Past Event

Jun 1 2012
4455 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV




Show 9:00PM.
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 12 Redhead Comments

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I was there, AWESOME AS USUAL, came from Bama, but through the whole show some jerk yanked my hair. I didn't want to ruin it for everyone so I tried my best to stay calm, until he almost yanked he almost yanked my hair out of my head and then I stood up on the seats. Some big guy told me to sit down, I did but told him only if he got his friend to quit yanking my hair. Lucy me, walked up to Sammy the next day at Cabo Wabo in Planet Hollywood, I understand he was really busy, but he said he would talk with hubby and me in 20 minutes, never appeared after 3 hours of waiting. How can you be upset at a man who gives so much to charity, but would love to have really talked about him, not only his music, but his gift of giving. I love that man. He gives so much to charity through the Sammy's restaurants in the airports, I just love a man with a big heart. I love my hubby more than life itself, but his philanthropy is tremendous. I love those who give back. SAMMY, YOU ROCK.

seana008's picture

The Vegas Show was amazing, thanks Chickenfoot!

smithboy3's picture

Great show in Vegas! Drove over 55 the whole way!

kenp004's picture

So who is pregaming at the Cab Wabo?

davidb085's picture

Anyone heard if Sammy will be at the Cabo on Saturday night?

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ktanton's picture

Have meet and greet tickets for the Houston show on Tue 29th - on vacation that whole week - SOOOO excited to finally meet me some Sammy..teenage crash gone wild at 50...YooHoo...thinkin about flying to Vegas for this show on Fri..WHY NOT BABY....Vegas Redheads post the pre-party plans 2 wild blonde Redheads from Texas may be coming!!!

kindbud's picture

Got my plane tickets and rent a wreck just need a room and i ready to party like a chicken head. Anybody else going to tahoe and vegas

kindbud's picture

I Think before the show the pink taco in hardrock will be a better place for a little pre-parting i will be the drunk guy wearing the chickenfoot shirt.

seana008's picture

Right on, meet you at the cabo wabo!!!

stratman's picture

What a coincidence! I, also, will see VH May 27th and Chickenfoot June 1st! Rock on !!!!

seana008's picture

Van Halen May 27 and Chickenfoot June 1 in Vegas, will be there, can't wait!!!