Past Event

May 2 2013
Tahoe Cabo Wabo
South Lake Tahoe, NV


The Wabos.


Show 11:00PM.

Important update - 04-05-2013

The Tahoe Cabo Wabo has just informed us that due to unforeseen circumstances, The Wabos will not be playing in the Cantina on Thursday, May 2. Apologies to any Redheads who were planning on coming out - we hope to still see you there for the house band and a special contest.


This is a FREE show at the Tahoe Cabo Wabo featuring the Wabos (Sammy won't be there). The house band, Left of Centre will be there playing the first and third sets of music but The Wabos (Vic, Mona and Bro) will be joined by Jesse Bradman to knock out a high-energy second set to get you ready for Sammy and The Wabos two night run Fri & Sat at Harrah's Lake Tahoe - South Shore Showroom - come down and make a party of it!



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 9  Redhead Comments

BayAreaFan's picture

Awesome, as usual!

kindbud's picture

so sammy has to ask permission to play the cabo wabo in tahoe??? No wonder he never there doing free shows

ICANTDRIVE138's picture

It's not "Sammy's Place" it's a property owned by Harrahs licensed to display Sammy's registered trademarks, imagery, and likeness. They pay Sammy to use his intellectual property. I studied the Fresno Wabo lawsuit pretty thouroughly.

kindbud's picture

Sammy book fight club its your place right.

Michele_M's picture

Boo! I was looking forward to the show! We'll still be there for the house band tho. I'm sure it will rock. See everyone there.

cherylf008's picture

Oh Hell Yah! I will be there on Thursday to watch Vic, Mona, and Bro Jam!! I love them all!!

Cheryl Felber
Lake Almanor, Ca.

onemorshow's picture

Aaron is coming out with a new band called Fight Club.

9erjeff's picture

All last years pre Chickenfoot shows were a great way to start the weekend. Frank of Left of Centre lead off and was joined by Aaron and the wabo's. Will be another great show again.

kindbud's picture

What no Aaron on vocals