The Whirlwind that was Vegas

June 14, 2012 by sammyhagar
The Whirlwind that was Vegas
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Last week in Vegas was a whirlwind! First off, the 'Foot had an amazing show at the Hard Rock but since we had a night off between shows all sorts of fun went down. After the show I got a chance to visit the Frank Gehry building with Larry Ruvo who funded the Center for Brain Health project that is gonna cure Alzheimers (Larry rocks!).

The next day there were great tacos and margaritas at the Cabo Wabo with a launch for the rum that Robin Leach showed up for, and then there was an unveiling event for an amazing Chickenfoot display that the Hard Rock Hotel created that you have just got to see! I also had a chance to swing by and make a donation to Three Square, Southern Nevada's only food bank that is helping feed the 1 in 6 that are struggling with hunger over there. That evening I grabbed Joe who joined me at Jaleo where we ran into Iron Chef Cat Cora and her wife who treated us to shots - Jose's restuarant there is becoming one of my favorites in Vegas!

Whew! Time to take a break - going to head off to Hawaii for some family time this weekend but early next week I've got some Birthday Bash ticketing news to lay on ya!

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The Whirlwind that was Vegas
Larry Ruvo rocks!!
The Whirlwind that was Vegas
Rummin' with Robin at the Cabo
The Whirlwind that was Vegas
The Display is Unveiled!
The Whirlwind that was Vegas
Three Square
The Whirlwind that was Vegas
Drinks at Jose's are on Cat!

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clawv's picture

Sammy, been waiting patiently for the b-day bash ticket info, I went last year and booked for this year in February. I got some bad news earlier this week (most likely entails surgery) and want to make sure I don't miss getting tickets for the shows. I still plan to make it no matter what cause I am not going to miss out on celebrating this milestone. There is only one way to rock, and that is with you!

MKStarbuck's picture

I got a chance to walk up the stairs and see Sammy Hagar in person at his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Vegas. He said he'd meet with me and hubby in 20 minutes, darnit, I wish he'd hurry up! I think hubby has left the building, LOL. It was a great show, great time, came from Alabama to see Chickenfoot and they did not disappoint, although the guy behind me loved to pull my hair. Yep, couldn't take my eyes off Sammy to knock him out. Well maybe Sammy is not coming, guess I gotta get on the next plane back home, it has been a month now. :) He's the BEST, actually he was so nice to me, I couldn't have asked for a nicer man, when a fan goes up to him, through a blocked off stair case, he could have had the cabo police throw me out. But he blew me a Kiss, called me sweetheart and made a memory I will never forget. My hubby has loved his music since early 80's when he saw him sing bad motor scooter at the Texas Jam. I have loved him since then too, but didn't see him until Van Halen days. I say he is like the rum he makes, finer with age. He's just a very good guy, thankful for all he does for charity, which is why I really wanted to meet him. I love his down to earth attitude and nobody is better than anyone else. He said his mom used to just want to grow a garden, so simple. I believe he meant that he loved the simple things in life. I think his mom must have been a great woman. She had to have been. Well, gotta catch that plane, see my Red Head Friends somewhere soon, I hope.

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You are absolutely awesome, Sammy! I've been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember, and now my children are, too! I took my son to his first rock concert when The Foot played in Tucson. We haven't stopped listening to the new CD, and the concert was even better! Then, we woke up early the next morning and drove to Vegas with a bunch of buddies and saw The Foot again! You guys rocked just as hard as the night before. So much fun! We were hoping to meet you the next day at The Cabo Wabo. We were all downstairs having lunch when you were upstairs. We came so close! The photographers lined up at the stairs, and we were right by them. You didn't come down, but it's all good! I did get to meet your business partner, whom we originally met on an elevator at the Hard Rock Hotel. Very nice guy. We had so much fun, and your music, concerts, bar and party attitude played such a huge part of it. Thanks for the great times, Sammy! My buddies and I gave our sons a trip they'll never forget.

Tunda's picture

Hey Sammy, you should do a show next time you come to Hawaii. Read your book a few months ago. Loved it. It kinda reminded me of my friend's book, "Hawaiian Son". His name is Eddie Kamae. He's like a living legend in Hawaii. He's in his mid-80's so he doesn't preform much anymore. Read the book if you have a chance, and if you come to Hawaii and want to meet him, let me know. He never turns down a glass of wine. Dickie

roberto780's picture

Like everyone else, I'm dyin' here waiting for the ticketing info! I wanted to see the 'foot in Vegas but couldn't, was already going two weeks later! I have Cabo booked, waiting for the onsale! Going to be the best time ever!

Cabo Rob's picture


Lay on the ticket info my man. We are the ones that bring Ric Flairs robe to the Bashes. Man I hope you can surprise everyone and sneak down to the Wabo on the 6th or 7th and make my Cabo vacation a hit this year. We booked with some friends a while back and are "supposed to" be leaving on the 8th (WTF!?). I might just stay a few extra days cuz I'm seeing Sammy damn it! I've been to every Bash since '04. Bring the Foot back to Myrtle Beach and Charlotte, you know we rocked the house there 2 years ago big fella! Peace Sammy

Cabo Rob

abay310's picture

Vegas was amazing...hope you have a great father's day and R&R. Hope to see you on the 13th in October for the BB..was amazing to see you and Zimmerman in Cabo. GREAT SURPRISE!!! It pays to be in the right place at the right time. Luckily I was only half-way through my 2nd "Can't Drive 55" or I may not have made the set!

Tomigriffin's picture

Me too Sammy, I will be there on the 11th. Got a surprise for you so hope my son and I get tickets!!!

ktanton's picture

Excellent lay it on us Sammy we are ready for BB news...I am making it to Cabo this year..Making my plans now..Hope I can get tickets to the shows I have heard its not easy ....Great Foot tour so glad I got to be a part of this one too...Thanks for making Texas one of your stops..You rocked Houston and you rocked my world as well...I have been a fsn of yours since the 80's and your still doing it for me!! You are the best in all the land!!!

Redhead Forever
Katherine in Austin