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Oct 13 2018


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Many other special guests.


Show 09:30PM.

For info on "Dinner Show Tickets" available in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico please visit: http://www.redrocker.com/news/birthday-bash-dinner-show-ticket-info

Show details are in this news post.


  • 2018-10-13 @ Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 3


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telliott's picture

Just booked a Cabo trip. My plane does not land until Friday afternoon. Any other way I can get tickets to night 3??

ColoradoRedHead's picture

Managed to get in today on the 'unclaimed' ticket sale and scored two for Saturday night!

Dlainesmith's picture

I tried to buy tickets again today and they sold out at instantly...
How can I find tickets for Sat night show?

Raider Rocker's picture

I got an email for tickets on sale this morning with a link by no promo code.....where's the promo code?

lmboone34's picture

Me Too....

fireeater1969's picture

My first time winning the lottery! Night 3 for Sammys birthday! Wisconsin redheads in the house!! Beyond excited!!

Kenny O's picture

My 1st on his actual Bday!! Should be the best yet!! Cheers until Cabo!!

Kenny O's picture

Bryan, sorry brother I just saw this post. Patrick is correct, day of the show stop by the Cantina after 2 and grab your wrist band and make sure whomever has the other tic is with you. Have your ID (I bring my CC I purchased them with as well). Then it’s on to the show later! Think door are 6? Maybe 7? Never made it before 8, walk right in and small place not a bad view in the house. Obviously you want to be right up front gotta get there early. Look my up when you’re down buy ya a drink.. All the redheads are amazing and glad you’re in!

janette69's picture

Going to Cabo San Lucas again for Sammy's Birthday Bash Night 3!!! Let's bring in "71" like no other party for the Red Rocker!

AllmondBrothers's picture

When will we get the chance to get the tickets ? Do they send an E Mail ?

pearsa3424's picture

Is there any way to get tix for the Bday Bash shows? I need 4-5 tix for Sat Oct 13 show.

Maybe some people didn't buy their allocation by July 2?


finchbirds's picture

The tickets cannot be sold, sadly...

Cindi Cook Wirick's picture

Why didn't some of us not receive the I'm sorry you weren't selected email?

adri1969's picture

I wish I was going .I guess I am not lucky u have a great time rock on

brendaSTL's picture

i may be outside, but i will be there!

tballesteros's picture

Soooooo sad I did not get picked for tickets. Anyone want to sell?

roberta058's picture

Can't wait to rock with Sammy in Cabo on his birthday - 10/13/18!!!

patrick.thomlinson's picture


There will be a line to get wristbands forming throughout the morning. They start handing them out I think at 2. There is no reason to line up. As soon as the line goes through you can just walk up and get your wristbands. They'll put a rope up at some point after that (around 4 or so?) and you can get in line according to how close you want to try to get to the stage. Then you'll go in around 6:30 and he starts around 9:30.

bryanb0813's picture

Yo Kenny,
I take it you've been to one of these before. This is my first. What's the entry protocol like? Do I need to get in a line, hours in advance? Please help a brother out. Thanks.

petroskas's picture

I can't wait to read comments from all the people who magically got chosen for all 3 shows while I get nothing yet again. This fan is becoming bitter.

Kenny O's picture

If you go there once, you'll be there twice.. and I'll see you in CABO!



maryhem's picture

I'm FINALLY getting down to Cabo when all the Redheads are there. I am so excited!!

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goddess55's picture

Would love to be chosen for this bash!!