50,000 Strong in St. Louis!

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Redheads out in force in St. Louis tonight!

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Thank you Sammy and The Circle for coming to St. Louis and playing the state fair.. You guys were amazing and this city loves you with a passion! I knew that already but being there... you can really feel it.

Also I just wanted to say, please don't ever take the negative people out there personally. I was just looking for some old tunes and run into so much crap talk it almost got me depressed, and I'm not even you! I don't mean people in St. Louis,,,I mean all the bullshit...the negativity in the world. Don't ever let them win. You have done a lot of good in the world, had a positive affect on me for one, in ways you could never know, life changing ways. We are all so blessed to have you around and still spreading the love. Please Keep it up.

Love and peace, man!! Cathy

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Thank you Sammy and the Circle for coming to the AMP in North West Arkansas. We only have 7,000 seats but man was this a fantastic show. We love you guys


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Awesome night!! Thanks so much Sammy!! You never fail to bring out the crowds rain or shine! Thanks very much for the autograph on my banner!! After years of failed attempts to get front row tickets last night up front was a night I will never forget!!!

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Another great show, Sammy never disappoints....see you in Chicago, row 3....jacked up