Final Reminder for Winners of Birthday Bash 2019 Drawing to Purchase Tickets!

July 15, 2019
Final Reminder for Winners of Birthday Bash 2019 Drawing to Purchase Tickets!

Did you win the random drawing for purchasing tickets to Sammy's Birthday Bash this October?  If so, Jul 16, 2019 is your last day to purchase your tickets!

 If you aren't sure if you won, visit to look up your email address.

Any tickets not purchased by July 16th at 5 pm PT will be returned into a final pool of tickets that will be available in a traditional first-come, first served, public on-sale (date to be announced). The only other chance for tickets are dinner tickets, available directly in Cabo at the Cantina.


 12 Redhead Comments

tseymour1965's picture

How early do I need to be in line for the dinner ticket sales ?

TommyFromHouston's picture

Monday the 29th it is....


redrocker327's picture

The how part I can answer, but the when we will have to wait for announcement. They will be sold like a regular show via the internet. In past years they have done it where all shows are done the same day/time and also had them different days.

RockCandy57's picture

Hoping to here soon about the remaining tickets. Hotel and flights booked. Can’t wait to se Sammy in Cabo again

Jeff Hanley's picture

Hello, could you please let me know when and how the unclaimed ticket will be sold? We have booked the airfare and would really like another chance at tickets.

Kimjo47's picture

Any word yet on ticket sales for birthday bash?

not2awnry's picture

I dont understand why lottery winners had 2 weeks to purchase .. credit card should be charged with each lottery draw ! that would cut down a lot of "Oh let see what happens" and leave it to the folks that are GOING TO CABO ! 46,000 entries with a good 40K that had no intention of going

heathmac66's picture

Agreed frenzy. It opens up ticket sales to those who never registered for the lottery. Us redheads had a better chance with the second chance drawing. But of course I'll join the frenzy. Just waiting for an announcement so I can clear my busy work calendar!

kcar68's picture

I'm not too clear on this one. Internet sale where? Ticketmaster?

redrocker327's picture

It is NOT another drawing but a frenzy internet sale like regular shows are sold.

Maverick3's picture

Bring on those Non-Purchased Tickets. I am down for any night. I have my airfare and hotel and am ready to go. Cabo Wabo baby.

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

When is the drawing for the non purchased tickets? Gotta be soon ... See ya in Cabo