Past Event

May 4 2012
South Lake Tahoe, NV




Show 7:00PM.
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 14 Redhead Comments

Amalia F. Wakeland's picture

The Harrah's Hotel & Casino has an facilities like in Putrajaya Hotel where party people are very well enjoyed.

4hothawks's picture

I had an unbelievable great time. It was so great that Sammy was able to sign my book at the concert. Thank you Sammy!

onemorshow's picture


1.Lighten Up
2.Alright Alright
3.Big Foot
4.Sexy Little Thing
5.Soap on a Rope
6.Up Next
7.My Kinda Girl
8.Down The Drain
9.Three & a Half Letters
10.Something Gone Wrong
11.Turning Left
12.Future in the Past
13.Oh Yeah
14.Foxy Lady

sforedrocker's picture

Sammy & friends:

Just rock the house, surprise us!

bonscott's picture

Sammy play some Montrose at the show for Ronnie

jeffc087's picture

can't wait to see all the redheads people to party with woo hoo

lisa lott's picture

feels like trying to sleep knowing Santa is coming!!

jag1050's picture

Sammy please throw in a few old songs on the set list... Some solo, Montrose and maybe a VH.. Been going every year to Tahoe.. Thank you

CaboDave99's picture

Where is the Pre-Party this year ? !!

futureaction's picture

i can't wait for that ... i will definitely go ...


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kindbud's picture

Were the pre-party this year i be at both shows and will donate food / drink for a redhead get together. We have one every year Lets Party.

TahoWabo55's picture

Can't VIP for Friday which is also Cary's birthday...going to be GREAT!!!!!

briank073's picture

Can't wait to be there again

ronr086's picture

Cool; the 'foot in the small venue at Harrah's. Can't wait!!!