. The next period is the wait to get into the club. The doors generally open at 7 and what time you get in that line depends on how close you want to be. The last period is the one once inside for the show to start. It generally begins 9:30 and goes for 90 to 120 minutes. The best advice is to hydrate and not with Vitamin T. Oh one last word of advice the times as I said are general and by no means set in stone.

Todd Simmons's picture

we are coming down, scored tickets to night 1.... first time bucket list... what should I expect and plan for ...

gregh087's picture

Me to for night 2. Night 2 is always the best ! Not to bloat, but i have seen 41 B Bash shows , since 2000. Rock On !

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

No tickets but still headed there. Room booked airline booked should be another great time with all the Redheads from all over the country...

LoriCulberth's picture

Darn it!

Todd Simmons's picture

tickets bought night 1 !! Bucket list baby... Can't wait, any special tip for those of you that have been to the show! What should I prepare for so pumped.

swbrown's picture

Didn't get an email

Todd Simmons's picture

Holy Crap Tickets to Night 1, So pumped!! How many of you have been to the show before is there anything I should expect? what time does the show start and when do you usually get there?
Can't wait this is bucket list for me!

Kbullard's picture

Hey! I want to surprise my husband one night and go to this! We have been huge fans for decades!! Any of the 3 nights...just 2 tickets! Thank you!!

Sdlady's picture

We have not received an email alerting us either way - if we were dran for tickets, or not. Are they still drawing?

redrocker327's picture

They draw 500 from the lottery entries for each show. The capacity is 750 so that leaves 250. The remaining is for dinner/show and other uses.'s picture

How many tickets are sold for each show?

Jeff Matejcek's picture

Still going wish I could got tickets.
But I'll just have to go marlin fishing in the tournament
Wishing all that got tickets a good time

The Good Twin's picture

Got an email about 30 minutes ago letting me know I wasn't selected for the Birthday Bash tickets. :( Oh well, I'll still be in Cabo that week celebrating 28 years w/hubs and exploring a new place. Maybe we'll run into Sammy on the beach. :) Congrats to those who won tickets!!!

cujoamoog's picture

O boy. Consolation prize. Huntington Beach.

nbaird's picture

No tix

davidbayo's picture

Hey sendmetocabo: I live in PA too. Didn't get tickets either. Hear you need to camp out overnight for dinner tickets. But still want to make my way over to Cabo Wabo and hangbout one night. Email me at if you want to touch base. I will be there October 8-15

sendmetocabo's picture

HI I live in pa and will be in cabo. I guess i didnt get tickets in the drawing, what are my options? I would like to get dinner tickets too. I think the site says we can purchase tickets for dinner & show in cabo? Is this correct. I havent been in the drawing 3 years in a row...ugh

Thank you very much, Shelley


ugh, no tickets, but also there were no flights at all left that week, so maybe glad i didn't get picked..

Tracy Brooks's picture

Have all the emails gone out to all the winners?

henning1's picture

Scored Tix For Night 3 On Sammy’s Actual Bday!!

redrocker327's picture

Do you need a plus one (guest). If so please email me

Wanda519's picture

No email for me either. Congrats to those who won. Hopefully I will be able to score 2 tickets when they are made available.

Nosajjj's picture

Won night two!

caliskye's picture

How can you get tickets if you weren't drawn? What is first come first and when does that happen? We will be there from Oct 9-14th. My boyfriend is a veteran and really loves Sammy, we were hoping to get drawn but no bueno :(

Tipomanob's picture

....We didn't get picked this year (that's ok.. we didn't last year either, but managed to score two tix when the unclaimed ones went on was AMAZING).

IF YOU WON, and you're looking for 5 STAR accomodations while there, my wife and I own a 1 Bdrm Master Suite at Grand Solmar at Land's End, right across the street from the marina, that we're looking to rent out. Feel free to email me at if interested.

Hotrodfuller's picture

Thank you for not picking me. Now I don’t have to worry anymore about being chosen. Relief. Now we can focus on the real reason we are in Cabo that week, and that is to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary.

suzyq's picture

3rd night, his bday night always looks to be the best. I went 1st night 2018. still a great show. Have fun.

suzyq's picture

Congrats to all, I'm glad I got picked last year, first time entering. Love that Sammy. I believe everything happens for a reason.

kmash69's picture

I got no luck either ! Do the remaining tix go for sale at Cantina only ?

rockdoll's picture

Pinch me ! We won night 3 (13th)

Lauren Hagar's picture

So are all the emails done going out? Because I see the first one to respond wasn't until after 8pm this evening.

Peekaboo2112's picture

Does anyone know if today was the only day that they’re drawing?
So if I haven’t heard anything today I didn’t get chosen for tickets.'s picture

JUL 1 2019- No email AGAIN!! so sucks :(

sunkissed71's picture

8:52pm AZ time, no email

Behrens's picture

No email either. Congrads to all the lucky chosen ones.

txsanman's picture

Bummer! No email for me. Congrats to all the lucky winners. I’ll still be hanging around near Cabo Wabo.

Wforacin5150's picture

I won night 3 myself, but I don’t see a code's picture

Nope no email for me