June 06, 2018

UPDATED: 7/24/18

Final on sale for remaining tickets happens Friday, July 27th at 10AM PT. 

Night 1 (Oct. 9th) Ticket Link:

Night 2 (Oct. 11th) Ticket Link:

Night 3 (Oct. 13th) Ticket Link:


It's what you have all been waiting for! The 2018 Birthday Bash ticket registration for the random drawing opens for 5 days only starting THIS MONDAY, JUNE 11th at 10am PDT. The registration link will be posted on as well as Sammy's Facebook and Twitter.

The Registration period for the random drawing lasts for a week.Access to purchase tickets will be similar to the last few years: it will be decided by a random selection. Taking into consideration all of the feedback we have been hearing from you and the high demand and low availability, this is what has been determined to give fans the fairest opportunity for tickets. The ticket limit is 2 per night, per household (billing address) and each show's drawing will be performed independently. This means a registration that requests tickets for all three nights has equal chance of being selected in each drawing.


Winner's will be selected randomly and informed via email on: Monday, June 18th

Those selected will be emailed ticket links to complete the purchase. NO TICKET TRANSFERS ARE ALLOWED. All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all registrations cancelled. Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue. Payment will need to be completed by Monday July 2nd, otherwise tickets will be forfeited.

Any tickets not purchased by this deadline will be returned into a final pool of tickets that will be available in a traditional first-come, first served, public on-sale date to be announced.

Here are direct links to each show's event page:
Night 1 (Oct 9), Night 2 (Oct 11), & Night 3 (Oct 13)

Questions? Contact us at:

Ticket cost: $71/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!)

Can't wait to see you in Cabo!


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mmdeangelis's picture

Finally after years of trying and 4 years of going to Cabo waiting in the hopeful lines outside of the Cabo Wabo Cantina, I finally scored 2 tickets to see Sammy in Cabo AND to the actual 13th. Birthday show to boot!
Reservations and flights have been secured YAY us's picture

Well I'm super bummed I didn't get any tickets this year. Gone in seconds!!:( I got lucky last year but we will still be coming to Cabo during the time Sammy is there. Hey, who knows maybe Sammy will surprise us at the Cabo Wabo in between shows...let's hope so! Rock on Sammy! We love you! xoxox

Redd Rocker's picture

Any folks looking for a second chance drawing, I think you are waiting for nothing. If you read the initial post for the Birthday Bash, it states right at the bottom, "Any tickets not purchased by this deadline will be returned into a final pool of tickets that will be available in a traditional first-come, first served, public on-sale date to be announced."
That sounds to me like they are just going to sell them. No second drawing. I think that is what they did last year. I almost think you have better chances that way. I have not been picked in the "random drawing" for years. And I try to get tickets for all four shows, as I will be there for it. Just my thoughts.

redrocker327's picture

I was told NO 2ND CHANCE DRAWING. They are putting any unclaimed tickets on sale via a internet sale. The announcement should come later this month, as the sale is expected to be end of the month.

Marcifarish's picture

I really want to see the show in Cabo. I’m have tickets to Huntington, which will be fantastic, but completing the event/trip with tickets to cabo also would be a dream come true! When do the tickets go up for sale? I watch for daily updates. Hopelessly addicted to Rock!

Harleymomma08's picture

Any word on 2nd chance drawing or dinner tickets?

maillady62's picture

See you at the beach

lstarkey's picture

Just realized emails from here have been going to my spam folder & I emptied the folder before I found this out...hopefully will get back to me soon if I was lucky enough to get some tix!

Keith youngblood's picture

See you night1

Whyte31's picture

Do you need a companion?

Whyte31's picture

ADMIN: How about that winner lookup link?

Double R's picture

Did you get a new link for tickets? My link isn’t working.

Double R's picture

I finally got selected for Night 1, but can’t get the link to work. Eventbrite absolutely no help. Does anyone know how to get around this? I am panicking my tickets will be given away. I have already purchased my airline tickets. Please help.

Carri2u's picture

What is the link?

brianf000's picture

You need to go back to putting the tickets on sale at a certain time and date and if you get them, you get them! Please let us know one way or another if we got tickets!

Michellehobson.'s picture

I haven't received any notifications. Will there be anything going out?

jacknmikeb's picture

Did you get a link to check your email? Thanks

janette69's picture

Tickets are purchased! Ready to party with Sammy Oct 13th 2018 Cheers to the "Red Rocker"!

joey791's picture

I'm already subscribed to Sammy's email list and I did not get an email. Replying to cnbrooks

lmboone34's picture

I received my I did not win response... How do I have an opportunity to purchase the tickets... It will be just awful to be there and not see Sammy..

brettk034's picture

Thank you for the link. that worked

cnbrooks's picture

Update - This f/u email explains the "Not picked emails" a little better. If they were already subscribed to Sammy’s email list (through MailChimp) with the same email, than there were some people that received the “not picked” email.

- Sammy Hagar Webmaster

cnbrooks's picture

This is the lame response I received back regarding why some people got notified they didn't win and others did not -

"You would have received a detailed email if you won.

If there are any tickets left un-purchased by the random drawing winners, they will go into a first come, first served onsale (most likely at the end of July).

- Sammy Hagar Webmaster"

I'm totally cool with not winning tickets, we go down to Cabo that week regardless of tickets but it would be nice if they could get their shit together on these drawings and be a little bit more consistent.

Walshburt1972's picture

I see that some people are receiving their notifications if they got picked or not . I haven't received anything

Whyte31's picture

ADMIN, Red Heads need your help here!

Can you please provide us with a winner lookup link that we can check and see if we were picked for tickets or not.

Here is the link from last year that provided this information:

Shel565's picture

Same here. I haven't heard either way.

cabodavid711's picture


DavidJ1013's picture

See ya in Cabo !!!

RAT5150's picture

I to have not received an email stating whether I won or not Any info would be appreciated redheads!

judyb1965's picture

I emailed the Red Rocker team-- Have also not received an email letting me know if I received or was not picked for tickets-- My friend received an email saying sorry she was not picked-- I received nothing-- confused

charlamar4's picture

Haven't heard anything at all either way, hope there's news soon, really hoping this was the year, getting married July 14th, and this would be great honeymoon :(

joey791's picture

I have also not received an email either way, it would be nice to know if I won tickets or not.

Tim-cbowbo's picture

I also have not received an e-mail either way. What is the story here?

cnbrooks's picture

Can Admin please explain why some people got notifications that they were not chosen but others did not? I haven’t received an email either way. It’s not very consistent!

cathyrad's picture

I didn't receive ANY email. That I did or did not get picked in the lottery. Is there a link to check our email address like last year???? Help!

hwjunkie's picture

Like alot of people, I didn't get an email either way.

valeriew059's picture

Is there going to be a link to check I registered but haven't gotten anything either way. thanks

hwjunkie's picture

Same as alot of people, I haven't received an email saying I was picked or not.

Debb72450's picture

Will they post a list of winners ?

lv2travel98's picture
Whyte31's picture

Does anyone know if there is a registration winner lookup link likes year's past? Last year a friend of mine won tickets and did not get an email, the only way he found out was by the lookup link.

colleenh093's picture

Nothing yet! Still praying, this is first time we have been able to come back since my hubby proposed to me at the wabo birthday bash 10 years ago! Would love to celebrate our anniversary at a show!

Belgium's picture

HI all - is there a link to check your email if you were selected (like in years past). I registered successfully, but received no email either way. Thanks.

Bold1's picture

they say all have been notified, Bummer!! I lose again, will still be in cabo though

miab28's picture

Yes - you will be notified either way.

Mingus's picture

Nothing yet for me. I saw in the Facebook page where some people got emails Saturday. Others were getting them this morning too so I’m still hopeful.

harleyz's picture

Fingers Crossed!!!! We ❤️ Sammy & Cabo!!

Tycobb48's picture

Can't wait to get back to Cabo - it's been 6 long we know when they are announcing the lottery winners?

lauraharbert's picture

Anyone heard anything yet? I've been checking my email constantly today.

Marching To Bars's picture

Looking forward to making it this year....will we be notified either way?