Fair St. Louis July 3rd, 2016

July 05, 2016 by Sherry 66

I was here at this show with my husband, my son and his wife, along with their 4year old daughter, and 11/2year old son. An along with my pregnant daughter and her husband. I had and awesome time, enjoyed the music and created some family memories for a life time. Enjoyed watching my granddaughter and grandson dance and rock out to the music.
The last time I remember seeing Sammy Hagar play in St. Louis was Super Jam 1980 at the old Busch Stadium 1980. In downtown st. louis some of the other Bands that played were April wine, shooting star, Journey. I've not always been able to attend concert's over the years. But have followed Sammy Hagar and his music and enjoyed all of his music, video's and will for years to come.

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