Unforgettable first time in Tahoe!!

May 08, 2013 by 302_Boss_Chick
Unforgettable first time in Tahoe!!

I had to come here and let everyone know what a phenomenal time we had during our first ever Cinco de Tahoe trip. Coming here has been a dream of mine for a few years, and thanks to the Redhead Family, it was one I'll never forget. Besides getting to meet and party with a bunch of people I had only known previously online, I was blessed by a generous Redhead couple who donated their tickets to the Friday night show that they were unable to sell. I had only bought tickets to the Saturday show since I was kind of on a budget, and, even after offering to pay these wonderful folks at a later date for the Friday night tickets, she handed them to me right as the doors opened and said "no charge, have fun!!" Now THAT is what being a Redhead is all about right there. I was so overwhelmed by the generosity I was in tears for a few minutes!! And even though I hadn't arrived early enough that day to do my line time, we still got to hang with our buddies just a few rows back on Vic's side of the stage!! We got some great pics (like the one above!) and had a blast. The Saturday night show was even more awesome, and gots tons more great pics of Sammy and Mikey!! KILLER!!

We also had the distict pleasure of meeting Sammy's son Aaron and hanging out at his new shop, the Rat Runners Garage there in South Lake Tahoe. Again, what a warm, welcoming, and genuine group of people he and his family and crew are. Just another unforgettable part of the whole kick-ass Rock n' Roll weekend!!

Looking forward to getting to see Sammy again in San Francisco in September for my birthday. I hope to see a bunch of the same members of this Family there again, since they are a group like no other. I am so glad to be a part of that Family, sharing the fun, the love, and the energy that comes with it has done nothing but good things for me in my life recently, and I know there will be more to come!!

LOVE YOU ALL!! ♥♪♫♪♫♥



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I love this post. It is amazing to attend a Sammy concert and see how pretty much everyone is there for a good time and to enjoy Sammy and each other, and not to cause problems. I think that is a testament to Sammy and the Redheads. I can't wait for the next concert!