Past Event

Oct 9 2018


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Many other special guests.


Show 9:30PM.


For info on "Dinner Show Tickets" available in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico please visit:

Show details are in this news post.


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  • 2018-10-09 @ Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 1


 46 Redhead Comments

lmboone34's picture

Sammy and the Circle were on fire. Best day ever. Hope I can get tickets this year my mother and son are coming with...

Stormee's picture

Hey, It’s my first year going to the show & will be going with my husband, daughter & son in law, we have 2 tickets for first show & second show we would love to experience it together, is there any way to trade tickets from 2nd show for first night? Will be in Cabo tomorrow & my email is for your help.

rockin_in_ohio's picture

One leg of our coming home trip is Aero Mexico, but going down we are in the clear. Getting stuck in Cabo for a few more days because of a strike...doesn't bother me a bit.

rockin_in_ohio's picture

We are getting in town Sunday for show number 1 Tuesday night. Staying at Playa Grande. Any others staying there so we can travel together as a group over to the show?

Derek Conrad's picture

I have an extra ticket to night one, would totally trade for night 2 or 3

redrocker327's picture

Suzy Q,

In the future I would avoid flying through Mexico City. I made that mistake one year to find out they have issues with delays due to fog in October. I spent four extra hours in the airport before getting onto another flight.

Suzy Q's picture

I didnt even hear about it, just happened to come see it when I googled the airlines. I'm sure a lot of people dont know

Suzy Q's picture


redrocker327's picture

WOW if AeroMexico goes on strike that will put a lot of RedHeads in a HUGE bind. Are you travelling through Mexico City?

Suzy Q's picture

I'm not going to be happy if Aeromexico airlines goes on strike Oct 1st

got2runb's picture

Hola! I'm lookn for 2 tickets, Oct 9, Cabo Wabo, hot me up.. Thanks, BW

Mandym6's picture

We are staying at the Sandos Finisteria, arriving on Sunday. Where are you staying? We don't have any other plans, other than enjoying the beach and looking forward to the first night's show with Sammy.

redrocker327's picture


Where are you staying? Do you have two tickets or one? If you have two do you have a guest already? I know of two events that I can recommend. The first is on October 10th and is a fundraiser cruise for a local charity called Amigos De Los Ninos (ADLN) it departs at 4:30 and returns at 7:00. The cost is $45 per person and includes the boat trip, open bar, chips/salsa. They usually have raffles for show tickets and Sammy related memorabilia. If your interested let me know I can get you in contact with the person to make a reservation. The other is a beach party also for ADLN and that is on October 12th. It will be from 11:30 to 4, but due to travel time to get to the place the transportation leaves at 10 and returns at 6. It will also have raffles, and a silent/live auction of items. The cost is $20 for transportation only.

waboholic's picture

Greetings Fellow Redheads!!!

I am FINALLY making the trip down there this year with tickets to Night One of the Bash baby! This is my number 1 with a bullet bucket list item and can't wait to get down there. So a question for all of you: Are there any other organized festivities prior to the Bash where I could meet some of you fellow fans? I always end up making friends at Sammy concerts anyways but would love to get to know a few of you before walking through the doors of the Cabo Wabo! Hope to hear from some of you soon...

redrocker327's picture

You will have to find someone with an extra. The winner has to be present to claim the tickets. They have a winners manifest that they verify ID to.

redrocker327's picture

I know of ones who got tickets during the internet sale, and actually even multiple shows. This is a legitimate deal. I myself pulled the chance to get tickets four times, but at payment time already bought.

saTanZ sinner's picture

Can't wait!!! Thank you!!!!

manondson's picture

If anyone out there has extra tix, or can't make the trip, let me know. I'm in Cabo that week for the 9th and 11th shows. My email is

parsleyrt's picture

Another sad ticket day was on line at hit buy tickets at 10:00 and 01 seconds and at 10:00 02 seconds said not available for all three nights. I am beginning to wonder if this is a legal thing and the tickets are already distributed, I had multiple friends trying top go as well and when I talked to them today same results.

parsleyrt's picture

Another sad ticket day was on line at hit buy tickets at 10:00 and 01 seconds and at 10:00 02 seconds said not available for all three nights. I am beginning to wonder if this is a legal thing and the tickets are already distributed, I had multiple friends trying top go as well and when I talked to them today same results.

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elguano's picture

Tried to get tix for Cabo at 10 am - unable to log in for any show - pitiful - disappointed and disgusted
We are available for any show but ineptitude for getting tix rules - wtf

ouijaboy's picture

My girlfriend and I will be in Cabo during Sammy’s birthday week. How do we get a chance to see him perform? Thanks, Craig Donnelly

redrocker327's picture

The announcement should come later this nonth, as the sale is expected to be end of the month. The process will work like a regular concert sale.

Mandym6's picture

We already purchased our tickets and are now looking into getting our flight and room reserved. Can't wait to see Sammy for my first time on my birthday. Best birthday present ever.

Trujillobrian's picture

When will we find out the date of the first come ticket sale. I would think just after the 2nd as the winners selected have until then to purchase the tickets? Anyone familiar with this part of the ticket process?

Lovin It's picture

Bummer, never got an email either way on whether I got tickets or not. Will be in Cabo that entire week if anyone wants to take me, haha

Suzy Q's picture

can't wait till Oct 9th, excited about Sammy and being in Cabo for the 1st time.

Suzy Q's picture

so glad to be able to experience my 1st bday bash and 1st time in Cabo.

redrocker327's picture

All of the winners have been notified. They so far have not set up a link to check if you were one. My best advice check all email folders for the subject Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash Sales.

corchard's picture

I was wondering the same thing, my friend received an email saying she wasn't picked, but I haven't heard anything

Divemagic's picture

Have they sent all winning emails? Will they notify you of you dont win? I haven't heard one way or the other. Had a blast last year. Was so hoping to go again. Love Sammy

Stella64's picture

Sammy, you were my first concert when I was 15. You played with Pat Benatar in LA. I was in love with you and your music ever since. Me and my husband will be in CABO from 10/6-10/11 and would love to see your show!!! :) :) :)

Ned Smith's picture

Hey sammy any chance we will hear Tropic Of Capricorn

shargunn's picture

There last year but couldn't get tix...hoping this year!!


Cant Wait!!!

maryhem's picture

I'm FINALLY getting down to Cabo when all the Redheads are there. I am so excited!!

ShortMort's picture

I WANNA go!'s picture

I would LOVE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s picture

I would LOVE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GrillMeats's picture

I'd like to go!

Coffer86's picture

I want to register!!!

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Debb72450's picture

So hope I get tickets love sammy

rcastro62's picture

Hoping to be selected for purchase of tickets to bday bash event so we can too celebrate my husband's 54th bday that's on 10/10/18..we're willing to celebrate it w/Sammy one day early!

cabobill's picture

god damn it Sammy get me into to that night 1. Heading to Cabo tomorrow!!!! Getting old. Want to see it again