Past Event

May 3 2013


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM.

Sammy and the Wabos will play material from Sammy's Four Decades of Rock.

News Update - Special Chance for Bday Bash Tickets! 

After the show head on over to the Tahoe Cabo Wabo Cantina - they will be giving away two pairs of tickets for this year's Bday Bash in Cabo. One pair will be given out each night May 3rd and May 4th. As all you Redheads know, this is a rare opportunity to secure tickets to one of the nights at the Bash (exact show to be announced). Come party at the Tahoe Wabo and all will be revealed.


For information on Night #2 click here


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  • 2013-05-03 @ Four Decades of Rock @ Harrah's Lake Tahoe - South Shore Room - Night #1


 46 Redhead Comments

dwightv095's picture

awesome show as always, Sammy's the man

aznyredhead's picture

This was a great concert and a great time. Sammy played his heart out!!!!! We really enjoyed how friendly every one was - being on the short side (lol)5'2" I have a hard time seeing and everyone around us was pushing us in front of them and one really nice guy took some pictures for me since all mine had hand in them. I can't say enough about the great people. We went to Cabo last year for the birthday bash and had some not so nice people near us and it was disappointing - the whole point of Sammy and his music is have fun and be a "Redhead" For me this was that. I will hopefully make this a yearly event.....and Tahoe is not too Shabby a place to lay your head a few days.

TRin the Ranchos's picture

Saw the show last night May 4th,
To think he gets paid to have that much fun :)
Great Show Sammy!!!!

Akashabuci's picture

One hella of night!!!! Sammy and the Waboritas sounded great

mark-matney's picture

I’ve seen Sammy probably 20 times and this show, by far was his best!

ThunderStorm's picture

I was 6 ' in front of Sammy with my wife, I got there early around 7:00 pm
The the started at maybe 7:45 ish I was there with a iPad 64 G & a iPhone
To record & post videos & photos on & for my 3 daughters 13 ,9 & 5 years old
My 5 year old is named Kayma after Sammy's song & daughter
they are "Redheads" & couldn't come because it was a 21+ show at the South Shore Room
They always come with us to the summer shows
The show was Awesome ......Until people behind me started throwing Limes & their cocktails at me
I am 49 years old 6'5" tall & recently had my 2nd Total Knee Replacement in the last 1 1/2 years
A security guy named Tim came to me & asked me to stop recording on the iPad because some shorter people behind me were complaining ... The same who were throwing thing at me & my wife
I asked him if I could record on the iPhone 4S he said ok so I did
They started pushing from behind & throwing things .....etc at me & my Wife
This went on & I Ignored it
Right after Kari Brought Sammy out a waborita & he said he was gonna nail her later
I was hugging my wife I was tapped on my shoulder by "another " security asking for My I D
I gave it to them they asked ME to go outside not the shorter aggressors
I followed them out they left the other parties behind
They asked me to leave the property which I did
We had tickets for the raffle at midnight for the Bday Bash but since Harrahs owns both properties
we Were Not allowed to be at the Tahoe Wabo for the Drawing ... Not even my wife who did Nothing at All
This was my 40 th show & I have tickets for tomorrow night also like a true "Redhead"would
I am Scared that there May be Repercussions tomorrow !!!
We have spent over $185 each night for tickets & we are Treated Like This
WWSD?? Not This Give To Live
I feel wronged & I Feel as a "legally disabled person " I feel my " rights " were compromised
I hope & Pray that Tomorrow Night is Better??????

Elliott's picture

Woohoo! Almost Friday!

VinL29's picture

If anyone needs an extra ticket for Friday night, 5/3 I have one available. Friend couldn't make it last minute! Email me at Just looking for face value, $100. Thanks!!

bunziekate1's picture

Hey Redheads!I have two extra tickets for Friday night I
can't use - any takers? It's $186.61 to ya!

brendaSTL's picture


will not be there but will miss it terribly! :(

C U N TAHOE - (Someday)

hagarox's picture

It's 8:05!!!

Supatroy's picture

So excited for this show!

Supatroy's picture

So excited for this show!

Supatroy's picture

So excited for this show!!

Harleymomma08's picture

Thank you - this was the easiest ticket sale ever! It was painless and stress free! We have our tickets for both nights!

C-U-N Tahoe!


ICANTDRIVE138's picture

Tickets for Friday and Saturday in hand!!! Tickets sales were smooth as silk this year!!! C U N Tahoe!!!!

mai tiwater's picture


robertc016's picture

Got my tics, keeping my Tahoe streak alive, never missed a year. Woo Hoo!!!

bcuzikn's picture

Have tickets for both nights.

Michele_M's picture

Good for both nights! Hope everyone got theirs...See you in Tahoe!

ktanton's picture

I got mine for both nights - YooHoo - Cinco De Tahoe with Sammy... my first Sammy Tahoe trip - cant wait!!!

kindbud's picture

Me too both nights. We really need to have a huge party on saturday afternoon. pot luck CALIFORNIA SIDE would be fine with me.

scottb083's picture

Got my TIX....Tahoe Wabo here we come !!!!!!

scottb083's picture

Got my TIX....Tahoe Wabo here we come !!!!!!

bad565's picture

Hell Yeah!!!! See you all face down in Tahoe!!! Got tixs for both nights!

bernik006's picture

Whoo-Hoo!!! Got My Tix!!! Can't wait....

JOANNEB075's picture

sure hope we can get tickets this year..good luch everyone!!!

kindbud's picture

Hopfully redrocker server has been maintenance. It seem to have an issue every year. CRASHING or the tickets dont go on sale when they should. Please have somebody there to make sure this dont happen during the pre-sale.

gregt090's picture

The very 1st year they were $55 just a FYI! C U In Tahoe!

Michele_M's picture

It's up on Ticketmaster now...$91 with fees per ticket. Good Luck, Everyone!!

robertc016's picture

WOO HOO!!! OK, everyone needs to wait until I buy my tics...

Been to every Tahoe show, can't wait, bringing three new Tahoe virgins this year. Regarding ticket prices, I believe they were about $100 last year, would expect about the same.

KymE's picture

Does anyone know approx how much the tickets are going to be? I have heard very different things...thanks!

TahoWabo's picture


lyndaj009's picture

Tickets? Any info on tickets yet?

TRin the Ranchos's picture

Does anyone have any clue when tickets go on sale.?

TahoWabo55's picture


chicagowaborat's picture

Hey Everybody! Time to put your Rockin' Shoes on!!! Looking forward to another GREAT time in Tahoe with our RED(DING) Family. :-)

santacruzGARY's picture

I haven't been up for cinco da drinko the last cple years. Count me in for a preparty, wherever.

kindbud's picture

Well there me and you now. if your going. how many more redheads want to have a party ????

brendaSTL's picture

Cant say for sure, but dont think SD is going to Tahoe in May....would love to see one big pre party tho....

kindbud's picture

Were`s the pre-party. Will tahoe best motel let us have a party. Will superdave famous pre-party ever return???? or will it be a cluster of smaller partys like what been happing the last few years. This is four Decades of Rock. We need a FOUR DECADE PARTY. It`s Time to come together Redheads and put aside whatever and get these shows a party to remember.

denisem4444's picture

Going to be another great show. Was there in Sept for his last show. Actually been going to his shows since 1978! Last year in Cabo also but did not get tickets.

aliciao011's picture

Will Aaron Hagar play on Wed & Thurs night like he did last year? Love to see him also!!

ReggieMarsh's picture

Been waiting for this! I'll definitely be there both nights!

brownieou812's picture

Yes!!! Can't wait to hit Tahoe again!!!