Past Event

Jul 2 2016
5079 West Northgate Road
Rogers, AR


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:30PM.


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 19 Redhead Comments

ceasy's picture

Waiting for this event and I hope we will meet there. Thanks for presale code. Red Rock Walmart. Have WalmartOne login help to get more info.

OU1976ER's picture

What was the presale code and where did you get it?


johns5150's picture

I have made my wife a full fledged RedHead! Now to convince her to do back to back, Rogers then Sammy's adopted home ST. LOUIS!!!

Buckmaster0069's picture

Ready to rock!!! Awesome way to kick start the 4th of July....There's Only One Way To Rock!!! Sure hope the play Where Eagles Fly for the Independence Day!! #Beachbarrum

jrvox25's picture

3rd row and I am stoked!! Question...anyone know if they're going to do a VIP / Meet & Greet at the show? Love to meet up with Sammy again. Got the extreme pleasure to interview him back when he came to Columbia MO and hang with him before the show under the arena. This was also the day Gary Cherone left VH. Sam's response when I asked him if he had any comment? "I'm changing my phone number." LOL

dlester's picture

Too bad the pre-sale ended at 10pm last night! Would have been nice to know! Damn

davidc097's picture

That's the only place to be for any show. Can't wait been a long time.

SamFan5150Yeah's picture

You're at the very front. Congrats!!!!

davidc097's picture

Got my ticket not sure where the seat is because it doesn't really show them. But sec. A seat A6 where ever that may be. See you in July.

DeEdra's picture

I am sooooo excited for this show!!! My friends and I will be in row F Section A. Hope to party with some of y'all!

What a PERFECT way to begin the 4th of July weekend. :-)

rlhobbs67's picture

We got our tix at 9:59! Weird! We're D101-104! WOOT! See you soon, Sam Man!!!

SamFan5150Yeah's picture

Just got my tickets! Very happy! :-). THANKS SAMMY!

-Chuck's picture

NW Arkansas, are you ready for this?'s picture


SamFan5150Yeah's picture

Yes Kim, CENTRAL time zone. At 10:01am the Presale should be open. I can't wait!!!'s picture

Does anybody know if the presale times are CENTRAL?

kllb99's picture

Red Rockin!

kllb99's picture

Red Rockin!

SamFan5150Yeah's picture

I'll be at this show if you guys wanna plan something fun! I'm going to try and get tickets on the Presale! Hopefully it will work!!! :-)