Past Event

Jun 3 2012
1037 SW Broadway
Portland, OR




Show 9:00PM.
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 14 Redhead Comments

PortlandAxe's picture

Absolutely loved the show! High energy, hard rockin' awesomeness in the way only Sammy and the 'Foot can deliver.

cruz2u's picture

best show ever great job Chickenfoot.

cruz2u's picture

Hey Sammy how bout a book signing? will you have time?

LadyRed51's picture

I think the ticket prices vary depending on what venue they are at. Here are the prices for the Portland, Oregon show.

Ticket prices:
Dress circle, Floor through Row T - $64.00
Rest of Floor, Mezzanine, Lower Balcony C & D - $53.50
Lower Balcony A, B, E, F, Upper Balcony & ADA Row HH - $43.00

The VIP Tickets were not posted yet.

imaimnaf's picture

Can't wait!! It's been a while since Sammys been to town!! Welcome Back!!

caribbeanqueen's picture

Embassy Suites Pine Street. CHECK ! Koji's on Broadway. CHECK
My DJ Ashban Ovation. CHECK ! Tickets to The Foot. CHECK !

Only 5 months to Cabo :)and counting :):)

greatscott64's picture

My brothers and I are going to see the foot in Portland June 3rd. Can't wait!!!

tommy 1's picture

How did you get that price.... gimme a shout . Shoot me an email ....

tnsbaird's picture

Got my Tickets at 10:00am! Sooo Excited. Will be an amazing show!! Footsoldiers ROCK

Kath's picture

Tickets haven't even gone on sale yet. I saw those sites showing crazy ticket prices. They actually go on sale 3/2 for $35 & $55 each plus service fees.

vanhagar88's picture

I'm going to get my $495 ticket for $70

guitarman6600's picture

Don't know where you got those price for nosebleed ticks...looks like the tickets will be $50-$80 at all the shows. The meet and greet will probably be like $500, but the regular tickets are about average for a show these days, and you KNOW the Foot will give your money's worth.

gongaware3's picture

I'm going, great seats sorry about the misinfo. Prices were great. See you all there. G3

vanhagar88's picture

I'm not missing this show. Whoooohoooo!