Upcoming Event

Oct 11 2018


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Many other special guests.


Show 09:30PM.

Register for the random drawing to purchase tickets:

Monday, June 11th 10AM PT until Friday, June 15th 10AM PT at bit.ly/2018bdaybash

Read more details in this news post.


  • 2018-10-11 @ Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 2


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 14 Redhead Comments

Mike Lederer's picture

Admin, I was notified I won tix to night 2. The link to purchase tickets is not working. Please send me the link
Thank You!

redrocker327's picture

Check for an announcement next month regarding tickets not claimed by lottery winners. They arw looking to do an internet sale of those.

Marie@aaarestoration.org's picture

Have all ticket notifications gone out? I did not get an email stating yes or no.

AZKDogg's picture

Night #2 Here I come!!!!

LoriHarding's picture

I am waiting for my email. Havent been able to get tickets for 2 years now. Today is supposed to be the day that we are notified !

jkerrtx9's picture

Got my tickets for the 11th. See you there!!!



lmboone34's picture

Sammy is my husbands all time favorite. I really hope we can get tickets. I see that the tickets are limited. Does anyone know how they are released to purchase if we don't win a couple. This means so much to me for my husband to see Sammy... We have are room reserved and airline. I am not very worldly and not sure where to get the tickets or how they will be released.

maryhem's picture

I'm FINALLY getting down to Cabo when all the Redheads are there. I am so excited!!

Mark Jeffrey's picture

Registering for ticket for the Cabo birthday bash

ShortMort's picture

crossing MY Fingers GET PICKED!!!

tonysbaby's picture

No better place to be than Cabo Wabo for an awesome Birthday Bash!!! already have our vacation planned, hope we win the tickets!!!!! Will be a great birthday present for my husband too, his is Oct 15!!!

lmboone34's picture

Does anyone know where to register for Sammys Birthday Bash tickets in Cabo??

goddess55's picture

Would love to be chosen For this Bash!