Past Event

Jul 3 2016
Forest Park
St. Louis , MO


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 8:00PM.

Free Event!


  • 50,000 Strong in St. Louis!


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 28 Redhead Comments

davidklayer's picture

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cgwolf's picture

im pumped up for this this be the best 3rd of July party with sammy and company

ajeep's picture

Hope I can get in. I have a feeling there will be a huge crowd. Even if I have to come by myself.

brendaSTL's picture

Looking forward to seeing my Red friends Sunday in the Lou!

the big D who loves sammy's picture

only a few more days and its mas tequila time gonna due an interview with kshe? hope they let you play a little longer SEE YOU SUNDAY! NO RAIN

kcelam's picture

So looking forward to seeing Sammy. Missed him last year due to being hospitalized. So plan to make up for it during the time he plays this year in Forest Park. Will be one jammed pack place!!!!

Who doesn't love Sammy!!!!!!!!

mils's picture

Can't wait...coming down from Minnesota...

jstealey5150's picture

For those of you around the country that don't know, next Sunday Night in St. Louis is going to be EPIC!!

Fair St. Louis, (The V.P. Fair) is without a doubt the best 4th of July Celebration in America and to have St.Louis' Favorite Rocker and Adoptod Son, Sammy be a part of it is AWESOME!!

A Festival that is usually held beneath the Iconic Arch, but due to renovations is being held in Americas' Largest City Park, (Sorry New York but it's true), and on Art Hill where we all have gone sled riding, it is going to be so Great!

I can't wait and I hope we set a new World Record for attendees at a Sammy Show anywhere. If I were a betting Man, I would Bet on it as a Sure Thing.

There's Only One Way To Rock St. Louis and it's coming soon!!

Platterman's picture

Hey Sammy, we will see you in the Lou.Thank You for playing in the best Damn rocking baseball town in the world.

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the big D who loves sammy's picture

can't wait til july with you and eddie money being their besides it being free what a party it will be

the big D who loves sammy's picture

man I can't wait till the 4th with you and eddie money being their it will be a rock and roll party that's for damn sure

cgwolf's picture

i'm pumped up for forest park july 3

tomb072's picture

Can't wait. Haven't seen Sammy in 8 months at the "Are awe Having Fun Yet" book signing. Pam and I are so excited, we love Sammy and the circle.

tomtony's picture

Do you need a ticket ? Where do you get them ?

ziggy0918's picture

Sammy playing the Fair its going to be a great show!!!!

Pqqhbr's picture

I am going! Cannot wait!

Amy's picture

I am going!!!!

Amy's picture

I am going!!!!

dickie hughes's picture

rented a van... got 15 of us redheads from Cincinnati to rock out with Sammy!!!!!

newwave's picture

I'm bringing my RedHead Crue and we are going to Red Rock Out!!!! Wear your Cardinal Red St. Louis

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dlmooney's picture

will definitely be there! can't miss my RED ROCKN HERO in my hometown! what a great show it'll be! Looking forward to meeting some of my Redhead friends from facebook!!

Bkstephenson's picture

Never miss a Sammy party! For those that haven't seen him in a long time, get to St Louis on July 3rd, or you'll be sorry you missed it. And he has The Circle with him...BONUS!!!

tonyp64's picture

I can't wait. The last time I was able to see Sammy was the 2004 Reunion.

tonyp64's picture

It has been a long time since I was able to see Sammy. It was in 2004 with VH in Biloxi MS. I was able to be in the Golden Circles. I can't wait until July!

lars2k's picture

Road trip from Ohio to see Sammy rock!!

Chari McKenzie's picture

I can not wait for Sammy to rock our world again here in St. Louis!!!