Birthday Bash Last Ticket Onsale July 29th!

July 22, 2019
Birthday Bash Last Ticket Onsale July 29th!

We've processed all orders placed by this year's random drawing winners and there are a number that were returned. These remaining tickets are now prepared for our final first-come, first-served onsale at 10 AM PT on MONDAY, JULY 29th. This is the last chance to get advance tickets – the only other option will be dinner ticket packages in person in Cabo.

This will be a traditional ticket onsale and based on previous years, they will be gone in a flash. The demand is always much larger than the number of tickets available which means even clicking on the ticket link at 10am PT exactly won't guarantee you get one.  However, sometimes people don't complete their purchase and tickets can free up 5-10 minutes later, so keep trying for a while and you may get lucky! Same ticket rules and regulations apply: No transfers,  2-ticket limit per night, must show picture ID at the venue to get your wristbands, and all sales are final.

Night 1 Ticket link:

Night 2 Ticket link:

Night 3 Ticket link:

Connect with Sammy's Facebook Messenger and we will send you a reminder just before the magic hour on the 29th! Join at: and also get an automatic entry for a chance to win a High Tide Beach Party & Car Show special grand prize giveaway including a pair of VIP upgraded tickets, some free cash for merch and a meet & greet with the man himself.


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Yes several tickets were bought at 9am but when they figured it out - they stopped the sale and the remaining tickets were sold at 10am. I decided to log on to see if my linked worked and it said tickets for sale in 2 minutes. I knew that was wrong so I got out and got back in and BAM...the ticket link came up and I was able to buy 2 tickets for the 9th. I was stunned.

But...I have never been selected in the lottery. They hate me...Lol... Not really but I have never been selected in the last 8 yrs. I have done dinner tickets and sometimes get super lucky and become a plus 1. Unfortunately, people get sick or party way too much and can't make the show so a plus 1 becomes never know. Just go to Cabo with a positive attitude...make friends and you may get lucky to find an extra armband or 2...but only pay regular price. There are some folks that make $$ and sell their 2nd armband for much more than the $72.00

I've been going to Cabo (off & on) since 2002 and have made all the shows except one in 2011. It can happen just stay positive and enjoy Cabo. There are so many fun activities and friendships to be made. Redheads Rule!

Texas - Norma

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The group page I have posted below for Birthday Bash week events. There were at least 10 people that bought tickets before the scheduled start time and a couple that got multiple shows, which had they truly gone on sale at correct time would've never happened with so many attempting to buy.

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What is the Facebook page your speaking of? They did run two waves of ticket sales. The first was an hour earlier which was a time zone miscommunication issue. They did run the other at the 1pm EST. There were tickets available during both sales.

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Eventbrite says they are not responsible for this so that leaves the organizer. Who is going to respond with the truth. This was not a glitch as I was told in an email. This was a major mistake. I’m sure Sammy pays a lot of money for this website to be run responsibly. I asked this same question on Sammy’s Birthday Bash Facebook page.

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Cabo is not in central time it is Mexican pacific time which is our Mountain time zone.'s picture

Eventbrite is the absolute worst. Have tickets, then go to pay and all of a sudden no longer have any tickets. Happened twice. Ridiculous company.

Just Say Hesss's picture

Apparently Eventbrite puts this all back on the organizer so hopefully someone from Sammy's Camp gets back to us all and tells us what the F happened because this is tragic and leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. This is a major F-Up!

Apologies for any frustration, Larry. We are aware that the tickets were on sale on Eventbrite earlier than what was stated elsewhere, however, that on-sale time was not set by Eventbrite.

To clarify--Eventbrite does not set up the event page on behalf of the organizer--we simply provide them with the website and the online tools to do so. Everything you see on an Eventbrite event page is set up by the event organizer, including the date & time that tickets go on sale. You can reference the steps they take to do so for that specific feature here:

As stated previously, you will need to get in touch with the organizer for more insight as to why the time was set to 9am, because Eventbrite did not set that up on their behalf, and we cannot provide you with any further information on our end.

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This was quite a mess. I couldn’t even get into the site to try to buy tickets through the tickets 1st night link on here. Kept taking me to eventbrite site with a bunch of weird stuff listed. Then after about 10 minutes I was able to get in and of course kept saying unavailable then sold out. How disappointing. I refuse to give up 2 days of my vacation to wait in a line to “maybe” get tickets. This is my first time coming here and I had to skip doing vacation in summer so I could do this. I’ve waited a long time to get away and chilax. Guess it’s not meant to he for me to see Sammy this year. I had tickets to see him in May for my birthday and there was threat of bad storm so it got canceled and he was going to do show next night but I couldn’t go. Was hoping to get picked or get in to buy the last chance.

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Kimjo and anyone else that is heading down feel free to join this FB group. There will be lots of other stuff to do while you are thee and I try to list them there. C U N CABO!!!

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We didn’t get tickets but we already have our stay there... was wondering if there is any events going on that week... is it extremely crowded that week? Any info would be greatly appreciated.. our first time ever in Cabo... thanks

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Same thing happened to me. They start selling at 9am PST? I tried getting in a few minutes before and it kept saying 2 more minutes. Was it for members or fan club at 9PST? That is BULLSHIT

Seashell28's picture

I agree total bullshit they way the do the tickets. They should all be sold and not some random raffle. I got kicked out three times buying the tickets. How do you have me in the checkout section and all of sudden the tickets are no longer available. A bunch of BULLSHIT's picture

How was it possible for sale to start 1hr early when the links showed a countdown. BS

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Kellibrown be prepared to spend a long time on the sidewalk in front of the Cabo Wabo. Typically they line up 36-48 hours prior to the handing out of numbered red tickets then you come back to the Cantina at noon and they go in numerical order allowing you to buy 2 tickets. some people do it in groups to rotate in and out of line for breaks but they do monitor the line to make sure no line jumping at last minute. good luck and bring an air mattress if you are planning on waiting

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So they screw us twice this year!! Funny they told
The world that they extended the SHIT lottery till 10. But we are going to sell the tickets an hour earlier and not trek anyone!! The person or people who run his this site is a complete JOKE!! I was the last person to get a single at 3:05 eastern. Then it went to sold out.

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I am still in shock over what happened today! I had tickets and tried to check out 4 times and nothing!! Not to mention the early release at 9:00 pst!
I was linked with facebook and got a notification that tickets were going on sale in 15 minutes, but in reality, they went on sale 45 minutes before I got this message. This is just wrong.

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Today was complete bullshit tickets were suppose to go on sale at 10pt instead they went on sale at 9pt I received at reminder at 12:45 et that tix go on sale in 15 mins than find out they went on sale at 9pt also never got a promo code the whole thing was a complete mess thx for nothing

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Does anyone know what the dinner package is all about? This is our 1st year going and not sure how the dinner thing works - do you just show up at Cabo Wabo? Will details be released on the webpage? Any info will help - thanks!

turboval's picture

Same here. Happened twice! It’s my 50th and really wanted to celebrate with Sammy!

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The last time I checked, 10 pacific is 1 pm eastern time not noon. Similar situation as every one else. Doesn't seem right that they move up the ticket sale time without telling anyone. Sammy does a lot things the right way, this one was a cluster Fu**. Good luck to everyone that got tickets, Sammy puts on a great show!

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I'm not sure what to say other than this was poorly organized. So not cool to list PT time when you start selling on cabo time. I was checking ahead just in case this might happen. I was able to get through for night one but it would only let me purchase one ticket WTF.. not sure what to do now cuz I'm not going to go without my wife. I'm wondering if someone has there 2nd person not able to go I would gladly make it worth your while to take my wife in with you so we could attend. I might try for the dinner tickets when I get there but if not I will just eat the $72 and not go.

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Same here had 2 tickets in my cart when went to checkout it said unavailable
Really got me mad . I thought I was gonna be there!

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I had the same experiences as everyone here. The whole situation was completely wrong. They should add a third night and see if they can get it right this time to make up for it. Show of hands, how many vote Eventbrite wins worst ticket sale of all the shows? Tell your story if you have one worse than these.

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The set up was a joke this year! Someone has got to do better. I hope their monitoring these messages so they know how screwed up it was and get it straightened for next year. Tickets going on sale early and then not being able to purchase them 1.5 sec after you click purchase!I see that happened to a lot of people including me.
Good luck to all the lucky one's that bought tickets early and the ones that get to go. Have a blast!

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I was just able to select 2 tickets for night 2 at 12:05 PT. When I hit check out they were gone. Now night 2 is showing sold out. Just like others, I 2 had tickets twice only to be told they were gone when hitting Check Out.

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Rock n' Rolling with Sammy on Oct 13th! Happy birthday Rick! :)

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I did not see tix on sale prior to 10 am. But after short time yes night 1 and 3 sold out, that is expected. But two hours later night 2 still not sold out and cannot get any tix!! is it really already sold out and event brite just won't update?

never mind, just sold out.
congrats to all who got tix. It is a difficult task for sure--ENJOY!!

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The ticket sales were so jacked up. Really pisses me off that people were able to buy tickets at 9 a.m. PT (how was this discovered?). I kept checking early and didn't start until 10 a.m. It's BS when tickets are in your cart 4 times and you still can't follow through with the purchase. My husband had them in his cart 3 times and still couldn't purchase either. I wish you was back to the old way where we waited in line. Wish I hadn't bought my airfare already

Just Say Hesss's picture

Total BS. Just slammed Eventbrite on Twitter. Was so looking forward to this. Already have plane tix and a room for the week but to tix. So unfair!

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Glad to know I wasn't the only one. I had tickets several times and then went to check out and then it would say unavailable.
I live in the CT zone, so when they went on sale at 11am CT I was a little shocked.
Try again next year!! Cabo 2020!!!

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Just slammed Eventbrite on Twitter. Total BS so unfair. Still have tickets and room for the week but no tickets.

Super One 67's picture

I had the same issues as a few of you. 4 times I had tickets then it said tickets no longer available when I go to check out. Kept trying until message for show said sold out. Crap! At least I was lucky enough to see the show once, 4 years ago ...

Wayne Redburn's picture

Wow! What a total cluster fuck, Eventbrite link said sale starts in 5 mins., so I click on Tickets exactly at stated time of 10:00am and already says Unavailable or Sold Out. Absolute "Shit Show"!

danasand's picture

That isn't right to post "tickets go on sale at 10 PT." and then sell them at Cabo time.

Nieceeden's picture

this happened to me several times, as well. You can't select tickets and hit checkout at the same time. The site should allow you the split second it takes to hit checkout before it strips your tickets. I understand that there are a handful of tickets for thousands of people, however, I don't think that's right. I started trying for tickets the second they went on sale and like I said, I got tix twice but they were stripped as soon as I got them.'s picture
I had same issue with getting tickets into the cart and not being able to check out as now unavailable.
Rondi_DD's picture

Wow WTH?! I had tickets in cart 3 different times, went to checkout, and then tickets unavailable?

kcar68's picture

What a total mess! I had tickets 3 times and went to check out and it said they were unavailable!
Thanks eventNotSoBrite!
Possibly need to hire people who can tell time seeing as how some people bought tickets an hour earlier than they were supposed to go on sale.
I don't mind losing the game. I would like to know when it actually starts.
Have fun in Cabo to the lucky/blessed ones.

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Several comments posted here state sales started hour earlier than stated, but why would the Red Rocker FB page send out a reminder 15 minutes prior and Eventbrite page showed countdown to ticket sales at 10 am PST!! I guess life just isn't fair but dang it, I wanted to see Sammy!!

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CaboNFall's picture

Stocks it's because they were all sold an hour early and when the stated start time came around there were none left to purchase

stocks9394's picture

Had the same think happen to me Betts.. I had 1 and it was gone.. not sure how that happens

CaboNFall's picture

they went on sale at 9am PST not the stated 10am so they were already gone at 10am PST. check FB lots of people got them early

SClement's picture

What's the heck is the promo code. Ugh

rzmudzin's picture

I had 2 tickets in my cart, bought them and only one came through. Arggghhhhh. Now I have one ticket :-(

rjn995's picture

Why do tickets keep disappearing when you were able to put them in the cart? And for other day tickets were sold out before the onsale?'s picture

Same problem at 11 am and noon CDT

DEAWICK1's picture

How can 10 am PT become 9 am PT.
So disappointed.

BADTAD's picture

wow good for you! sucks for the rest of us! I will be there the 1st night!'s picture

Me too in both the 11 am and 12 CDT times