Past Event

Jul 27 2013
Del Mar Summer Stage Concert Series
Del Mar, CA


Sammy Hagar's Four Decades of Rock w/ The Wabos.


Sammy and The Wabos

This show is a FREE show as part of the Del Mar Summer Stage Concert Series.


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 21 Redhead Comments

Santa-Kevin's picture

I was having issues with my knee and hip so had a wheelchair. I got there plenty early so I could be near the front. Made friends and hung out a few hours. i sat in the Wheelchair until about 30 min before the show started. i had some big guys behind me "Watching my back so as not to be run over by people that were not smart enough to get there early. THANK YOU to all of them. Sammy pointed to me before it got dark and I knew it was me as I did a thunbs up to him and he returned it. He knows how to make his fans feel special. That was like the 55th time seeing Sammy going all the way back to Montrose. Have met him and been onstage dresed like I was that night so I stand out in a crowd. Sammy is an awesome dude and made this Santa feel special. Too bad I paid to be in Handicap parking but had to walk like 2 miles to where the stage was. Then back. I must have been stopped 20 times at least to take photos with Marines and other fans that wanted a photo with Santa. I was all in read, Long white Beard. My Shirt says North Pole 25 on front and Claus 25 on the back. Sammy has seen it at several shows. I can not wait to see him again. My wife complains but I shrug and say "It's SAMMY" and enough said. She says you have already seen him a bunch of times and I say As long as he is ROCKIN Im a goin!

Santa"SQUID" Still Rockin until I just can't rock no more...

onemorshow's picture


1.Montrose Melody-(Space Station#5/Rock Candy/Bad Motor Scooter)
4.1 Way 2 Rock
5.I'll Fall In Love
6.3-Lock Box
7.Right Now
8.Why Can't This Be Love
9.Best Of Both Worlds
10.When It's Love
11.Finish Whatcha Started
12.Winding Down-(New Song)
13.Bad On Fords and Chevrolets-(New Song)
14.Heavy Metal
15.Mas Tequila
16.Knockdown Dragout-(New Song)

17.Eagles Fly

hipstix's picture

Classic Sammy Hagar. Love the guy, too bad some of the attendees don't get it. Lived in San Diego 10 years and some have no clue, or much respect. On top of that grown men swinging fists and fighting over positions at a general admission gig, give me a break. Ive gone to so many Van Halen / Sammy shows in Sacramento, Bay Area, Tahoe etc. and those fans know Sammy and get it. If your gonna go up front, plan on loosing your shoes. The energy, his voice, its amazing. Vic, Mona, Lauser, and Sammy they kick the crap out of the so cal music scene. Hagar is 65 y/o and still rocking like he is 35. Thanks for a great show buddy society is lucky to have you.

FanDiego's picture

Thanks for another great show Sammy. There seemed to be a few tech glitches through the night. I don't think they were able do their normal soundcheck due to the fact they had to wait for the races to be over before they could make any noise. Regardless, Sammy and the Wabo's brought their usual energy and rocked Del Mar! Playing everything from Montrose to new stuff, and everything in between. Vic played the Van Hlalen tunes flawlessly. Just wish the show could've been longer. (They played 1.5 hours)

ChelaT's picture

Have a whole bunch of us coming to welcome you back to SD!

annalido's picture

Can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday weekend!

spencevi's picture

I miss you Sammy at the Fontana parade but I will not miss you at Del Mar. I love you Sammy and I can't wait!!!

spencevi's picture

I'm so sad that I had to miss Sammy at the Fontana parade but I will not miss him at Del Mar! I love you Sammy, can't wait!!!

cabowaborocks1's picture

Hey Carolyn,
Thanks for the heads up on this, we just bought our tickets. Where are you staying and how long will you be here? Are Nolan and Terry coming out? Plan to go with us.. Candace

sdpadres21's picture

I will be there! Nothing better than San Diego and Sammy!

cherylf008's picture

I am going for sure! Taking a friend who has never seen a Hagar concert!

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Carolyn MacLean's picture

Hey I'm going all by myself and I'd love to meet up with some Redheads to have fun at the races getting warmed up for the show!

belindaramirez's picture

I'm going. Celebrating my hubbie's 55th bday. How ironic and blessed our fav Sammy will be there.

bad565's picture

I saw Weezer last year and Im just going off memory. I think last race was at 5:30 and concert started around 7:30. I remember it was still light out. But they'll have race times listed a few weeks before the concert,

belindaramirez's picture

I'm going and it's my husband's 55th birthday. Sweet. So excited to see Sammy was going to be there.

hrcdave's picture

anybody know what time races start and the concert starts

bad565's picture

Its part of the Del Mar horse races. You have to buy admission to the track to go to the concert. The lineup will be announced Monday. They do "free" concerts after each friday and saturday day of racing

sandyb's picture

its after the horse races at del mar from what i read on the del mar website

krisfoss's picture

I can't find any information on line about this show

sandiegofanofSammy's picture

Omg I can't wait. I am so happy to find out I finally get to see Sammy Hagar live, I am sooo happy about this!