Past Event

Jul 26 2013
AVA Amphitheater
5655 W. Valencia
Tucson, AZ


Sammy Hagar's Four Decades of Rock w/ The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

As part of Sammy's ongoing support of local food banks and his desire to make a direct impact locally in each community he visits, a portion of this show's proceeds will be given to Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

For every $1 donated to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, they can distribute nearly $9 worth of food.

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona was founded in 1976 and provides food for people in need, advocacy and nutrition education throughout Southern Arizona. The people served within their programs include working families, seniors, veterans and children. 

You can also show your support by visiting and making a donation at




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 17 Redhead Comments

jfpcabowabo's picture

Awesome show as usual by Sammy and the Wabos (no friends?); however, was a little disappointed as the show was a bit short! Sammy usually does 3+ hours shows when there is no back-up band.

chris14's picture

Show kick ass!!

Bubafats's picture

What a great show, thank you again sammy for blessing our lowly city with another outrageous party. See you next time.

aznyredhead's picture

It's a good day 1/2 day of work - going to Tucson this afternoon for Sammy and Birthday Bash ticket sign ups start today! Good luck Redheads! I hope Sammy brings me good luck like I had last year at the Chickenfoot concert.

fdcep's picture

Nearly Show Time!

NoraKane's picture

SOOOOO EXCITED!!! Tucson for the opening show on July 26th and the last night of the tour in San Francisco!!!!

aznyredhead's picture

Just a few more days can't wait!

aztoydoc's picture

attn : Sammy

I'm coming to the tucson event, renting a limo for my family
and a few friends, your third time in tucson, my third event
being there. Sammy i"m celebrating over forty years servicing
Toyota's in Tucson, Your celebrating forty years doing what
you love, let's toast to doing what we love to do. call me to
the stage and I'll buy the first round.

Terry Toyota

lindaj058's picture

1st row -so psyched!!

moompah's picture

Less than 3 weeks to Sammy in Tucson. And San Francisco in September. Can't wait!!

redrockerjeff's picture

6th row Baby can't wait!

virginiae040's picture

Any coupon/discount codes for the hotel? We want to party and not worry about getting a designated driver. It will be fun to rent a room!

J.R.'s picture

always the best show in town! No on stage available this time?

Felipe Truax's picture

Got them!!!! Excited

aznyredhead's picture

Got great tickets! Can't wait!!!!!

Farlow's picture

SECOND ROW, BABY! This is gonna be awesome!

sammibaby's picture

5 minutes till tickets go on sale! OH YEA BABY!'s picture

Soooooooooooo excited!!!! Can't wait!! :) Love when Sammy comes to Tucson!!!